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Rufous-vented Whitetip (Urosticte ruficrissa) from the NBII Image Gallery. A female photographed in Cordillera del Cóndor, Ecuador.

Welcome to Hummingbird Shaman™:

Here’s a little bit about me: I’ve been an ordained minister and counselor since 1982. My specialty is private consultations and counseling for individuals seeing greater self awareness, more balanced use of their energies, and more continuity between their thoughts and actions. My work is non-denomination, I call it “omni-denominational”, which means I honor your belief system, and do not include dogma in sessions.



My training and experience includes over 30 years in spiritual teachings, clairvoyance, energy healing, and many branches of shamanism. Many intuitives, coaches, and personal growth professionals have shared that my gifts and dedication in the honing of my skills makes my reading sessions unique, inspirational, and deeply healing on a soul level. I speak with you from a spirit perspective, creating a safe, sacred space for you to heal and follow your own direction in life with greater clarity.

 The Core Focus of Meta-Visionary™ Sessions:

I work with you as a team: foremost and most important I am dedicated to serve you on that higher spiritual level, and I listen to your spirit-self as well as your divine inspiration and source to help you find your own soul-replenishing answers. I also work with many of the great ascended masters who are here to support us, and I often share the insights they provide for our spiritual evolution on this planet. I uphold the basic rights of freewill and our ability to follow our own dream.

hummingbirdMy services consist of private sessions, using a combination of many intuitive and spiritual tools that allow me to shift my own thoughts, beliefs, and opinions out of the picture so that I can fully focus on your life, your path, and your information. Because I am able to bridge between the spiritual plane and the physical world while still retaining composure and grace I am able to translate the messages of your higher consciousness that have not, for whatever reason, integrated into your physical world. Information is often healing, and in this sacred, safe reading space you have opportunity to heal yourself as well, making each reading session a powerful, enlightening experience.

Whether in-person or by phone, these sessions are powerful and often surprising. Sessions often go full circle, finding a common thread of your divine knowledge and life integration in progress that speaks highly of your current mission in life. Information and self love are the strongest instruments in our personal empowerment and evolution on this physical plane.

Sessions by email are given great consideration, and include an additional email response to clarify any questions that arise from the answers provided.

Sessions by phone should be scheduled prior to payment to assure availability, but must be paid in full 24 hours before the session to hold the appointment time.

Types of Sessions Available:

Questions can relate to many levels:

  • Life situations: career, relationship, family, living situation.
  • Spiritual situations: loss of perspective, creativity, life path, inner joy.
  • Shamanic: Spirit-to Spirit Awakening, Totem Animals, spirit guides, soul retrieval and past life healing.
  • Life Transition: Communication spirit-to-spirit, letting go with grace

Types of Meta-Visionary Sessions and Pricing:

hummingbird a sign from GodInformational sessions are $85 for a 30 minute session, intended for single questions and introductory reading. A one hour session is $150, and is the most commonly requested session for more in-depth, full circle information, giving more depth and understanding to the initial spirit-level messages shared at the beginning of your session. Healing sessions are transformational sessions, and are more in-depth and involved.  These sessions are typically 1-1/2 hours, ending not by the time clock but by the time needed to complete the process. Healing sessions also include suggestions for self-healing and focuses that you can use following your healing session to help in the transition. Each healing session is $350.

Specialty Reading Sessions: Hummingbird Perspectives

hummingbird shamanThis is a specific style of focused reading that brings to light the divine essence of the hummingbird. We focus on your core values and the spiritual gifts that empower you, whether you currently recognize those abilities or not. Hummingbird energy is powerful – you can see it in their wing movements, their speed, and their ability to maneuver with such grace and agility.

In these 20 minute sessions our intent is to shift quickly from the day-to-day consciousness into the higher realm, and speak of your most empowering qualities. This provides an opportunity for you to renew, release, restore your path, recognize your divine presence, and bring that consciousness a little more deeply into your present-day world.

This specialty session is similar to those I have previously offered only at special events. These high-spirited sessions are $60, and are by appointment, offered via Skype or phone.

How to Schedule

hummingbirdYou can connect with me either by phone or through the contact form below. I can be reached by phone at 832-947-3669. This is my Google phone number that will reach me whether at my office (Pacific Standard Time) or on the road. You will be asked your name, and then Google will connect us. Sessions are available weekends as well as weekdays on a rotating basis. All sessions are by appointment to assure that you receive a quality session.  Please leave a message by phone or the contact form below, and I will get back to you.

About Your personal information is respected, never shared or sold. All posted stories and sessions are shared by permission. Thank you!

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Hummingbird Shaman

6 Responses

  1. Casey says:

    I’d like to schedule an hour session.

  2. Shirley says:

    Hi my name is Shirley Haripersad I live in south Africa Durban and I have an experience with a velvet purple coronet hummingbird, every morning at 6am I wake up to a tapping sound on my bedroom window looking out I see this beautiful bird its not there for long its there for about 10 mins tapping away at my glass. Reading your previous story could it be something to do with my miscarriage? Its been a month and a half since my husband and I had a miscarriage and it still worried me up till now about why, how etc. But anyways thats just me hoping for a sign but as of Wednesday last week this beautiful bird has been coming in the afternoons after I reach home from work. Does this mean much?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Shirley, so sorry to hear of your loss. I am a bit puzzled that you have a bird from Ecuador in south america visiting you in South Africa. I have seen references to Sunbirds, compared to the hummingbirds of the Americas. I do see your energy being open to signs, welcoming to nature.

  3. Jen Watson says:

    Hi, my name is Jen. Life has been rough lately with my relationships and last night I had the oddest dream. I was sitting on a sofa with 3 other people, with my oldest daughter on the opposite end. She is 11. All of a sudden I saw a hummingbird fly into the room and I was fascinated, because I don’t know how he got there. I tired to show the other people but no one was interested. Then more hummingbirds flew into the room. They were flying all around. I then tried to tell my boyfriend but he wasn’t interested either. But I knew they were special and they really should not have been there. They were so beautiful. I knew in my dream that they symbolized something but I didn’t know what. I found your webpage and I read what you said, so I am trying to figure out how that applies to me. There were dragonflies there too….I love dragonflies.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Jen,
      Thanks for sharing your dream and comments. I’ve been able to see and understand over the years that some people just cannot shift their awareness toward seeing things spiritual or energy-level. On the other hand, when you look deeper it is seen that they are there for a reason, so are you, and that we are supporting each other. For some, a certain shift achieved in a lifetime is amazing. We all have our path, our goals, and the abilities we have chosen or been given within a lifetime. What helps many come to a more in-depth conscious awareness is through relating to others, and that incredible surreal moment when you realize you both saw or perceived the same thing! Your dream speaks out about your spiritual path and changes in your consciousness. Hummingbirds call out ability and the ability to “weather the storm”. Dragonflies are about transformation, or energy shifts. Pretty darn cool, isn’t it?

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