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When A Ladybug Appears Unexpected

I welcome any opportunity to smile, to renew my faith, and to remember that I am not alone in this world. Be it a hummingbird, a ladybug, or an unexpected kindness by another. You are my reflection of spirit, thank you, thank you so much.

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Nectar Bats Raid Hummingbird Feeder

Many enjoy watching the hummingbirds gather around their hummingbird feeders each day. Hummingbirds can easily empty a feeder in little time. How do you explain when a feeder mysteriously empties during the night? Finding...

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Was The Falcon Sent From Heaven?

There has long been a relationship between mankind and birds. The Ainu aboriginals of Japan though that the falcon was sent from heaven, in the beginning of mankind. It’s role? To serve mankind. The Qualities of the...


The Intuitive Meaning of Doves

What about the qualities of the doves? Now is a great time to appreciate your own ability to love and create a welcoming, warm community. While we’re on the topic..

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The Totem Frog Symbol

What is a totem?  It is a natural object or animal believed to have spiritual significance and is adopted as a symbol.The totem frog, or frog symbol, has long been treasured in many cultures....

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Full Moon and an Owl Feather

This is the story of a full moon and an owl feather, and the space created for introspective exploration. The month of August begins and ends with a full moon, known as a blue...


Ladybug Message From God

This is the story of a ladybug message from God. Sometimes in the bigness of our problems, the intensity of our emotions, we reach for a big sign, or an obvious solution. But life...

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Dragonfly Crossing

Today was a good day for a stroll in the park. This park is of course the one with the hummingbirds that greet me most every time. This time not a single hummingbird was...