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Encounters with the vibrant souls contained in tiny bodies.


How To Clean Hummingbird Feeders

Placing Hummingbird feeders in your garden are a great way to contribute and support nature. The types of feeders range from small tubes to intricate multi-port feeders. Using a hummingbird feeder is simple, all...


Found A Hummingbird Inside

A reader shared a comment recently about finding a hummingbird inside a warehouse. Luckily the hummingbird was found in time for rescue. For all those who have rescued a hummingbird trapped inside a house, warehouse,...

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Hummingbird Dream: The Gift

Dreams are an amazing experience. They can be fragmented, or appear quite vivid and real. Waking from a dream can at times leave you feeling surreal, even shaken. Other dreams can be richly rewarding...