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Energy Shifts Our Seasons and our Spirits

“Seasons change, and so do I”, so says the song. There is so much to say about energy shifts. We change our energy in so many ways, thought our foods, our environment, sleep patterns,...


The Intuitive Meaning of Doves

What about the qualities of the doves? Now is a great time to appreciate your own ability to love and create a welcoming, warm community. While we’re on the topic..

The Hummingbird Tree 0

The Hummingbird Tree

Imagery is a strong part of my life, both as a spiritual advisor. A reader recently shared her story about the hummingbird tree, and the image was so strong and wonderful that I asked...

The Birth of the Hummingbird 0

The Birth of the Hummingbird

Legends and folklore are fascinating, often mixing the physical with spiritual and metaphysical perceptions. There are many legends of the hummingbird, and this poem takes a legend approach to the creation of the hummingbird....