Hummingbird Tidbits: How a Hummingbird Drinks Nectar

cropped-hummingbird-for-logo.pngMany of us agree how fixating it is to watch a hummingbird. It doesn’t matter if you have feeders in your yard. I’ve read many comments from people who do not have feeders, and have been surprised and delighted by a hummingbird encounter.

For those of us with flowers and feeders, how many times do you find yourself pausing to watch a hummingbird drink nectar, or sugar water from a  feeder. At this time of the year my toad lilies are in bloom (October, November). My alpha hummingbird perches on the top of the wire mesh that holds these tall flowers upright. Feeders are nearby, but there is always a hummingbird look at the flowers for a little bit of natures goodness.

How do hummingbirds drink? I thought it interesting when I learned that dogs lap up water by making a cup under their tongue. For hummingbirds it is even more intriguing. On many occasions I have watched one of the many hummingbirds in my area drink from the feeder, with bubble after bubble rising inside as they consumed what seemed like a meal’s worth of sweetness.

Today I found this article on hummingbird tongues, explaining how hummingbirds consume so much nectar in as little as a second. Please click on “read more” for the complete article!

Hummingbird tongues are tiny pumps that spring open to draw in nectar

Hummingbirds live life at incomprehensible speeds. Their flight acrobatics are amazing, maneuvering more like insects than birds as they flit around, flying upside down and even backwards. They’re a blur as they race between flowers. When they do pause to visit a flower momentarily, they’re licking 15 to 20 times a second to extract their nectar fuel. Read more…



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