A Hummingbird Nest In My Yard Is It Good Luck?

It is agreed that to see hummingbirds is a delightful thing, and to have them linger and return is even better. Soon enough the personalities of the individual birds can be seen in their behavior, their own watchful eye, and the direction they turn toward as they quickly fly away.

What about hummingbird nests? Just as the hummingbird is such a small bird, their nest is small as well, and often concealed. Occasionally you may be lucky enough to see a hummingbird nest, even in your own yard.

Hummingbird Nests and Good Luck

Is it good luck to find a hummingbird nest? Stories have been told by bird watchers as well as intuitive’s of the hummingbird. Those who seek the delight of seeing a hummingbird in flight, perched on a branch, or tending to its nest consider the sighting to be a stroke of good luck in itself. This would be much like saying that rather than it being a sign of something unknown to come in the near future it is instead saying “luck is here with me now”.

Birds as Omens and Good Luck Symbols

Here’s a little history on what others have decided that the sighting of certain birds really means:

Hummingbird nest

Birds and Luck

In Britain it was once thought that to see a grey Wagtail was good luck since sighting this bird was rare.

As for seeing a crow, it was not always the black coloring of the crow that meant good luck or bad, but the number. In the Superstitions of Essex published in 1839 it was said, “One Crow, bad luck; two Crows, speed; Three Crows, good luck; four, good luck indeed.”

In Somerset the fly-catcher was supposed to bring good luck to the household they frequent, and it was said, “If you scare the fly-catcher away, No good luck will with you stay.”

Legend in Italy tells its own story: They say that running water is lucky, however especially if turbid running water signifies the coming of some material good fortune in the way of money or some other possessions. To dream of climbing a mountain is a good sign, and foretells some blessing, but the descent of a mountain means evil. Flowers growing on the plant signify some happiness coming but if cut off they are apt to mean trouble. Roses growing on the bush are the best sign of anything and mean that our prayers have been granted. All birds bring good luck, and a dove brings some particular spiritual blessing.

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