Hummingbirds and Spring Equinox

hummingbird meaningWhat reminders can be found in nature, symbolized by hummingbirds and the spring Equinox? So many lessons, ideas, and reminders!

Last fall one of our readers, Megan, suggested writing about how to refocus and reconnect with the changing season. While that share didn’t have time to manifest, the idea did resurface today on the 2017 spring equinox.

Hummingbirds and focus

balloonsWhat is the typical reaction when a hummingbird appears? Most of us are fascinated by hummingbirds, sometimes a little alarmed when a hummingbird hovers just inches away.

A tiny hummingbird is a master at snapping a person out of their mental mind trap. I see this as a reset, even a release of energy that may not have even been recognized. The image that comes to mind is a balloon, with air so light and unseen, yet under so much pressure!  Every one of us can use a catalyst at times to help reset and refocus.

Why a reset?

Your mind and body like things that are recognizable, so that you can relax in the comfort of what you know. Unfortunately, this also applies even in situations that are not beneficial or healthy. Sometimes “known” overrides taking that scary step into making a change.

Despite the body and mind’s interest in what it knows, so much of us is geared toward change. Time is never stagnant. The fact that you are a body occupying a particular space, you have the ability of movement and can change your location in so many ways, even with just a breath.

As for spirit, your spirit is energy. Spirit is always in a state of movement. When your energy becomes stagnant or stuck, it can feel tense, burdon-some, heavy. Why does energy become stuck? It could be an issue that is yet to resolve. Sometimes you can become “stuck” with an experience that “seems” one way, but may be a misunderstanding or outright lie.

You will always have some experiences, and focus, that may seem stagnant, but give you a foundation on which to stand. So when do you seek out a reset or refocusing? Is resetting your focus and rebalancing your energy something you need to do, or is it optional? Could a stay in the same place be good for you, or do you need change? This is where the spring equinox and the fall equinox come into play.

The essence of spring equinox

What is the spring and fall equinox? They are the day of equal night and day. The spring equinox could be viewed as that deep inhale that nourishes the spring days to come, so full of growth. The fall equinox, that would be the exhale, letting go and giving rest during the fall and winter months.

So what does the equinox have to do with resetting and refocusing? Simple. We have both worlds. The appearance of equal night and day shows us that neither are superior or better. Both night and day serve us. There is equal importance to having and holding, just as much as there is a need to relax, exhale, and let things go. Life is breath, and spirit is breath. You are here to walk the walk, infusing your life into time and space.

Letting go, resetting and rebalancing

During this time of the equinox, remember that your heart beats. Take a breath, and notice that is an inward replenishing long before your exhale sends your breath out into the world.

Focus on your feet and your connection to this earth. As you do so, bring balance, or equinox, to the fact that you as spirit have awareness and the ability to silently but so enthusiastically speak out to the earth a resounding “Thank You” for a place to stand.

Give thought to the idea that many things that come into your life are a reflection of who you are, how you feel, and what you share with the world. A reflection is equally an example of an equinox (pun intended!). What a great time to bring in equal focus on being grateful for what is given to you, and generous with the love you infuse into everything you give.

Enjoy this equinox, a single day so full of meaning and value, yet able to be overlooked and trampled beneath the weight distractions in our world.

There lies yet another opportunity: finding your own equinox. Find balance in how much focus you invest on the electronics and the dramas of the world, and how much value you can find in something as simple as a hummingbird moment.

hummingbird shaman


Hummingbird Shaman

Kavi's greatest love is facilitating the shift from questions into greater joy and understanding. This energy of joyful expression transfers into her many interests: photography, organic, symbiotic gardening, long dog-lead walks, and, of course, bird watching. Ready for a change within your own world? Seeking your own multi-dimensional support and alliance? Healing sessions and transitional support are available by appointment.

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  1. glenda says:

    It’s been a good spring, I’m seeing more hummingbirds at my feeders. Not sure if it is the weather, the birds, or what that makes spring feel so good!

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