Hummingbird Encounters and Hidden Meaning

Is it possible that a hummingbird encounter can have some special or hidden meaning? Recently I received this email from a reader who asked about her own encounters and the hidden meaning. This reprint is by permission:

hummingbird encounters and hidden meaning“I was looking on the internet tonight trying to get an idea of the symbolism of my hummingbird experience. I came across your site and wondered if you’d have any input on this. Here is my hummingbird story:

When our baby passed away, I had the ultrasound in the morning confirming the death, that afternoon I went for the acupuncture that induced me. I was in a haze that whole day. Felt like I was floating. I was in the van by myself, my Mom had come to help me care for the boys, and I was leaving our street on the way to acupuncture. It was on January 26th. As I was stopped at the stop sign as I was leaving our street a hummingbird flew down and sat on my windshield before I turned. It shocked me and I noted it. It was very odd. You don’t see many hummingbirds in January in Oregon.

Yesterday I was out for a run and I thought about that hummingbird. It was still there in my head. I thought about how I haven’t seen a hummingbird since that day.

Today my three sons and I were getting ready to leave for the library and a hummingbird actually flew into our house! It took me about 20 minutes to catch it in our butterfly net but can you believe it, a hummingbird flew into my house one day after I “asked” to see a hummingbird.

I was just wondering if you could see any symbolism in this?”

Thank you,

Hello Jill,
While we are all sad at the loss of your child, there is so much beauty in the insights you have shared. The hummingbird gives us connectivity between the spiritual plane and our worldly experiences. I often take walks and am greeted by the hummingbird. Sometimes they watch me in silence, sometimes they share their wisdom through symbolic images shown at the soul level, and sometimes they give a healing hello that is so powerful it feels like I am standing in a wind tunnel of love. Yes, there is so much that can be fit within a hummingbird encounter, and yes there can be hidden meaning.

You have some amazing examples of the support of our spiritual presence. I’ve not heard of such a creative example as your windshield story! Yes, there are some hummingbirds that stay year-round along the coast. I am in the Seattle area, and have two that live with me year-round. During our unusual hard snow I was replacing feeders 2-3 x/day to keep them thawed.

Your story comes at a surprising time, during a visit with Kaye, my teaching partner for an event called the Healing Drum Retreat. I read your story to her, and she asked me if she could take a part in the response by sharing her own story:

“Your story reminds me so much of my own experience with Bruce and a red tailed hawk. When Bruce passed all of the sudden three red tailed hawks began circling above my house. Now, whenever I think of Bruce, in that spiritual connectivity, the red tailed hawks appear near my home, on the road, wherever. They are there to help me with the sadness, to understand that the person I grieve for is alive in the spiritual plane and within my heart. I don’t feel like I am alone in my thoughts and feelings, the hawks always appears when I need it.”

Hummingbird Encounters and Hidden Meaning

My own spiritual Metavisionary perspective on Jill’s experience goes like this:

The first time is more of an awakening, the second is the opportunity to open your heart and accept the healing. The bird came not just to your house, but inside. You faced with experience with a gentle approach in catching and releasing the bird without harming it. This reflects your own personal healing journey, to face your own experiences with grace.

You remind me of my own experience in my teen years when I rescued many a hummingbird as they frantically tried to escape through the boathouse windows, catching them in a fishing net and carrying them outside. This hummingbird was willing to risk its own precious life to help you in your journey, but there was no other option, we do what we must do without thought of our own wellbeing. The first hummingbird came to awaken and heal you so you could drive home safely. The second came to give you opportunity to give back. Beautiful!

Thank you again, Jill, for sharing your heart-felt story. Much love to you and your circle.

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hummingbird encounters and hidden meaning


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