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Let Your Presence Be Known 1

Let Your Presence Be Known

Many of the stories posted on this site are about a certain walk at a park overlooking beautiful Mt. Rainier in Washington State. In fact, the whole mission behind Hummingbird Shaman began with a hummingbird encounter at that park. Time and time again the hummingbirds have found me, and I have found them.

When The Hummingbird Lingers

When The Hummingbird Lingers

It’s been a while since I have posted on the hummingbirds. Changes in my living and working space has created some separation. Most often, though, it is within our heart and our head that...

Awareness is a Gift 0

Awareness is a Gift

It has been an interesting day, with great insights flowing in quickly, but gracefully.  I walk down the hallway, and round the corner into my office.  There perched at the feeder is the older...