Welcoming Hummingbirds Into Your Life

welcoming hummingbirds into your lifeWarning: this story is not just about hummingbird feeders and sugar water. It’s about welcoming hummingbirds into your life, both in a symbolic and real sense. It’s not so much about the feeder, though it is a very gracious gift to provide something sustaining to our wildlife in this world that’s “built up” yet lacking in the nature of the world itself. The feeders do make a difference, and are very welcoming, but there is more to life. Hummingbirds also interact with each other as well as with the humans who find themselves to be a part of the hummingbird’s world.

Welcoming Hummingbirds Into Your Life

Why are hummingbird visits and interactions so welcoming in our lives? “This tiny creature conquers even the most powerful of our own hidden feelings and overwhelming thoughts.” When we welcome hummingbirds in our lives it is just a moment in time with a tiny bird. Behind that moment can be a very big plan and an even bigger spirit that carries that moment into the depth of heart and soul. What are the things we remember that continue to carry the spark of life, love and spirit? It is not our ABC’s, it is our interactions with another living creature that make the biggest impression on our lives.

Living In Our Own Little World

We can share with our select few, and we share within a space where we feel safe and accepted. If we draw that fine line in our own lives then wouldn’t the world around us share that same desire to be safe and accepted? Now comes the “what if”, a world that is welcoming, but then again no, we won’t speak about a perfect world. Who could afford to live in a world of unconditional sharing?

Just outside my window a hummingbird arrives for a twilight feeding. There is that moment of hesitation, though there is nothing there to provoke any fear. The moment passes, and soon enough that hummingbird is welcoming a long filling drink. As quickly as he appeared the hummingbird returns to its resting place somewhere in the trees.

We’re no different. We close our eyes to the world around us, we walk quietly past others behind the invisible barriers of our own inner world. We may be different, but we are all the same. We live in our own little moments, longing to be safe and secure. Still we can’t help but venture outside our boundaries, and cannot resist reaching out to others.

The Meaning of “You’re Welcome”

Much as we live within our own little world, and close the doors around us, we all still have our moments of connection and interaction. Another thank you goes to our reader Alicia for refreshing our thoughts with a wonderful story about creating a loving open space where others can exist. Whether we walk seemingly alone, in to and out of the lives of others, or collectively gather as we Walk With Wings, we are all different, but we are all the same.

Welcoming Hummingbirds Into Your Life

You’re welcome. This simple phrase means so much. You’re welcome: “thank you”. You’re welcome: “I invite you with open arms into my life”. What a powerful phrase this is, for us to say “you’re welcome”. When we say those words, when those words come completely from the heart, it’s an amazing thing. It is nearly impossible to say thank you without opening a door, crossing those boundaries, or opening the door to another. When we open that door as a welcoming gesture we so graciously we build a bridge in a place where moments ago there was only a barren space. When we are welcoming we say that we are able to connect And to think that when we practice the art of welcoming we are building those muscles. Imagine what it would be like to fill your day with “welcoming” thoughts and actions, to create a world that is fueled by appreciation, acceptance, invitation, and gratitude?

Welcoming Hummingbirds Into Your Life

What do the words “you’re welcome” have to do with hummingbirds? Plenty. I don’t know of a single person who would call the hummingbird a “pest”, nor do I know of any hummingbirds who would remain in that type of environment. Let’s give credit where credit is due, and it appears to me from the stories I have heard and the soul-based images I have seen that the hummingbird is an excellent judge of character. Let’s remember too that they define character in their own way, not our way.

Long story short, the power of the hummingbird cannot be denied. They inspired individuals to linger on their brief encounters, and even search on the internet for the meaning behind when a hummingbird flies in their face. The hummingbird leads us quickly into a state of awe and appreciation, a skill that marketing experts would love to master. They inspire thought and response, with one quick comment leading to pages of response. I’d call that powerful. That’s the spirit of the hummingbird, and the spark of divine within us. That is the soul and heartbeat of life, and we are all welcome in this world, we all are offered a chance to Walk With Wings.

You’re welcome, and we welcome your comments and stories. 

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My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.


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