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dragonfly crossing 0

Dragonfly Crossing

Today was a good day for a stroll in the park. This park is of course the one with the hummingbirds that greet me most every time. This time not a single hummingbird was...

Where do I Start Today? 1

Where do I Start Today?

Where do I begin? What better place than within. Do we actually listen to the beating of our own heart? Even if we treat this reference as symbolic we can still find intuitive or spiritual meaning.

Early Spring-Like Behavior 0

Early Spring-Like Behavior

As I type I catch glimmers of movement out the corner of my eye. A hummingbird rests at the feeder, head darting back and forth before drinking any nectar. Suddenly another approaches, and its clear to see that an intruder had been discovered. Off they fly, the territory once more secured.

Is a Vulture Sighting an Omen? 0

Is a Vulture Sighting an Omen?

The intuitive meaning of the any sighting, whether it be a hummingbird, eagle, or even a vulture is always associated with the current events. It could be the culmination of many events as an opportunity for release, or a chance to make a decision that logic would not allow us.