The Cat Upon My Lap – Together We Shall Journey

How is it that Hummingbird Shaman talks of cats, isn’t that a bit contradictory to talk of one who looks in so predatory a way at our winged friends? There are no cats in my own household, but when I travel and stay with friends along the way I am often sharing space with their cats as well.

Early Morning Sharing

In the early morning, as I sat at the table, thoughtfully writing for future postings I was joined by one of these furred wonders. Soon my lap was occupied, and the purring commenced. I could not help but stop my typing and share in this moment, and I quickly found myself in a whole other world.

Cats are masters in bridging the space between the interactive static of the world and flowing perceptions of the spirit world. They linger for the longest times with an appearance of pure bliss, teaching us that it is not just okay but necessary to live within our divine presence, and yet they freely offer to share this connection at times that they choose.

Why We Connect With Animals

Why do we have pets? They do help us release our stress. They are companions and protectors at times. Our pets accept us for who we are, and encourage us to open our hearts without fear of rejection. With all we are offered by our animal friends we are given so many opportunities to be receptive and live within the receiving role, for a change. This is one of the many times we are able to practice the art of being and sensing both the physical and the spirit working together, something I describe as our ability to “walk with wings”.

Our purr session soon ended, and the cat took a turn to break the bond. A paw, a few claws, and a nip said it all: time to step back into the game and offer an expression of power. No worries, the connection will return another time.

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My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.


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