A Hummingbird Flies Right Up To My Face


“What does it mean when a hummingbird flies right up to my face?”  Hummingbirds come, and hummingbirds go, and life flies by almost as fast as a hummingbird in all its splendor. How often do we see what is happening around us, or take the time to linger in that place of pure enjoyment?  I recollect a day at the park speaking with a sweet older woman who I saw often at the park. When I mentioned the hummingbird fluttering around us she turned to and fro, yet still could not see the hummingbird in motion. I am certain I have my own “visual misses”, when I simply do not give my attention to certain things, particular sounds, and visual cues offered by the world around me. In my world the hummingbird rarely goes by unseen.

Anna's_Hummingbird_henWhat is it about these hummingbirds? There are people who share their stories of treasured individuals who have been in their life, and hummingbirds that appear in a way that seems to be a message from those loved and lost. There are those who share their moments when the burdens of life weigh so heavily on their hearts and leaves us feeling like nothing is within our reach, but then a tiny hummingbird appears to, in a sense, rescue them. This tiny creature conquers even the most powerful of our own hidden feelings and overwhelming thoughts. And even if the mental maze does reappears it resumes with a less impact. Why does this happen, and how? What is that strange invisible line that separates us, what what is that strange invisible web that connects us to the unimaginable?

Alicia’s Hummingbird Story

“Hi, today i was sitting out in the grass with my two parrots in the trees. I saw two humming birds playing tag, and one landed on the branch above my head. the other in another tree. I watched them go back and forth. I got up to get my birds and stood there as one flew right up to my face going left to right. It was beautiful. This is not the first time this has happened. I have had multiple humming birds at different points of time fly right up to my face.

I do have a feeder outside, this is the first occasion where there has been a feeder involved. I do make my own. Any meaning to this?”

A hummingbird flies right up to my face

Is this event when “a hummingbird flies right up to my face” coincidence? Some will say yes. Hummingbirds have no soul, they say, and their tiny little brains cannot fathom the idea of rescuing a heart from despair, or even something as simple as sharing a joyful moment of pure enjoyment. But then such opinions are offered from the mind, not the heart, soul, or the sense of interactivity or love. When someone asks “what does it mean when a hummingbird flies right up to my face” what are they asking about?

It took only a moment to see the thread within Alicia’s story, one of an open heart and a loving space. What a wonderful atmosphere to be a part of and share with others. Who set the stage for this joyful interaction? Was it the person, the one participant with the bigger brain and that broad range of abilities, or was it the birds who created this happy space? Perhaps we have to give credit to both, after all, it is a shared space.

What does it mean when a hummingbird flies right up to my face?

We pick up on moods, and feel a sense of comfort around some people, but not around others. Who’s to say that the world around us does not share the same feelings of trust and live with similar comfort zones? We all have the same sensory system, whether we listen to it or not. Do we go with what we feel on that gut level, or trust that feeling deep within the heart? As people we learn to rationalize, and block out the simple responses like “this feels good”.

Within Alicia’s story the image is clear, that space around her was created for sharing. There was no ego to overwhelm, no agenda. The key ingredient was acceptance, and the emotional wings were empowered by appreciation and love.

What makes this story so special? It is not what is seen, and it is not even the “cast” of players, though the hummingbirds and parrots are wonderful parts of this story. This story is more about the unseen, the undefinable “tone” that says “you’re welcome” in so many ways.

Come back tomorrow for part two of this story of Welcome hummingbirds in your life.

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