Hummingbird Tidbits: Do Hummingbirds Snore?

Do hummingbirds Snore?

Okay, this story and video caught my eye, and caused that impulsive muscular reaction known as a “smile”.  Do hummingbirds snore? Most people have not seen a hummingbird sleep, let alone perch. The perching part I’m very familiar with. Intuitively, energetically, I’ve spotted hummingbirds in hiding, or as I have suspected, choosing a perch where they were both hidden and seen. Hummingbird in the fir trees, with that tiny head turning to catch the sun in such a way that it appears to be the start of a christmas tree. Hummingbirds perching on the cherry tree, looking much like a fall leaf ready to drop (or lift off!!). Rufous hummingbird quietly overseeing its feeders from the cover of the lilacs, they tweeting and trilling, rising to hover above then return to the safety of its perch.

In this video clip you’ll see a hummingbird in Peru apparently “snoring”. Maybe it’s not a true snore, but it sure sounds like it could be!


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