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“..Like most on this site, I came to the internet looking for meaning to a hummingbird encounter. This morning I opened my garage and a beautiful dark blue hummingbird flew right in..”

Many visitors to HummingbirdShaman™: find us because they are searching for answers about an experience they had that involved a hummingbird. Their stories demonstrate an honesty that rises from deep within their hearts, often untold, but felt nonetheless. No matter who we are, we all seem to be searching for the same thing: something to acknowledge something surreal and unforgettable. Dare we ask for answers, or confirmation that what happened was not just coincidence, or a figment of the imagination. Our Hummingbird Stories are often intended to be about us and for us, holding an “intuitive meaning” that is ours but resonates with others.

“,,My son found it and said “mom, you have another hummingbird, this must be the fifth one!”. What does this mean?”

What Does It Mean When..?

The meaning that we give to our life experiences cannot be measured, but it does have an impact. One experience can be that last straw that allows us to release something that has been building for a very long time.

One hummingbird story in our life can also be the bridge that allows others to step up within their own life and realize that they too can “walk with wings™”.

Share your story, whatever it may be.

“..Last night I was giving Reiki in a Reiki share with several other people. I saw a hummingbird in my minds’ eye as I was giving Reiki to the first receiver”

Your hummingbird story may be of a spiritual experience. Your hummingbird story may be filled with questions. Your story might be joyful but it might also contain sorrow, gratitude, or an overflowing love. Many have shared their visions during a meditative state, but others report hummingbird encounters have happened during waking hours in a way that snapped them out of mental lockdown.

Your story does not have to be about hummingbirds specifically, but could be about another animal totem or spirit guide, or simply a story about your own awakening to a new way of seeing the world around you.

Share your story: be a part of the collective journey to recognition of spirit and self.

We cannot guarantee that all stories will be shared online. Your story may appear as a comment to a posting, or as a posting itself. By sharing your story and clicking the “submit” button you agree that may post all or part of your story. Full names are never used, and you can choose how your name might appear by “signing” your story at the end with your initials, your state (if you choose), by a nickname, or by your first name. Thank you for sharing your story!

“..this is the first one that I have seen in the year that I have lived here. It seemed to mark a milestone for me.”

“The encounter truly BLESSED me! I will never forget it long as I live!”







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  1. Nichole says:

    The other night my mother and I were watching a hummingbird at a feeder drinking when it suddenly fell to the ground motionless. We screamed and ran to it. I wanted to pick it up. My mom told my not to touch it. I stroked it’s back three times and it flew away without rolling over to try to walk or anything. It was probably the craziest thing id ever seen.

    • I agree, that would be a bit unnerving to witness. If it were a bat, then no never touch it, but that’s not the case with hummingbirds. I’ve heard of hummingbirds hanging upside down on a feeder, as it they needed that “instant nap”. Yes, crazy thing! Thank you for sharing, Nichole.

  2. kaykay says:

    am just sharing but I for about 3 months or so have had visits from a hummingbird each day sometimes more than once a day. my man and I are going thru I guess you would say a separation he has in over the last two years wont show love. in the beginning he was able to show it to me . he has told me I was getting to close and shut down and never again have I seen the man I fell so deeply in love with. I have had these visits several times and I do speak and say hello.. one day I was at a friends house and was on the back porch and a hummingbird swooped down and almost knocked me in the head. my friend stated he had never seen a hummingbird out there and or it to come so close to me he could hear its wings in flight… I really need to know what is this telling me. I love this man so deeply but have asked what it is he wants he wont say anything. I have told him I am leaving I any be with someone who cant love me back or wont.. he says he does but the belief is not there for me to see or feel. what is this bird trying to tell me? that there is hope or to start a new?

    • Thank you for sharing your story. The energy that emanates from hummingbird visits is always a rise above the “problem” energy that we as humans create in our lives. Life is precious, and problems are opportunities for experiences in so many different directions. The hummingbird visits are helping you shift your energy to a more joyful loving energy, and sustain that energy.

      I can share that in my counseling work I’ve had many individuals come to me with relationship concerns, and during their session, as I describe the underlying energies and beliefs, a greater understand sets in and I see a shift take place that creates a stronger symbiotic connection. Sometimes people need to be in a lower energy, or hidden from those around them so that they can work through their thoughts. Life sometimes needs processing, and its not always in the same time and place as the experience they are processing, we do what we can spiritually when in a safe space. You are the only one who can make that decision for your life. Trust in your own intuition, I think you have your answers. That’s the best I can offer you outside of a private session space.

      God bless.

  3. Chantal says:

    Saturday, my godfather passed away from a long battle with cancer. The following day, I was sitting in my living room with my husband and we were talking about the tribute he is going to read at the funeral the following Thursday when suddenly, I felt the urge to walk to the window and open the curtains. Outside the window, observing us, was a humming bird. We have never seen a humming bird where we live in the city, it was so strange but it immediately filled me with joy and brought tears to my eyes. I strongly believe it was my godfather watching over us as we were talking about the extraordinary man he was 🙂

  4. Destinee says:

    For the past several weeks, ever time I sit on my porch (which is quite often), a hummingbird flies up to me. I do not have a feeder or even any flowers around my house. Nothing that would attract a hummingbird. Today I finally managed to catch it on video. It just hovers around me. What does this mean? I have been going through a personal spiritual journey and doing a lot of soul searching for several months and wonder if this is somehow related

    • Thanks for sharing, Destinee! You’re welcome to share pictures or video, that’s a feature we have here at Yes I do see this hummingbird persistence to be a part of your spiritual journey.

      This hummingbird “hint” really can apply for all of us! It’s really easy for us to spread your energy in all directions, living more outside of yourself than “be” in the present moment. This ability is a blessing, as well, giving us many levels of “living”. This lovely hummingbird visitor has been showing you how to be still while at the same time in so much motion. I love looking at this, from an energy and soul perspective, it speaks volumes!

      For you, right now, you have been practicing being the observer, and doing great at that! Now another aspect can be practiced, and that is breathing, experiencing the moment, feeling alive, and even going so far as feeling a sense of bliss! Hummingbirds are so good at bringing us to that place.

      It’s so strange that we have such amazing spiritual and energetic abilities and just wait to given a cue to “step in”. We all support you! Thanks again for sharing, inspiring this amazing look at being a soul and experiencing that presence. The smile you inspired still lingers…

      God bless.

  5. Alexandra V. says:

    This just happened to me like 15 minutes ago…I was in the backyard taking my clothes out of the dryer while I was texting with my cousin, who just had his baby this morning but sadly is in a very critical condition. The baby was born with many internal complications and all the family is very sad and concerned, I have been crying most of the day. My cousin and I are very close, we see each other as siblings and it hurts me so much to see him go through all this pain while he sees his first baby girl suffering. I was just texting him about how much I wish I could be there with him and his girlfriend to support them when suddenly I felt something buzzing in my ear. At first it scared me so much I jumped and turned to see what it was…and then a beautiful hummingbird showed right in front of me, flying just there and trying to get near me! At first I thought it wanted to attack me…but then I thought it was highly unlikely to be attacked by a hummingbird!! It only moved from one side to another…as if it were trying to get my attention and tell me something! This interaction lasted like 20 seconds before it flew away, leaving me speechless with half sentence written in my mobile…now my head is full of questions, I am a firm believer of signs, and this little beautiful bird showing up out of nowhere must mean something, at first I thought it meant that my little niece came to say goodbye to me (I was asked to be her godmother right when she was born and before they discovered she was very sick) and it made me sad, but at the same time I have this oddly feeling of calmness and hope…what do you think this might mean? Thanks for reading! X

    • Hello Alexandra,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your niece, God bless her, and her parents, and you for your loving, caring heart. Your hummingbird encounter does sound like it was a very healing experience for you. Yes, there is energy related to your niece in the hummingbird visit, but also the strong support that she has surrounding her. I see that support, so undeniable, is how you found the calmness and hope. Your faith is what locked that feeling in place. I hope this hummingbird comes back for another encounter, he truly was an angel for you that day.

  6. Three times in my life an owl has crossed my path at a critical time – once in the middle of the day. When I was young, and confined to my house for almost a year due to illness, the crows came and kept me company. I was only 9 years old, and my parents couldn’t afford to stay with me. I had 30 minutes a day where I could sit in the back yard, a time that revolved around my tutor. I hated sitting alone because it wasn’t a good neighborhood. No matter what time, the crows came and sat on a telephone line above our back fence and talked until I went inside. Not long ago, when I was going through a difficult time, I found “wings” in a chalk-like substance on the back windshield of my car. The feathering is so detailed, it’s incredible. Birds have always been my thing.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Donna. Yes, you are truly blessed to have support showing up with wings. You are a soul with strength and a gift for turning things around. Both owls and crows are wonderful messengers and both signify a different level of strength in stillness, it’s all about timing! Nice!

  7. Melissa says:

    I had a dream last night that I couldn’t get my truck door closed. I get trying and trying and it would just pop back open! Frustrated, I went and sat in the grass near by. I looked up at a tree, branches gently blowing in a cool breeze and saw a bright red hummingbird stuck in one of the branches. I went over and broke the branch from the tree and then gently removed the bird. It sat for a minute, as to regain strength, and then it flew away. I felt good knowing that the stress the bird was feeling had been relieved. My dream continued to many different things aside from that truck door, but that bird stuck with me in my mind even upon wakening.
    This was my first time seeing a hummingbird in my dreams.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Melissa, thank you for sharing your dream. Clearly your dream speaks out of stress and frustration. Many individuals have dreams to vent or resolve what is not resolved in the waking hours. There is so much more than venting seen in your dream. You are working toward finding your answer, but its also about how you find your answers and confirm that you’re on the right track. There is much you will be discovering about your abilities and gifts in the days that follow. 🙂

      I wish you well on your journey. It’s joyful to watch people shift into their own good grace during sessions, as they receive acknowledgement of their wisdom beyond the day-to-day challenges. Contact me if I can be of service to you in your personal world.


  8. Craig says:

    We have a humming bird nest in our back yard.

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