A Hummingbird Flies Right Up To My Face

“What does it mean when a hummingbird flies right up to my face?”  Hummingbirds come, and hummingbirds go, and life flies by almost as fast as a hummingbird in all its splendor. How often do we see what is happening around us, or take the time to linger in that place of pure enjoyment?  I recollect a day at the park speaking with a sweet older woman who I saw often at the park. When I mentioned the hummingbird fluttering around us she turned to and fro, yet still could not see the hummingbird in motion. I am certain I have my own “visual misses”, when I simply do not give my attention to certain things, particular sounds, and visual cues offered by the world around me. In my world the hummingbird rarely goes by unseen.

Anna's_Hummingbird_henWhat is it about these hummingbirds? There are people who share their stories of treasured individuals who have been in their life, and hummingbirds that appear in a way that seems to be a message from those loved and lost. There are those who share their moments when the burdens of life weigh so heavily on their hearts and leaves us feeling like nothing is within our reach, but then a tiny hummingbird appears to, in a sense, rescue them. This tiny creature conquers even the most powerful of our own hidden feelings and overwhelming thoughts. And even if the mental maze does reappears it resumes with a less impact. Why does this happen, and how? What is that strange invisible line that separates us, what what is that strange invisible web that connects us to the unimaginable?

Alicia’s Hummingbird Story

“Hi, today i was sitting out in the grass with my two parrots in the trees. I saw two humming birds playing tag, and one landed on the branch above my head. the other in another tree. I watched them go back and forth. I got up to get my birds and stood there as one flew right up to my face going left to right. It was beautiful. This is not the first time this has happened. I have had multiple humming birds at different points of time fly right up to my face.

I do have a feeder outside, this is the first occasion where there has been a feeder involved. I do make my own. Any meaning to this?”

A hummingbird flies right up to my face

Is this event when “a hummingbird flies right up to my face” coincidence? Some will say yes. Hummingbirds have no soul, they say, and their tiny little brains cannot fathom the idea of rescuing a heart from despair, or even something as simple as sharing a joyful moment of pure enjoyment. But then such opinions are offered from the mind, not the heart, soul, or the sense of interactivity or love. When someone asks “what does it mean when a hummingbird flies right up to my face” what are they asking about?

It took only a moment to see the thread within Alicia’s story, one of an open heart and a loving space. What a wonderful atmosphere to be a part of and share with others. Who set the stage for this joyful interaction? Was it the person, the one participant with the bigger brain and that broad range of abilities, or was it the birds who created this happy space? Perhaps we have to give credit to both, after all, it is a shared space.

What does it mean when a hummingbird flies right up to my face?

We pick up on moods, and feel a sense of comfort around some people, but not around others. Who’s to say that the world around us does not share the same feelings of trust and live with similar comfort zones? We all have the same sensory system, whether we listen to it or not. Do we go with what we feel on that gut level, or trust that feeling deep within the heart? As people we learn to rationalize, and block out the simple responses like “this feels good”.

Within Alicia’s story the image is clear, that space around her was created for sharing. There was no ego to overwhelm, no agenda. The key ingredient was acceptance, and the emotional wings were empowered by appreciation and love.

What makes this story so special? It is not what is seen, and it is not even the “cast” of players, though the hummingbirds and parrots are wonderful parts of this story. This story is more about the unseen, the undefinable “tone” that says “you’re welcome” in so many ways.

Come back tomorrow for part two of this story of Welcome hummingbirds in your life.

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My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.


Hummingbird Shaman

Kavi's greatest love is facilitating the shift from questions into greater joy and understanding. This energy of joyful expression transfers into her many interests: photography, organic, symbiotic gardening, long dog-lead walks, and, of course, bird watching. Ready for a change within your own world? Seeking your own multi-dimensional support and alliance? Healing sessions and transitional support are available by appointment.

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45 Responses

  1. Kimberly says:

    Oh thank you Kavi for sharing! I’m so thankful to have the concious awareness to fully enjoy the hummingbirds that frequently visit me. I love sitting on my porch drinking coffee in the early morning. It was yesterday one flew right up to my face, then again this morning. To me it was a message that all is God, all is well…peace and beauty. I could see myself in her wings. What a delicious moment! I will enjoy your website, now I’ve found you…thank you so much!

    Sending wonderful love and energy directly to you dear friend,
    Kimberly- TN, USA

  2. laura says:

    I was sitting outside on my porch today watching my dog play on my phone.What distracted me was a buzzing sound thinkn a bee was near me,as I heard loud buzzing I looked up..I saw a beautiful blue humming bird with pink belly literally in front of my face hovering staring at me,we looked at each other for a good minute.I was in awe as it was hovering in front of me,watching its beautiful wings move so fast in speed.I have no hummingbird feeder & I live in Texas where its hott,but I never had a hummingbird fly up to my face,then take off after we notice each other.what does this mean or meaning.it was a beautiful experience

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      What a great story, Laura! I’m amazed every day by the encounters shared, yours included! Your hummingbird visit was your chance to open your heart to another in a way that was safe and unconditional. It felt incredible, didn’t it! Here is a part of it that is key: you chose to question your experience, searched and found HummingbirdShaman.com. Then you asked! Hummingbirds have such wonderful energy, they love the energy of the soul, and love. What you felt was a reflection of your own soul energy, and on some level beyond your human consciousness you chose to seek out an opportunity to experience that part of you, and connect in a way that you wouldn’t overlook or forget. I see you have plans for experiencing more of your soul-self, too. What a great adventure! Lucky hummingbird to be a part of your day!

  3. kim says:

    Sitting on the the porch in the woods, no feeders, a beautiful humming bird flies right at my face, straight on, and looked right at me for a few seconds. Th at was very cool. Well a few minutes later he came from the side and swooped my head the way you would think a bat would. Freaky. Why did this happen?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Kim,
      Hummingbirds are always on the lookout, I see them hiding in trees watching their domain. It looks like this hummingbird was indeed looking for food, perhaps attracted by colors. Why no feeder? It’s easy to make the sugar water. Yes it can we a little unnerving to have that buzzing by your ear, too! So what’s up with you, are you opening up with questions, looking for some answers? It could be more than just a little sugar water that attracted this hummingbird to hang around!

  4. Holly says:

    Hello and thank you for your information! I have been going through a “darker” period for a few years now and have days where I am quite down. The last few years have been filled to the brim with seemingly “random” animal visitations and many other meta things, but I encounter hawks the most. No matter where we have lived or what side of town I am on, or what I am doing, I am often visited by hawks. The past couple weeks I have seen thenormal hawks, but hummingbirds have been flying around me as well. Earlier this morning I was feeling particularly down and sat outside to release and get some fresh air. As I was trying to calm myself a hummingbird came right up in front of my face.
    I thought it was going to fly right into me! It hovered right in front of me for a few seconds but it seemed like much longer. I was in awe because I have never been so close to a hummingbird enough to clearly see its face and color markings. I gasped and then it calmly flew away. When I got up to go back inside I felt comforted and a little lighter. Grateful. :o)

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Holly! Yes hummingbirds have a great way of making people feel better. I like the words you used: comforted and a little lighter. I wish you well with your healing process.

  5. Esmeralda Vara says:

    Good morning,indeed!!!
    As I sat on my porch earlier this morning,a day after my 42nd birthday…I couldn’t help but notice a beautiful humming bird flying around my car.After that it flew towards me,I was stunned left speechless.Felt at peace feeling overcome me.As it buzzed by my left ear.Then a few minutes later,it came back this time circling me as I screamed thinking it would poke me.But I suddenly felt no fear,as I watched it making the buzzing sound from its wings…that it was so gorgeous and delicate frame.What an awesome experience I just encountered.I have no feeders,but now I’m going to set some out on my porch.I have truly come to respect this lil creature of God – and so I will feed it.I feel at peace now that I’ve been through so much lately!! God is good.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thanks Esmeralda, Great story! So glad that this little hummingbird was able to help you!

      For the feeder, it’s easy to mix sugar water, just don’t use mixes with color as it’s thought that the dye is harmful to hummingbirds.

  6. Alicia says:

    Hi, I’m going through a hard time right now. My mom is in the hospital not doing so good. So as I’m standing outside praying a humming bird comes flying close to my face made his little chirping noise a left. What would this mean?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Alicia,
      Prayers from me as well for comfort and support for your mom. The hummingbird came as a sign that your prayers are heard, and support is offered.
      God bless,

  7. Harold says:

    I béen wanting to get my cdl to provide a better life for my family. My wife is the only one working as of now. And i want to recieve a gd good paying job. But at times i get down and feel what im gonna do. So this morning as i open my window blinds here came a hummingbird flew to my window and stared at me and flew away. What does it mean?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Harold,
      Sounds like a “wake up call” to me. Two things stand out as the message for you. First, I see the opening of the blinds: let others see you! Not for your perceived “situations” but who you are as a soul, and what you have to offer. That can be a challenging but big step for any of us. Another thing I saw was stagnant air, and dust. Time to free yourself from some routines and habits, and lighten up your energy.

      Thanks to that tiny but powerful warrior hummingbird for speaking to you, face to face. Hmmm.. sounds like we’ll be revisiting being face to face again in the near future!

      Thanks for sharing your story, Harold!

  8. spankys dad says:

    on friday my best friend ever my dog passed away in surgery as i sat outside my moms house on the porch with head down greiving thinking of my buddy noing he is in a better place now i hear a buzzig noise so i look up and see a humming bird two feet away from me was this a sign from my best friend ever telling me yes its ok am in a better place now and am not suffering

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      So sorry to hear of your dog passing. I certainly understand the pain of that loss, having my own best friend pass 9 years ago. She is still with me, in spirit. It’s true, the suffering has ended, but the joy of life experience, and you sharing your world with your friend was a bit part of that joy. So glad you recognized the hummingbird sign, they make such wonderful messengers!

  9. Brenda says:

    Hi my name is Brenda, and I just had my first hummingbird experience. I just now few minutes ago took out my dogs outside the house and I was standing in front of a tree when I heard a buzzing noise so I looked around until I saw a humming bird it was hovering right in front of me for a second I thought it was looking at me and I was mesmerized by it. It when the up and down but always in front of me until it flew away. I got chills just by looking at it, it was beautiful.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Brenda,
      What a great hummingbird experience! Looks like you have some emotions to release, hummingbirds can be very helpful in energy shifts. What fun to have a hummingbird linger so long! They have appeared outside my window during as counseling session call during the time my client is making a big shift. As soon as the shift takes place the hummingbird leaves. Yes they can be mesmerizing, there is a great energy shift that takes place in that moment. What a blessing.

  10. Bill Hafer says:

    One day I was sitting on my porch of my summer home in the woods by the water when all nature got crazy. The first thing I hear was a bumbling sound and thought it was a wood bee since they fly around a lot. So I looked up and saw a Hummingbird look me right in the eyes for about 10 seconds and It was only an arms reach away then it flew not to far away and within seconds another one come up to me and did the exact same thing and I noticed the other one still watching from about 30 feet away. Well, then it flew off and joined the first and played among the trees with so many other types of birds that were doing the same but not flying in my face. There was cardinals, robins, blue jays, woodpeckers, and then a groundhog come right up on the porch and looked at me, I thought it was going to bite me but it didn’t stay as long as the birds maybe 3 seconds. I noticed in the background that nature was going crazy, squirrels running and flipping through the trees across the ground, in the far a pair of doves walking together down the road about 50 feet from the porch. After a few minutes as things started to chill a single Quail all by its self-comes walking up the road like it was lost and it totally took all my attention cause I remember seeing that kind of bird when I was a kid but trying to figure out in my head what it was. It was a Quail and I think it was a female cause it wasn’t as pretty the males I saw growing up. Anyway, it walked real slow and would walk and stop and look around and continued like it was lost for at least 6 or 7 minutes until it got over the hill. At this time I was in shock of mother nature putting on a show for me and the first thing you do is look up at the sky and Thank God and ask what that all about. Then a couple minutes after the show had left I went in to get a soda or something and come out and Bamm a Beautiful Buck deer come walking down the hill all by itself like the Quail went up the hill. Very slowly and no worries then walked into the woods just through the way. Now this is all for real, actually, the hummingbirds scared me a little bit cause their eyes were so dark like they had no soul so I know where people get that from. But they have a tremendous soul as I watched them all play together. So what should one think, what does this mean?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Great story, Bill! So many of our co-inhabiters appearing in your “nature show”. Really resets your brain, your energy, doesn’t it? What does it mean? Oh, volumes could be written about meaning. I am offered, on a soul level, one simple phrase that I have shared with others for years now. “Spirit will prevail”. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Nikki Marconi says:

    Good morning I am still going to subscribed hummingbird just flew up inches from my face I had just finished saying my prayers that in the garden and off alarm three months after terrible illness after caring for her I’m trying so hard to make her better and feeling a little later if this was just magic… I have always loved nature and believe in Animal totems…but this little soul lifted my heart..and somehow I knew my shift to less sadness was not a sign of forgetting my mom…but remembering me..it was a great comfort…today I’m having my very first psychic reading…maybe she will speak to me from heaven??

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Nikki,
      Sorry to hear about your mom. It can be so challenging dealing with the grief and trying to bring your life back in order. I agree, letting go of the sadness is certainly not forgetting your mom, many people get stuck in those concepts. You really can embrace the joy and love you have for your mom. Talk to your sadness, those emotions are part of your path and you want to benefit, spiritually. This is something I often support when working with clients.

      I hope your reading went well!


  12. Nikki Marconi says:

    Sorry lost my mom not alarm…iPad very wonky right now…?

  13. Mary J says:

    Hummingbird Shaman,
    I have been blessed with a mother hummingbird creating its nest by my front door. It created a nest on one of the branches of my schfflera plant. I discovered that she had two eggs in the nest on April 30th. The eggs hatched on May 17th. Their presence have been giving me so much joy and peace in my heart. I took pictures of them every single day and documented their progress. It was a joy watching them grow from babies into adulthood. The babies came out of their nest last night and it was such a beautiful scene watching them fly out of their nest for the very first time. They were bouncing from wall to wall, to the ground.. practicing how to fly.
    They were still on the plant when I woke up this morning; both babies on the braches, mommy hummingbird hovering around the plant as if she was communicating with them. When I came home this morning, one of the hummers was sitting on the branch. It was the smaller hummer which I named Bella. I kept looking for the other hummer (Jude) but I could not find him. I felt like it was her way of saying goodbye. After a few minutes she few away by my bedroom window. And shortly after that, mommy hummingbird came hovering in front of me, staring at me and flew away.

    Now as I am writing you this, I kept checking on them and they are not there on their nest or on the plant. I don’t know if they are every coming back. I feel like there is a hole in my heart. They are gone.

    What is this all mean? My friends tell me this story is almost ike magical. On the day that I discovered them, I was feeling a little down and I was praying to Jesus to show me a sign that the things that had been praying for, will be granted. Then all of a sudden I saw the hummingbird by my front door. I was so overwhelmed that I thought it is a sign from GOD. This story is amazing and I will cherish it for the rest of my life.
    Pls. give me any input on what this all mean.

    Thank You and More Blessings,
    Mary J

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello MJ,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story! I totally understand how you feel about these precious creatures. You were certainly blessed with the location of the nest and opportunity to see them grow. Remember, those that come into our lives are sometimes there for only a moment, but that moment can be filled with such love and recognition of spirit. You really do open your heart and give so freely, and you do so respectfully. I feel that hummingbirds do sense the energy around them, they are not taught to shut down and “buy into illusions” like people. People may feel superior to the rest of nature, but nature continue to shock so many back into their spiritual roots, even through the appearance of an innocent little hummingbird.

      Thank you again for sharing your story, you are a blessing to us all.
      God bless,

  14. Patricia says:

    I was feeling really down, thing were really bad in my life. One morning I was sitting outside smoking my first cigarette and an hummingbird flu right in front of my face and set there for like 30 seconds! I just thought it was a wonderful thing. The next morning same thing. This time I made the connection with my departed son, his nick name was “uccellino” (little bird in Italian) and I though ” that’s my son telling me things will be alright!!!! After I made that connection the hummingbird didn’t come back…..

  15. kk says:

    I have been having horrible panic attacks lately… within one month, as i go outside feeling overwhelmed and taking a deep breath, 2 separate hummingbirds hovered right in front of my face. 2 separate occasions. It is so crazy. Afterwards, i feel so taken aback, that i forget my anxiety. I don’t know what the meaning is, but i think there is a lot we do not know. Animals are amazing creatures. This is a sign for me to chill out and enjoy the beauty of life and all i have been given.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi KK, funny how such a tiny creature can reset a big smart human, huh? 🙂 Yup, nice sign. Maybe give some focus to getting more exercise, remove some of your food-based stresses, and try some “adaptogen” foods and teas. Add some things in your day that will amuse you in a surprising way. We’re all so gifted, but can forget to gift ourselves! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thanks for your share, kk! Spot on!!!

  16. Sara says:

    I just walked outside and a hummingbird flew so close to my face as though to kiss me on my cheek. It is 11 years ago today that my Mom was called to heaven and I still miss her dearly. I thought about and dreamt of my Mom last night. I believe the hummingbird was a message from my Mom to not worry about her anymore and just be happy ! My Mom’s way of throwing me a kiss from heaven and showing me she is always watching over me. My Mom was always enlightened by hummingbirds and roadrunners. Both of which are not usually seen where I currently am staying. Mom’s are extra special and will always be part of your life even if they can not hug you anymore, their spirit finds a way to touch your heart to let you know they are still around you!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Sara, I really do see your love for your mom, and the connection that you continue to have in the physical and spiritual worlds (as if there is any separation!!). What a great reminder of the support and love that animates the soul!!


  17. Wendi says:

    My hummingbird encounter happened in the morning as I was drinking coffee sitting on my front porch. I was enjoying the sights and sounds of the beauty in my surroundings when I noticed the hummingbird at the hedge a couple feet in front of me and I was fillled with joy. Suddenly he flew inches in front of my face and looked right into my eyes. I was somewhat startled by how close he got to me and I even spilled a little of my coffee however I felt like it was a spiritual encounter. I will never forget the experience. Meaning??

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Welcome to the world of the soul, Wendi! Not your first time, though, but a good reconnect in a fun and profound way! That energy you felt is real, keep it in focus as a way to heal yourself and stay real. You will have times coming up in the upcoming months that will be challenging, just stay grounded and not buy into the stories of the moment. AKA don’t let any moment tell you who you are, you are bigger than any moment in your life. Great share! Thank you!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Wendi! Nice encounter! You know, sometimes the most profound and enriching experiences we have are the simplest ones. I see the point of it was that your energy was at peace, and receptive. Nice to get that hummingbird buzz!! 🙂

  18. Deidra says:

    I saw two hummingbirds today, one flew right by my face and the other did too but then it landed on a tree and was STILL!! NO wings flapping or anything, then i blinked and it started flying above the tree in front of my house, what does this mean?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Deidra, it means life exists in your world! Looks like you are seeking out signs outside the electronic, reality show world we’ve been inundated with over so many years. Good call to look outside the “broadcast” frequencies and find something real.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Deidra! The hummingbirds in my life, whether at home or elsewhere, show themselves as a message. Sometimes it is just “hello, I see you”, and sometimes it’s as bold as “refill the feeders, please!!!”. For you I see it as a sign to acknowledge that you can be accepted for your being a part of this world, the first step before you focus before you focus on what you give to the world. Filling the hummingbird feeders is a nice step in what you give, very playfully stated by the hummers. No food coloring, please.

  19. Don says:

    I recently lost my dog of 12 years, been sad but knowing she’s not in pain. The last 3days have been hard for me cause I’m missing my dog and memories of her makes me cry. Well this morning I was sitting in garage and a hummingbird flies in arms distance from my face and stays there looking at me with eye contact we look at each other for maybe a good solid minute it was so amazing and awesome. What could this mean.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Don,
      Birds have been identified as messengers, with their ability to fly “to the heavens”. On many occasions I have seen messengers in birds, even a leaf remaining on a tree through the winter. Sorry to hear about your dog passing, she’s still there in spirit and learning to process her life and experience (and the love shared) on a whole new level. She’s sharing with you.
      God bless,

  20. We’ve been feeding hummingbirds for years, and a number of remarkable interactions have occurred. When there’s one in front of our faces, whatever it’s about, the experience is always uplifting. And I sense that the few who do it are on the same wave-length. Sometimes one will come right into our third floor apartment, so we just wait until it finds its own way out, which is usually just a few seconds if left alone quietly to figure it out.. I think they just get curious about the “peculiar tree” we live in.”

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Hamilton,
      What a cool story! So nice that the hummingbirds fly into your house, very kind that you let them be. I used to help hummingbirds find their way out of a boathouse in my early teens. Funny, the “peculiar tree” – yes I wonder what they make of it all. I think you are right on the wavelength, our soul’s operate at a higher vibration than the body levels, but we have a wide spectrum to work with. Energy also is perceived as colors, or can be interpreted in that way. Hummingbirds are always on the lookout for a new flower and all that sweet nectar! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Iva says:

    hi Kavi, I was teaching English online in my room and saw two hummingbirds getting my attention, flying towards the windows, looking at me. One was communicating with me: standing on the chair next to the window, looking at me, flying up and down, trying to fly in my room, but there was a blue curtain standing it his way. The other humming bird was his company, flying in the backdrop, few centimeters away. What could it mean? ( I was having a particularly good class, where I was really on a roll). It was a magnificent experience looking at them talk to me, I was breathless.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Iva,
      What a nice experience! Have you ever heard the expression “getting out of your own way” when there is such a passion and focus and nothing else seems to exist (in that split second)? It looks like you were in one of those wonderful moments, and the hummingbirds responded to that energy. They love the energy of “recognizing and expressing as a soul”. Years ago, every time I was preparing to leave to teach a class or offer a retreat, the hummingbirds would perch in the tree by my car and talk to me. Pep talk! Glad you enjoyed your pep talk!

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