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Spirit Will Always Prevail

Life is filled with a mix of so many experiences. I find myself saddened by many things that have happened in this world, especially those things that have happened by intentional choice, out of...

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Was The Falcon Sent From Heaven?

There has long been a relationship between mankind and birds. The Ainu aboriginals of Japan though that the falcon was sent from heaven, in the beginning of mankind. It’s role? To serve mankind. The Qualities of the...

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Hummingbirds and Sacred Space

Today’s reader’s story focuses on hummingbirds and sacred space. Most of us have people in our lives that form our circle, that invisible yet undeniable safe and sacred space that is called family. During...


The Intuitive Meaning of Doves

What about the qualities of the doves? Now is a great time to appreciate your own ability to love and create a welcoming, warm community. While we’re on the topic..

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Three Hummingbird Warriors

This quiet winter morning as I finished one writing task I realized it was time to officially start the day. My black lab, Angie, was ready to venture outside. As I turned toward the...


Hummingbird Breath of Life

What is most important to us?  Our work? Our family? The things we have, the space that surrounds us? It’s funny how much attention we give to the world around us, forgetting the power...

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Does a Hummingbird Have Meaning

“Does a hummingbird have meaning? Could a hummingbird’s appearance mean something, when a hummingbird flies into my house or hovers in front of my face?” What does a hummingbird mean? Hummingbird’s are carriers of...


How Crow Can You Go?

Reasonably so, the majority of the posts here at HummingbirdShaman speak about the hummingbird as a symbol and a messenger, but the hummingbird is not the only symbol that we relate to our own human...