Wintertime Hummingbirds

Over this 24 hour period the temps are between 27F and 34F. Even with our colder winters, hummingbirds remain year round. In my opinion watching the hummingbird feeders is a duty, especially if it is cold enough to freeze the sugar water. Feeders can be brought inside at night, and places back outside before dawn.

hummingbird at feeder

I’ve noticed how the hummingbirds will stay close by the feeders on these colder days, likely to conserve energy. Today I saw a hummingbird perched at a feeder that rarely gets a visit, let alone hanging around.

A few feet away I was surprised to see the alpha hummingbird at his favorite hangout. Typically he would be chasing any other hummingbirds away from “his” feeders.

In this case I’ve concluded that the hummingbird in this photo is female, the only reason Mr. Alpha would be so chill about her resting place. He’s complained about her in the past, not really appreciating her use of “his” feeders, but he tolerates her presence.

Hummingbird feeders in the wintertime

At dawn the temp was 24 degrees. Feeders were frozen. The first feeder was quickly thawed and refilled, and hung outside. I heard one of the hummingbirds calling out an alert from nearby. Before I even reached the door just a few steps away he was at the feeder.

The easiest choice is to bring the feeders inside at night, top them off, and replace them in the twilight of the morning. I have seen hummingbirds active so early in the morning, as early as twilight, so I know not to wait. Hummingbirds need the energy, especially after a long cold night.

Hummingbird food ratio

What is the ratio for homemade hummingbird food? 1 part sugar, 4 parts water. No coloring, nothing else added. My choice is organic sugar, and I mix the food in a quart mason jar. Replace the hummingbird food if it becomes cloudy, or simply replace the hummingbird food each morning before returning them outside.




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