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The Hummingbird and the Raptor 1

The Hummingbird and the Raptor

A news item echoes through England and nearby countries about a Rueppell’s Griffon Vulture that escaped from its captive home at the World of Wings. This massive bird, with a wingspan of over 10...

Is a Vulture Sighting an Omen? 0

Is a Vulture Sighting an Omen?

The intuitive meaning of the any sighting, whether it be a hummingbird, eagle, or even a vulture is always associated with the current events. It could be the culmination of many events as an opportunity for release, or a chance to make a decision that logic would not allow us.

Vultures in my Dreams 6

Vultures in my Dreams

This week I have returned to the Oregon desert for a working visit, which means sleeping within mere feet of the vulture roost.  This tree is the seasonal home to 30 vultures, give or...