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How can something as simple as a hummingbird bring comfort and meaning into your life? Learn more about the spiritual side of living, soul-level healing, and how we can Walk With Wings.

This site is dedicated to restoration of the soul in our everyday lives.

Here you will find stories of hummingbird moments that have served as a turning point in so many lives. Individuals share their stories, offering their own experiences of an unexpected by fully embraced moment with a small winged creature. A hummingbird hovers before them, or perches for what seems like a life-long visit. Their hearts are uplifted, and they feel as though their live events hold meaning.

hummingbird meaningMy Story

The hummingbird spirit was gifted to me many years ago.  Was it because of the times I rescued hummingbirds who had wandered into the boathouse, gently helping them find their way to freedom? Those days were in my earlier teen years, and much time had passed. Perhaps that time in my life was a precursor for the service I would provide in later times, providing insights to others so they could experience their own spiritual clarity.

Many years had passed. In that time I had pursued training in spiritual counseling and teaching. After my son was born I shifted back into a more traditional role and schedule, creating my place in the corporate world. This was now my reality, right? Of all the things I have learned, the most powerful is that “spirit will prevail”. In the years that followed I was lead into a journey of rekindling my role as a spiritual aid in the lives of others.

What about the hummingbirds? Oh yes, they did make their appearance back into my life. It all began during those years of being a cub scout leader in my son’s pack. Funny, a hummingbird appeared only during the cub scout planning meetings at my house. Then they were gone.

Several more years passed, much of it unnoticed. I can’t really say that, but that is how it felt on some levels. Then, during a time of personal soul searching, I asked God for the support I needed to find my way. That support came in the form of a hummingbird.

Day after day the hummingbirds would appear during my walks at the park, dancing before my eyes, performing aerial acts that seemed centered around my presence. I know these sweet hummingbirds were a part of my return to healing, and seeing through the eyes of the soul. I now have many hummingbirds who reside year-round around my home, with plenty of passer-by hummingbirds during the summer months. They perch nearby when I am on counseling calls, ready to support in the healing process, holding sacred space for my callers to release into a place of love. The hummingbirds call out to me when I walk outside, and share their own life stories.

I’ve known that these hummingbird encounters and the amazing energies that have integrated into my life have been priceless, bringing life into a world so far removed from its purpose. Since those initial hummingbird encounters I have given much greater focus to soul-felt presence and purpose. I have returned to offering the spiritual counseling I had trained in so diligently over the past several decades. What I offer is a non-judgmental level of guidance and clarity that supports healing, in a sense a welcoming home for the soul. I believe we all have the ability to create an inner world of acceptance and comfort that is the foundation of our interactions with with world around us.

Is it okay to ask a question?

hummingbird feederStories and questions are always welcomed at Within this sacred space I gift readers with answers to their questions about their life as well as the meaning of their hummingbird encounters. You can ask your question through a comment on one of the hundred’s of stories shared. You can also ask your question and share your story through the comment form found on the Share Your Story page.

The time I can allocate on this website as gifted time is limited, and there is often a waiting list for responses offered through the website. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to answer all questions asked in this public forum, and responses will be given to posted questions will be brief and appropriate for this public venue. For those seeking answers now I suggest you consider a personal one-to-one call.

What about a private answers and insights?

hummingbird courage to be lovedIf you desire a more private connection, or seek answers more quickly I also offer private sessions by phone or Skype, as well as private email responses. Sessions can be 30 minutes, but a full  one-hour session is recommended, especially for new clients, to assure we are able to bring the sessions “full circle”. Private phone sessions are available by appointment.

One of our greatest tools is the story. As we step outside our comfort zone and day-to-day perceptions we expand our consciousness in ways that express the depth of our soul. How does your soul-self speak to you in your thoughts and experiences? What is the meaning of the guidance offered by the world around you, whether it is spoken words or signs offered by nature? How do you interpret the interactivity you have within your life so that you are able to live life to the fullest, with joy and a sense of happiness?

Hummingbird Shaman – Walk With Wings

Hummingbird Shaman is an expression of taking that step, and seeing both your world and yourself in a new light. It is through our own divine presence that we Walk with Wings™.


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  1. Flor Fuentes says:

    My Story, I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and half. I love him with all my heart. We are expecting our Baby, but I was about to leave him yesterday, because of his difficult situation of his divorce and its prolonging longer then expected. He was seperated when we met and after a few months of dating he filed for the divorce. Just when I’m about to tell him we need time from each other and that I was leaving the state a humming bird came right in front of us and just stood still right in front of us at that point I didn’t say anything anymore and I was wondering was there a meaning.
    Thank you Flor

    • Hello Flor,
      It is truly challenging being in the midst of a difficult situation, with ongoing stress when you know that the stress should eventually go away. There is such a thing as the power of flight, whether it is seen in a hummingbird or through making a change like moving to another state. That same personal will and energy can be directed into creating a safe and sacred space for you and baby without creating another level of grief by being apart. So nice of the hummingbird to interrupt your plans and give you a chance to think about it a little more.
      I wish you the best, and hope your home life settles soon.

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