The sign of a vulture within your path

What does it mean, to find the sign of a vulture in your path? Is it an omen? No, this totem animal appears on occasion, and can be seen for its gift and reminder, beyond its worldly task. The vulture, in our day and culture, certainly gets a bad rap. Their looks are far from appealing, and their duty turns the head and likely the nose of many. These birds are scavengers, seeking out the remains of bodies no longer inhabited by spirit. Their job is vital to the health and well-being of the living, and supports the dualistic balance of the planet. Life cannot and does not exist without death.

Vulture Watch

During my visits to the Oregon desert I watch the vultures that next nearby. In the morning I see the vultures in the schoolyard, each perched on a fencepost, spreading their wings and warming in the morning sun. In the evening I watch as the vultures round the bend at the end of the road, gliding toward the tall pine trees known to be their home each summer. They seem to float as if suspended motionless in the air. In the branches they appear as darkened shapes, almost haunting in appearance.

Though not the most beautiful of birds the vulture has its place in history. Vultures are found in many ancient texts and symbolism.

The Vulture – a Symbol of Divine Feminine

The vulture is a symbol of the principal female divinity. This bird is found throughout every country where Maya civilization can be traced – Polynesia, Japan, India, Chaldea, Egypt, Greece, and the Peruvian Andes.
Within Egyptian mythology the vulture adorned the headdress of the Goddess Isis, also known as Mau. It was believed that the myth may be traced back to Mayach, for the vulture was the totem of Queen Moo, who’s name means “macaw”. (Augustus Le Plongeon , Queen M’oo and the Egyptian sphinx, Pg 12-14.)

vulturesfencemorningYesterday the vultures flew in great number over the house in which I am staying, circling around as if they were saying, “finish your story, please”. This morning I walked out of the yard, across to the field where they greet the morning to capture a few photos. As I returned I see a small vulture feather in my path. “Finish your story, please”.

The Meaning of Seeing a Vulture

Everything in this world has its purpose, including the vultures nesting down the road. Vultures do not necessarily mean death, and we need not look at them as dark or gloomy. They show us a quiet grace, and help us to transition with that same grace. Look for the sign of a vulture in your path, it may be a happy moment and a sign of change.

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