When Crows Cross Your Path – Intuitive Meaning

Today’s posting focuses on the crow, inspired by a crow who moments ago captured my attention by pausing for a moment on the wires outside my house. The crow’s dark feathers made it appear more as a silhouette. I paused as well, remembering my experience the day before with many crows crossing my path.

The tree full of crows as I round the corner, the crows dancing across car roofs in the parking lot, and drive along the empty highway with rows of crows perched on either side, all these interaction with the crows have lead me to ask, “What have I missed?”

When Crows Cross Your Path

when crows cross your path what does it meanCrows have often been seen as bad news, bringing a message that misfortune will strike. In a world in which things “happen to us” and we must take whatever comes our way then yes, we would be watching for signs of what is to be. But we are creative and powerful beneath our day-to-day impression, and we have the ability to choose to accept, struggle within, or to change.

The sighting of a crow could be a sign to turn within and find what is creating the silhouettes within our lives.  Symbols within our lives and sightings that appear to hold meaning are not necessarily offered as a warning. These attention-getting sparks of attention could also be a reminder of something left behind, or a possibility that lies just beneath the surface that longs to be awakened.

Crows in a Time of Change

Change happens, and we can choose to wait for events to happen, or we can heed the signs and signals of the change as it grows into tomorrow. Whether it is a crow in our path or a gut-level feeling, we can use those messages as an opportunity to ease our way into our ever-changing next step in life.

When Crows Cross Your Path – Intuitive Meaning © 2011 IntuitiveMeaning.com. AuthorEstee Taschereau is a metaphysical writer and clairvoyant counselor, guiding individuals to interpret the messages from their soul and higher self, and understand their own purpose and meaning.

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