Hummingbird Tapping On My Window

It seems unusual, but still there are reports of such a thing, of a hummingbird tapping on a window. I took have seen this, though not often, but when it happens it does capture my attention. Is it a sign, something symbolic, or is there a simple message or request made of us when a hummingbird taps on the window? This is our readers story:

Hummingbird tapping on my window

“There is a tall window next to my desk in my office in southern California. Two weeks ago (March, 2012) I began to hear a slight tapping at the window. I didn’t think very much about it until my friend in the adjacent office told me to look at the hummingbird outside. We observed her flitting from one leafy branch to another so she could position herself for more tapping. She has been a regular guest for me since the first day she arrived. Sometimes other people in the office come to watch and comment.”

“She is always a welcome visitor but I feel sad that she may be hungry, sick, lost or just lonely. I am going to get her a bird feeder this week-end, but I would like to know if you have ever noticed this tapping on the window and what it might mean.”

Hummingbird Morse Code?

The hummingbird rests on a branch and then tap, tap, tap on the window. Maybe it’s some form of morse code? Or is there some hidden purpose or meaning behind the hummingbird tapping on the window? We’re so quick to examine things, come to logical conclusions and knock the tall poppies down to size. What does that mean, about those tall poppies? It’s an Australian phrase, meaning that something or someone that stands out will be knocked down to “ordinary”.

Perhaps there is nothing going with that hummingbird tapping on the window. Maybe it is just a coincidence, maybe that hummingbird is not just hummingbird, maybe it’s a little loony as well. Maybe it’s all our imagination, that’s right. We’re just seeing things, yes we are. Darn good thing that we’re always “seeing things”.

Let’s look at what’s happening when she appears, and you turn your attention to the hummingbird tapping on the window:

  • You pause, become more focused
  • In this relaxed state you are more “in the moment”
  • Your heart rate changes, so does the frequency of your brain
  • You feel calmer, yet alert – what is not even noticed is how happy you are to give your attention in this moment
  • Others gather, share, communicate, and another often-unnoticed event happens – people smiling, connecting in a way that has no room for judgment, roles, criticism, self-chatter or any self consciousness
  • You feel happy for a moment
  • Admitted or not that moment with the hummingbird has changed you, for the better. Call it a mental break or whatever else you want, it’s still a healing.

Hummingbird “morse code”, it may seem silly and it is. I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy the richness of the old-world story, those tales that were once shared within a community or around a campfire. Though those stories were often darkened by their man-made morals, leaving them locked into a certain meaning, they still did one thing that was priceless: they opened minds to new possibilities, new perceptions.

Hummingbird Tapping – Healing the Heart

hummingbird tappingIt feels really great to find a meaning, especially one that sets us up for something special without putting us in the position to be knocked down like one of those tall poppies. But what about a more subtle meaning? Perhaps that bird did appear just for you. Can we prove this? No. Do we need to prove it? You decide, you always will.

I can answer the question about the hummingbird tapping on the window, and in fact I did, but I offer it not as an answer but a question or two.

There are those times in our lives when we feel something unseen but strongly experienced reach out to us. It may be the feeling of someone loved who no longer walks along side us, though we know they are still there, walking with wings. It may be the feeling that our prayers are heard, or that the support we’ve asked for is nearby, surrounding us. It may be feeling the support of your family, or your team. It could even be the feeling that the hummingbird outside the window is there for some purpose other than some crazy little hummingbird tapping on that window.

Gifts do not always come as expected. If we open our eyes.. no our minds.. no silence our minds and open our hearts, something happens within us. Suddenly there is room for us to be there without the pressures of the day or the silent conflict that may have been lingering in the back of our minds. What a great gift and amazing healing. Is it real? Our minds and need for social agreement will often decide for us. But there are times when we do not let our mind silence our heart or our soul. There are those times we reach out and share those tiny moments, times as tiny as the hummingbird, and let that moment be bigger than any of the details it contains. Is it real? You’ve already decided, but in the same sense you’ve created a space for co-existence, bringing something  purely captivating into the everyday word. Nice..

Thank you for sharing your story, John! What a wonderful hummingbird moment!

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