Walk With Wings

We have so many abilities, and the greatest is our consciousness. The choice is ours as to the level we choose to work from, how much we “ride the wave” and how much we serve as a conduit for our own creative flow. Is there some measure, some way to quantify how we express our greatest self? No, it is very individual and can be expressed in an infinite number of ways.

Walk with Wings

It’s not so much how we “rise above” when we walk with wings, but our ability and choice to step fully into our own life and express ourselves in a way that embraces and inspires.

Living For Both Body and Spirit

We are omni-directional. We can connect body-mind-spirit. We can reach out to others and connect on an inter-personal way. We can also bridge the space, the thin layer that is our livable world, and be an intentional bridge between the higher-level consciousness an creativity, the purposeful self, and the world of everyday moment-by-moment. We choose, not some cosmic force, though the resource is available to us. We choose, not the path beneath our feet, though the path is solid. We choose.

I’ve asked myself many times over, “Is my message or my venue, here at HummingbirdShaman.com unconventional?” Yes, it is, but that is the point. We don’t ask for what is already in our grasp, we ask for potential, depth, quality, and meaning. We want something that will grow, a means to fill our belly as well as our heart and soul. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have all three levels touched upon by one action?

What is amazing is that for any of us to be able to grasp the idea of omni-directional fulfillment we must already have the ability, capacity, and some degree of experience on that level. We have it, we only have to open our eyes a little bit more to see it.

I’m reaching out to you and your circle: Help me to spread the word about “Walk WIth Wings™“- share it with your friends, and those many who stand outside your world waiting to be seen. Click “like” and choose to be a part of a multi-dimensional community. Share a story, thought, idea. We are now on Facebook, I invite you to “like us”.

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  1. Mary Crivello says:

    Good Morning! I cannot tell you how very happy I was this morning to come across your website! Hummingbirds have always been a joy to me. My mom introduced me to hummingbirds and she and my dad just loved them. As I have grown older and life has changed in many ways, the hummingbird always appears to let me know that I will rise above the challenges I am facing. I recently ended a twelve year relationship, retired, put my house up for sale and I am planning to move back to my home town to reconnect with my family. I want so much to sell my home quickly as my sister is battling an agressive form of breast cancer. I am a breast cancer survivor and I want to be with her to give her comfort and hope! This morning I was drinking my coffee on my beautiful front porch. A hummingbird came up to me within a foot from my face and just hovered. I know there is a spiritual meaning in that visit! Thank you for your website! It has truly uplifted me today. Mary

    • Thank you, Mary, I’m glad you found HummingbirdShaman.com, and found it enjoyable! Yes, those hummingbirds are such uplifting creatures, they have been a comfort and inspiration to so many people. Thanks for sharing your story and your kind comments. Lots of hummingbird love and healing energy for both you and your sister.


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