Wild Bird Rescue

There are agencies that protect migratory birds and raptors as well as endangered species. The hummingbird may be known to live year-round in some areas, but it is also a migratory bird, protected by law. Do not trap hummingbirds or try to keep them in captivity.

Learning How to Help Others Help Themselves

There are many techniques that we can learn and use to help support others in a way that enriches and enhances their life experience. These techniques can range from animal massage for our household pets to energy-healing techniques no-touch techniques that you can use long-distance (across a room or around the world). Prayer has been proven to be effective in healing and supporting others, both in the animal and human realms, and techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) help both the animals in its distant healing effect and the healer in supporting their desire to help.

We can also help on a more global level: supporting our local shelters and wildlife refuges; giving aid following natural disasters; creating a safe, uncontaminated environment in our backyards and our community by choosing natural, non-pesticide products.

The American Red Cross provides tips for those with service animals and for first aid care of animals.

Wild Bird Recue

What do you do if you find a wounded migratory bird? These birds are protected by law, and there are agencies that provide care for birds, nests, eggs, and habitat. If you discover wounded wildlife, please contact the wildlife rescue agency in your area.

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