The Meaning of a Falcon, Spiritually Speaking

The totem spirit of the falcon has come into my inner circle lately, with individuals asking about the symbolic meaning when they see the falcon in their meditation or dreams. Recently as I returned to my host’s home from an afternoon walk a peregrine falcon was spotted on a branch hanging over the house.

Falcon’s are amazingly strong, keen predatory birds, the choice of those who practice falconry. In world war II the falcon was used to intercept carrier pigeons, using its most amazing diving swoop at speeds over 200 mph to incapacitate its target.

What is the meaning of the falcon, spiritually speaking? This bird gives the appearance of being uninterested in our world and the things we consider important. The falcon is far more precise, exerting its great wing power and speed and its striking ability with care, not in a “hit and miss” way.

Another quality that the falcon has that sets it apart from other predatory birds is it’s hooked beak, used for snapping the neck of its prey. Strength with the right tools, quick results.

What meaning could the symbol of the falcon hold in our human world? The precision and directed purpose of its flight makes the falcon a symbol that could carry into both our personal and professional world. We are ineffective when we try to please everyone every time, or when we focus too much on “trying things on for size” instead of making a choice and giving it everything we’ve got.

The falcon, this power animal is a great symbol of what can be achieved when we are committed to our goals.

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The image in this post is the peregrine falcon observed as stated in the story.


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Kavi's greatest love is facilitating the shift from questions into greater joy and understanding. This energy of joyful expression transfers into her many interests: photography, organic, symbiotic gardening, long dog-lead walks, and, of course, bird watching. Ready for a change within your own world? Seeking your own multi-dimensional support and alliance? Healing sessions and transitional support are available by appointment.

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12 Responses

  1. erika says:

    Thank you for this explanation. A baby falcon appeared to me this morning. I thought it was injured so I went over to help it but as soon as I reached out to pick it up it flew high up into a tree. I felt that there was spiritual significance in its visit and the symbolism you presented seems uncannily perfect for where I am in my life right now.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      You’re most welcome, Erika. Thank you for sharing your story, and your most appreciated comments!

      God bless,

  2. piscesgurl84 says:

    I really love this 🙂 I had done a meditation and I seen a falcon. At first I thought it was an Eagle, but, I knew it wasnt. I just had to figure it out! 🙂 Makes sense to me now. Thank you!

  3. Wanda says:

    This morning I was walking my dog and a falcon flew and landed very close to where I was at first I thought it had fell but then it flew to a light pole in front of my house. I had made two prayers asking for some kind of a sign like always. Looking for an answer to my situation for I find alot of feathers all over my yard. Going thru a lot of stress and very tense situation.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Wanda,
      Great falcon story! Falcons, being great hunters and observers, are a powerful reminder of your own problem solving skills. They are strong, but careful in their moves. Sounds like you’re being told to get that “birds eye” perspective, in other words, shifting in your perspective of what you feel is stressful and tense. Staying alert and centered will give you the balance between being falcon strong and falcon aware. It always gets down to balancing, so it seems!

  4. amelia says:

    I was driving in the car with my husband and somehow I see this falcon. I was not sure as to how I noticed him as he blended right with the tree branches. I was wondering if this bird was trying to relay something to me.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Amelia! Patience is the word that comes up. Falcons are powerful, but not always expressing that power. Patience is associated with timing, all things in their own time.

  5. nancy says:

    last night, i dreamt of 5 brown falcons circling up in the sky – as i watched them, one bombdived towards me at high speed and then swooped again.

  6. Letty says:

    My stepdaughter found an injured falcon top of my car what does that mean?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Letty,
      What an unusual thing, to find an injured falcon on the car. On the practical side, call rescue, if you cannot find a number call a vet, or the zoo, or any wildlife center. On the spiritual side, that bird is a sign of transition. Be aware of who you are, your breath and consciousness. Change can be a positive thing, but it also spiral. Take care.

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