That Hummingbird Moment When We Know It’s Going To Be Okay

Our language is amazing in that a simple four-letter word like “okay” can mean something is “just acceptable, I guess” but can also mean a longed-for release into the comfort of support and guidance. “It’s Okay” can mean that we are letting go, giving up the struggle, stepping outside of the worries, and trusting that we have done everything we can to make what comes next be for the best, and it can be that time that we stop kneading and molding and give our creation to the one who gives us breath.

Hummingbird Moments – Confirmation of What We Believe

One aspect of the soul-level insight sessions that I offer is that so often the person I am reading leans forward, fully engaged in the words, and says, “I know”, yet it’s only in that moment that the words make sense. We are spirit, capable beings who are here to live the day-to-day life under a veil of unexpected and unseen so we can practice the art of living, but deep down we feel it long before we can turn passion and purpose into words.

As I typed I actually stumbled on the spelling of the word “veil”. What a simple little word, yet my mind just couldn’t get it right. I tried a few variations in the dictionary to find the right spelling. What I found was the old-world spelling: vail. It means “To take one’s hat off to” as a show of respect, taking a meek approach. The way I see it in this word we transcend above the mediocre “okay” to the higher power of “it’s Okay”. My error or failure to spell was never a mistake, only a bridge to finding something I needed as a part of my story.

Here we are, living in this great big world taking it one step at a time, we live within the veil yet we honor those times when we lift the veil to reveal the subtle force and influence that connects us. Thank’s Debbie for sharing your story, I take my hat off to you.

Debbie’s Hummingbird Story – Knowing It’s Going to Be Okay

“Hello respected hummingbird lovers:
I’ve always been fascinated with hummingbirds appearing (or so it has seemed like) at pivotal moments in my cries out in turning things over to God. Especially in spiritual confusion in dealing with some personal life challenges. Presently I am tasked with a situation since my father’s passing six months ago, that required presenting to a state department as to why my case is a ‘hardship’ case.  The paperwork was mailed out two days ago and I said a little prayer to myself as the post office clerk placed in its ‘certified’ bin to go. Today is two days after and embarrassed to say I am a smoker, I got up with the worry of the situation.  I typically go out to the back yard to smoke, but turned to the front yard this time, sat down and began to worry about my situation.  I quickly closed my eyes and said to myself “it’s going to be okay and i’m turning it over to you God”.  In that moment I heard the flutter and opened my eyes and to my right and oddly enough next to my Bird of Paradise plant and three feet above it, appeared a beautiful hummingbird as if to say “yes, let it go, its going to be OK”, and he flew away.  I quickly came in to Google what the meaning of hummingbird spiritual beliefs are to some and what i read gave me confirmation of my suspicions and i thought I’d share this nugget with you. thank you.”

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My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.


Hummingbird Shaman

Kavi's greatest love is facilitating the shift from questions into greater joy and understanding. This energy of joyful expression transfers into her many interests: photography, organic, symbiotic gardening, long dog-lead walks, and, of course, bird watching. Ready for a change within your own world? Seeking your own multi-dimensional support and alliance? Healing sessions and transitional support are available by appointment.

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