Animal Healing

In all of the pages and posts of HummingbirdShaman.comâ„¢ there is an underlying and integrated tone of support, acceptance, and appreciation. We all have the right to our own life experience. We are given consciousness, awareness, and perception as means of learning and growing in this world. Taken a step further, we have the right to use those tools in a way that works for us, individually.

Healing Wisdom

Over the years I have read and integrated into my life many ancient text and have communicated on multi-dimension levels with the soul and spirit of people and animals. I have counseled and supported many spiritually-focused individuals for 30+ years as well as dedicated my time to my own mastery of soul-level consciousness. I have developed energy healing techniques that support and honor in a multi-directional manner. One common thread is woven into every interaction, healing session, spiritual support session, and all the other pathways I have created to assist others in their quest, and that is the powerful voice of honor.

The Healing Power of Honor

Our animal companions are seen from so many different perspectives, and they serve in so many roles. Animals assist us on many professional levels: There are law enforcement officers who work with animals as a part of their jobs, and the bond they create with their animal partner clearly runs deep within their hearts. There are animals used to detect cancer, warn of a seizure, or other health concerns.

Within our own homes we have animal companions that share our home as a welcomed part of the family, and outside we create safe haven for the wildlife by providing suet, nectar, seed, or just a branch to perch safely upon. Give thought to the chemicals you use in your home and outside. It takes little action on our part to make the world a better place for all.

Animal Healing

Our world is not a perfect place, and sometimes our pets take on the stresses we carry in our own lives. They can also carry forward abuse and mistreatment from an earlier experience in their lives. We can help them, but the goal is not to “take away the pain” but to help them to heal themselves and grow into a greater part of themselves. This same goal is shared within our “people world” as well.

Free Will for All

I’ve always appreciated and honored the idea that every conscious being is offered free-will, the ability to choose every moment of every day. Some of those choices are simple, like turning our head to be aware of our surroundings. Other choices are life-changing, though we don’t always see the rippling effect that can take place by one corner we turn. We each have life experiences, some that are fully empowered and some that come along as hardships and challenges. We may not “choose” everything that comes to us in this life, but we choose how to respond, we choose our perceptions, and we choose the value of that experience and the wisdom we gain through living.

We All Contribute

We all have common threads, and one is that we must be an asset and contribute in some way. This is true in the animal kingdom. The strength of one animal contributes to the overall protection of the pack. The mother contributes to her young by providing protection and nourishment in the earlier years. In the people world we connect with others, enhancing their life in one form or another, and we give service through our work and our charity. We could see this as the way we convert thought into action, creating some return that will nourish us in some way.

Just as people need a way to give, so do animals. In my animal relationship consultations I look at the spiritual, mental and emotional state of both animal and owner, and the signs of that inner state as it is reflected in the physical state of being. I see the interactive role, and offer simple yet powerful ideas to enhance the relationship and create a more harmonious environment for all. Clear communication is a key within our interactive lives.

Sessions can be scheduled via the contact form for a session via email, phone, or Skype. All sessions are by appointment.

In the case of an emergency contact your local health care provider / veterinarian.
Complimentary support services are available on request, under the direction of your health care provider.

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