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Raptors and Shamanism

Raptors are honored in the native cultures and the world of shamanism. The attributes of these magestic birds are encouraged as virtues to emulate. The most common perspective is the strength of these birds.


The Crafty Raccoon Totem

Raccoons are smart, figuring out how to open containers and get what they want. Raccoons are known for cleaning their food. When we look at these traits, and hold this mirror to ourselves, what do we see within our own world that carries raccoon qualities?

Early Spring-Like Behavior 0

Early Spring-Like Behavior

As I type I catch glimmers of movement out the corner of my eye. A hummingbird rests at the feeder, head darting back and forth before drinking any nectar. Suddenly another approaches, and its clear to see that an intruder had been discovered. Off they fly, the territory once more secured.

Be Gentle with your Heart 4

Be Gentle with your Heart

As I prepared for the Healing Drum Retreat, the hummingbird totem perched in the nearby cherry tree, watching and waiting for my greeting. “Hello gentle spirit”, I spiritually shared. “Give them my love”, she returned, with a warming breeze that touched my soul.

Hummingbird Shaman: Beginnings 0

Hummingbird Shaman: Beginnings

Greetings to all, and welcome to Hummingbird Shaman. I have created this site under inspiration generated by a small group I have encountered. They are not small in number, but in size. Move too...