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Raptors and Shamanism

Raptors are honored in the native cultures and the world of shamanism. The attributes of these magestic birds are encouraged as virtues to emulate. The most common perspective is the strength of these birds.

Seeing Our Own Reflection 0

Seeing Our Own Reflection

You Can Read The Sky.. There is a passage in the bible when Jesus says, paraphrased, “You can read the sky and predict what will be tomorrow, yet you cannot read the signs of...

Awareness is a Gift 0

Awareness is a Gift

It has been an interesting day, with great insights flowing in quickly, but gracefully.  I walk down the hallway, and round the corner into my office.  There perched at the feeder is the older...

Vultures in my Dreams 6

Vultures in my Dreams

This week I have returned to the Oregon desert for a working visit, which means sleeping within mere feet of the vulture roost.  This tree is the seasonal home to 30 vultures, give or...