Hummingbirds and Faith

Our stories are the sweeteners and spices of life, giving us greater perspective. As we share our stories we share our life, and invisibly connect through the life force energy that  animates us. Our stories do so much more, they give us strength, will, and faith. This is Rebecca’s story of hummingbirds and faith.

Rebecca’s story of Hummingbirds and Faith

hummingbirds and faithRebecca M wrote:
Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I was browsing online for some kind of meaning on hummingbirds. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced seeing a hummingbird; and I saw one sometime a week ago and today while I was outside, I saw a hummingbird again! I was on the phone while I was outside, and I watched it feed nectar from flowers, although I didn’t count how many. Then it hovered right in front of me at eye level. I was so happy, surprised and excited and shocked to see it! So beautiful! Now, here come the hard part, My husband and I are going through a rough time. Faith is what is going to get us to forward through this so we can live together in harmony again.

The Seamless Strength of Spirit

A hummingbird is just a little bird, is it not? Yet a hummingbird’s presence is captivating, enjoyable, and meaningful to so many people. There must be something to this, something more than just wings and nectar, people and perceptions. We look around us and we see a world, and that world isn’t always so wonderful. We also shift that perception in the blink of an eye and see things in s different light. That is the seamless strength of spirit. We speak volumes on this topic, yet it still defies definition, and why is this so? Spirit is spirit, it is not the container we live within. Still we see it all around.

Hummingbirds and Faith

Rebecca, today’s messenger of the hummingbirds and faith, reminds us that the beauty in life isn’t found in the most obvious places, and does not attach itself only to “big” or “pre-defined”. Our faith can be restored and renewed through the simplest moments, those hummingbird visits that linger long after the encounter is over.

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your story. I for one appreciate your taking the time to visit HummingbirdShaman, and reaching out to share your experience with others  who seek a more spiritually integrated life. Integrated.. great.. these words fit well together.

“Faith is what is going to get us to forward through this so we can live together in harmony again.” 

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  1. silver account says:

    It is not scientific to argue, on the one hand, for the obvious design of a Boeing 747, and then rule design “out of court” when considering the far more versatile flight of an eagle, falcon or the remarkable hummingbird. Modern minds within the secular media are presenting an unscientific duality of thought when praising engineering complexity in man-made machines, glorying in the great creative advances of mankind, but presenting the complexity in the world around us (of often far greater intricacy than man-made machines) as due to a gigantic unplanned cosmic experiment, with no Creator.

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