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hummingbird mountain 0

Hummingbird Mountain

This is my story of the hummingbird mountain. One is great, undeniable, sharing its presence within this world. The other is in it’s own way great, undeniable, also sharing its presence in this world....


How Crow Can You Go?

Reasonably so, the majority of the posts here at HummingbirdShaman speak about the hummingbird as a symbol and a messenger, but the hummingbird is not the only symbol that we relate to our own human...

Animal Spirits and Power Animals 2

Animal Spirits and Power Animals

Travel anywhere in the world and you will find ancient cultures who have honored animals as totem spirits. Even those who claim that they have no ties to old-world culture still admire strength and...

Where do I Start Today? 1

Where do I Start Today?

Where do I begin? What better place than within. Do we actually listen to the beating of our own heart? Even if we treat this reference as symbolic we can still find intuitive or spiritual meaning.