Hummingbird Magic – When We Walk With Wings

Today was a day of not just holding on to our values, it was a day to see how strongly our values would support us in our cause. Our conversation quickly rose above the hurtles we faced, and quickly we found ourselves walking with wings.

No Sense Feeling Alone

The hummingbird sitting in the tree was my sign that my old world did not go away even when I was building a new one. Our support does not disappear even when we think we’ve pulled off a disappearing act. When you are feeling alone you can open the blinds, take the time to look outside and see who or what is on your horizon.

Hummingbird Peekaboo – Sometimes We All Must Hide

“Peekaboo”, I thought, and just like a child I headed for the window. Keeping my movements minimal and slow, I peeked down to the brown ferns and rhodie, wondering if my little hummingbird friend was still near.