Hummingbird Call To Action

Just the other day I walked out into my garden just to get a peek at what was breaking ground. I guess that is my key phrase for today, “ground breaking”. My vision caught sight of a robin sitting on the edge of my neighbors roof. “Hello little one”, I actually said out loud. Suddenly a hummingbird appeared, buzzing circles around the robin before whizzing out of sight.

hummingbird ground breaking Hummingbird call to action

One thing I’ve come to recognize over the last several years is my method of preparing for just about anything. I stopped trying to make everything fit. Instead I just go my merry little way: my early morning web surfing, the things that catch my attention. Let’s not forget the “tone” of events, and the tide of energies that support and affect us each and every day.

Moments ago I had one of those “ah-ha” moments, when all those little fragments pull together. It’s not yet 7am on this Saturday morning, and I’ve already gathered enough of the ingredients from an interesting 10 minutes or so of web page jumping and emailed questions to share a few thoughts. These thoughts do not come lightly, and are supported by observations made over several years.

Keep in mind one pattern that applies for all of us – one moment is backed by years of experience, knowledge, and soul-driven purpose. With that in mind, this moment can be new, fresh. It takes years of trying to hold things together to create the momentum for that amazing moment of release.

Holding it all together

One of the biggest, hardest times in life is when you are trying to hold things together. Your world could be holding things together in a job that is in turbulent change. It could be within your family, with hardships, even the transitioning of a loved one over many months or even years. In recent months I have seen challenges faced by many individuals within my circle, talked with them, offered support and prayers.

You may have had one or more of those times when you were deeply imbedded in the circumstances of your life, trying to hold it all together. It’s challenging, but you did what you had to do. You may have a glimmer of hope, keeping faith that things will work out, or that this time will pass.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold it all together. What exactly are you doing when you are “holding it all together”? It could go in many directions. You could be trying to control the outcome, thinking that things aught to happen in a way that maybe you can’t even define. Or, you could be investing every ounce of you being to maintain what I call “creating sacred space“. This term simply means that you are there for your own ground breaking moment, for someone you love, or even for a non-entity, like your business or career.

Creating your ground breaking moment

Let me go back to my earlier walk through my garden. At the moment when I spoke about the robin on the roof and the hummingbird fly-by, I was standing by my new asparagus patch. We’ve had warmer than usual temperatures, so I set my asparagus in the ground in April. I’ll admit, I’m an asparagus newbie. Time goes by, we hit 80 and even 90 degree days in the PNW. Where’s the asparagus? Where? Finally one asparagus frond breaks ground, only to disappear a week later. I am not pleased. Patience – not a virtue I appreciate, I am more of a “why not now” personality. Out of my frustration I opted to plant the pre-soaked beans that needed a growing space in the plot I “dedicated” for my asparagus. Logic was created.. “the beans will fix nitrogen for the asparagus plants”. Today, moments before my robin and hummingbird encounter I checked on this patch of ground. The beans had all emerged, but were a bit haggard from something that had been chewing holes in the leaves. Amidst the beans I saw not one but two new asparagus shoots.

Out of my simple little story comes a few lessons. These concepts may apply to a little garden patch, but like everything else, we relate. There are parallels all through out life, from the simplest aspect of the physical/cellular world, all the way through our thoughts, emotions, and into the most profound of spiritual experiences.

Here’s what came to mind with my little garden adventure:

  • There are times when you just have to set aside that need to control things, the ego side, and do things in a way that is best for those you are there to support. You may not always know the “right” thing to do, but you can do “the best you can do, with what you have to work with”.
  • You are there “holding sacred space”. It takes a lot of energy, commitment, faith, diligence, time. We are living, breathing humans, designed to inhale, exhale. Your heart beats, then it rests. It takes a lot to “hold space” for your world. Keep in mind that if you can do it, you are not the top of the chain. If you can hold prayers for another, create a safe space for your family, commit yourself to doing what is best for yourself and others, where does all this come from? How many others, including your circle outside the physical realm, are holding sacred space for you?
  • While you may not see things happening on the surface, have faith that things are taking shape. Support that growth, giving what you can to assure there is room to grow to the fullest. Remember, resources come from all directions: all the seasons, and from both body and spirit.
  • It’s easy for us to create stories that complicate the situation. This is that mental thing popping up again, trying to control the situation. Not only can you find yourself standing face to face with the emotionally-driven “will” to make things right again, but also the “what if’s”, fears and doubts.

Yes, God thinks my impatience with my garden is hilarious. On the good side, it does give me a chance to exercise on many levels. We all work together: the physical realm, environment, our human consciousness, and our many levels of support from whatever it is that is life itself. There is reward that comes from our efforts. From the garden it is the success of the plants as I work to know their best location, and what they need from me to survive. Eventually I see the fruit (or vegetable) of their labor. I do not grow the plant, they grow by their own nature. I can feel good, though, with the choices I have made to support life and well-being.

For those who are seeking a sign of guidance for their own life events:

Yes, it takes a lot from you to hold things together.

Remember why you do what you do.

Allow yourself a moment to be within the divine support that gave you the power to hold safe space for others.



hummingbird call to action



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