Found A Hummingbird Inside

A reader shared a comment recently about finding a hummingbird inside a warehouse. Luckily the hummingbird was found in time for rescue. For all those who have rescued a hummingbird trapped inside a house, warehouse, or in my case, a boathouse – thank you!

Anthony’s story

Hello, I have what I think is quite a life experience and story of my humming bird encounter. Yesterday a hummingbird flew into my large warehouse at work we tried for hours to get it out leaving the bay door wide open so it could fly out but it kept flying up and to different rafters. We left for the night and when we returned the following morning we found it frozen on a rafter at which we thought it had died from exhaustion but after awhile we had noticed it was on the ground. It was not breathing well and it’s wings would not flap as fast as it should actually not at all. I got some sugar water and would spoon feed it small amounts at which after an hour I notice he started to get his strength back. I held him for awhile longer and kept giving him the sugar water. After about an hour longer his wings began to flap at regular speeds and he took flight to a nearby tree. After awhile I returned to find that he had flown away. I keep thinking about how amazing it was to not only hold a hummingbird but also save it’s life in my eyes. What does this mean? Does it have any significance? Thank you for the info!

What to do if you find a hummingbird

640px-HummingbirdHummingbirds feed often to maintain strength. It takes a lot to sustain a heart beat greater than 100 beats per minute, that speed of flight, and the amazing hovering skill.

If you find a hummingbird inside your house or any other building, you can gently carry it outside and see if it will recover and fly away. You could also mix some sugar water in a small container, and place it close enough for the hummingbird to feed. The ratio is 4 parts water to one part sugar. Sugar water is simply an energy drink for hummingbirds, and the only reason I have plain sugar in my house! Don’t feed them anything else, honey is not a good substitute. Hummingbirds get their real nutrition by eating gnats and other small bugs. Sugar water is pure energy, something hummingbirds will burn quickly.

Don’t try keeping a hummingbird as a pet. That said, if you find a young hummingbird that has not yet grow enough to fly, you could offer it shelter and sugar water till it gains its flying skills. You can also contact your local bird rescue group for advise.

What does it mean when I find a hummingbird inside?

Does it mean anything when you find a hummingbird? The answer is as unique to the moment as we are! There is one thing in common, though, with all those who find a hummingbird and rescue it. Each of those individuals have a kind heart, and a willingness to go out of the way for others.

Over the years there have been many hummingbird stories shared. Topics include hummingbirds hovering right in front of me, hummingbird visits, hummingbird nests, and hummingbird dreams. It is not uncommon but less often experienced to find a hummingbird inside.

When a hummingbird is inside it is often difficult if not impossible for the hummingbird to resolve the situation. They will fly to the light, like insects do, but that is usually a window that does not open, or a skylight.


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