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The Totem Frog Symbol

What is a totem?  It is a natural object or animal believed to have spiritual significance and is adopted as a symbol.The totem frog, or frog symbol, has long been treasured in many cultures....

Animal Spirits and Power Animals 2

Animal Spirits and Power Animals

Travel anywhere in the world and you will find ancient cultures who have honored animals as totem spirits. Even those who claim that they have no ties to old-world culture still admire strength and...


The Crafty Raccoon Totem

Raccoons are smart, figuring out how to open containers and get what they want. Raccoons are known for cleaning their food. When we look at these traits, and hold this mirror to ourselves, what do we see within our own world that carries raccoon qualities?

Early Spring-Like Behavior 0

Early Spring-Like Behavior

As I type I catch glimmers of movement out the corner of my eye. A hummingbird rests at the feeder, head darting back and forth before drinking any nectar. Suddenly another approaches, and its clear to see that an intruder had been discovered. Off they fly, the territory once more secured.