Everyday I Reawaken

This site has had some down-time and issues of late, something yet to be resolved. Today, for example, several comments were discovered to be unapproved and unanswered. This was soon resolved, with responses to all. As a one-by-one, the comments would have still been amazing, but collectively they triggered a thought. What is a sign, and why do signs exist? The beginning of the story goes something like this: “Everyday I reawaken..”

I had been looking for something to say that was inspirational, but not trivial or cute. Yes, I do have my whimsical moments, and express my “punderful” sense of humor, but for this morning I found an idea that was a question and statement at the same time.

everyday I reawaken hummingbird shamanEveryday I reawaken

Why do we have signs, symbols that are unrelated, yet at the same time are perceived to have special meaning? The simple answer: sometimes you need something to snap you out of the “spell” of the patterns and logic created by the mind. Look at the world we live in, filled with cell phones, computers, TV and radio. We’re bombarded with “signals” 24/7. Where are you within all those signals, messages, broadcasted ideas?

“Everyday I reawaken to the light of day”. Why sleep? To regenerate muscle and connective tissues, to reset your brain. By design you should awaken feeling refresh.

Body and mind are only part of your life experience. What of your spirit, or soul? If we live in this world with cycles, using night and day and this whole sleep thing happens, how does your spirit get to share in this experience?

Everyday I reawaken – and see the signs

What qualifies as a “sign”? Does it have to be something profound, one of those mind-blowing moments? I focused on the simplest of signs, something that warms the heart and let a soul connection exist. A smile. A purring cat. The courtesy of being waved in so you could merge into traffic. A hello. Are these not all signs of acceptance, or welcoming?

Signs can also be intriguing little puzzles. What about that hummingbird that hovers in front of you, and triggers in your thoughts a problem you are trying to solve, or a prayer you offered? So many of the stories shared here on HummingbirdShaman are about signs. Some of these signs are shared as questions, some as statements. I feel both apply. Just as the yin yang symbol shows us both sides create the energy of life, a sign can be both a question and statement co-existing. Conflict always brings about dialog and engagement, the tv shows have certainly tapped in to that side of human nature!

Everyday I reawaken – Body Mind and Spirit

You and I don’t always have the answers, and it’s good that life is this way.

While most of our efforts and energy (should) go into being productive, having what you need, building knowledge and relationships, growing is not just “getting more”. It is expansion of your world, but also finding the depth of life experience and value in who you are, what life means to you, and all those other wonders of being a soul within a physical overcoat.

This is where signs come into play. Signs can be a little teaser that draws your attention out of the clouds, into your heart, and back into the lightness of your soul-self. A sign can be the tiniest messenger that hovers and watches you, then darts away at what seems to be the speed of light. Those signs give you a chance to hear the sound of your own voice, not so much the vocal side of it, but your inner voice that can and should be your greatest ally.

Everyday I reawaken.
I emerge, or cause to emerge.
Body – reawakening to the light of day.
Mind – clear, focused, calm.
Spirit – open to the signs of divine presence, love, and inspiration.

Signs can also be warnings, and while I don’t want to minimize the value of these warning signs, they are not the energy I want to create in my life. Reawakening is to emerge or cause to emerge. The question is “what do you want to cause to emerge in your day?”






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    Share your thoughts. What have you recognized to be a sign? Have you ever set an intent to recognize signs?

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