Hummingbird Encounters and Hidden Meaning

Is it possible that a hummingbird encounter can have some special or hidden meaning? Recently I received this email from a reader who asked about her own encounters and the hidden meaning. This reprint is by permission:

hummingbird encounters and hidden meaning“I was looking on the internet tonight trying to get an idea of the symbolism of my hummingbird experience. I came across your site and wondered if you’d have any input on this. Here is my hummingbird story:

When our baby passed away, I had the ultrasound in the morning confirming the death, that afternoon I went for the acupuncture that induced me. I was in a haze that whole day. Felt like I was floating. I was in the van by myself, my Mom had come to help me care for the boys, and I was leaving our street on the way to acupuncture. It was on January 26th. As I was stopped at the stop sign as I was leaving our street a hummingbird flew down and sat on my windshield before I turned. It shocked me and I noted it. It was very odd. You don’t see many hummingbirds in January in Oregon.

Yesterday I was out for a run and I thought about that hummingbird. It was still there in my head. I thought about how I haven’t seen a hummingbird since that day.

Today my three sons and I were getting ready to leave for the library and a hummingbird actually flew into our house! It took me about 20 minutes to catch it in our butterfly net but can you believe it, a hummingbird flew into my house one day after I “asked” to see a hummingbird.

I was just wondering if you could see any symbolism in this?”

Thank you,

Hello Jill,
While we are all sad at the loss of your child, there is so much beauty in the insights you have shared. The hummingbird gives us connectivity between the spiritual plane and our worldly experiences. I often take walks and am greeted by the hummingbird. Sometimes they watch me in silence, sometimes they share their wisdom through symbolic images shown at the soul level, and sometimes they give a healing hello that is so powerful it feels like I am standing in a wind tunnel of love. Yes, there is so much that can be fit within a hummingbird encounter, and yes there can be hidden meaning.

You have some amazing examples of the support of our spiritual presence. I’ve not heard of such a creative example as your windshield story! Yes, there are some hummingbirds that stay year-round along the coast. I am in the Seattle area, and have two that live with me year-round. During our unusual hard snow I was replacing feeders 2-3 x/day to keep them thawed.

Your story comes at a surprising time, during a visit with Kaye, my teaching partner for an event called the Healing Drum Retreat. I read your story to her, and she asked me if she could take a part in the response by sharing her own story:

“Your story reminds me so much of my own experience with Bruce and a red tailed hawk. When Bruce passed all of the sudden three red tailed hawks began circling above my house. Now, whenever I think of Bruce, in that spiritual connectivity, the red tailed hawks appear near my home, on the road, wherever. They are there to help me with the sadness, to understand that the person I grieve for is alive in the spiritual plane and within my heart. I don’t feel like I am alone in my thoughts and feelings, the hawks always appears when I need it.”

Hummingbird Encounters and Hidden Meaning

My own spiritual Metavisionary perspective on Jill’s experience goes like this:

The first time is more of an awakening, the second is the opportunity to open your heart and accept the healing. The bird came not just to your house, but inside. You faced with experience with a gentle approach in catching and releasing the bird without harming it. This reflects your own personal healing journey, to face your own experiences with grace.

You remind me of my own experience in my teen years when I rescued many a hummingbird as they frantically tried to escape through the boathouse windows, catching them in a fishing net and carrying them outside. This hummingbird was willing to risk its own precious life to help you in your journey, but there was no other option, we do what we must do without thought of our own wellbeing. The first hummingbird came to awaken and heal you so you could drive home safely. The second came to give you opportunity to give back. Beautiful!

Thank you again, Jill, for sharing your heart-felt story. Much love to you and your circle.

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My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.

hummingbird encounters and hidden meaning


Hummingbird Shaman

Kavi's greatest love is facilitating the shift from questions into greater joy and understanding. This energy of joyful expression transfers into her many interests: photography, organic, symbiotic gardening, long dog-lead walks, and, of course, bird watching. Ready for a change within your own world? Seeking your own multi-dimensional support and alliance? Healing sessions and transitional support are available by appointment.

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189 Responses

    • Anjelica Warren says:

      My Family and I are visited everyday by a hummingbird. It flys close to our front glass door for a few seconds as if to be looking inside. We Love it and look forward to seeing it everyday! Any meaning to this? Thank you

      • Hummingbird Shaman says:

        Hi Anjelica, thanks for sharing your story! Hummingbirds are always on the lookout for colors, and reflections in windows can cause them to pause to see if there are flowers nearby. That said, hummingbirds know their territory – even knowing how often they can feed from different sources. This year I spotted a hummingbird sampling the blooms on a cherry tree – unusual. Let’s step outside of the “logical” explanations. There are times when a hummingbird is attracted to energy, spirit. I’ve had hummingbirds perch outside a window during a healing release as I guide my clients over the phone. Once the release is complete the hummingbird leaves. Hummingbirds help to guide us back into a state of joy, which happens easily and naturally in their presence. One of the younger in your household is of interest.

        Thanks again for sharing!

        • Tomas Barreto says:

          This afternoon I was standing in my garage at home (I had just wiped down my car) and was putting the absorber towel away when I heard the familiar chirp of a hummingbird, heard his hovering wings nearby and then suddenly felt the rapid flapping of his wings against the back of my neck! I stood motionless and let him complete his task but I am certain that this visit was purposeful-almost as if he was cleansing and blessing me. What a fantastic experience. What do you think? Thank you.

          • Hummingbird Shaman says:

            Thanks for sharing your story, Tomas! Most of the time hummingbird encounters are face-to-face. In your case, this hummingbird came up behind you, feeling your presence as much as you felt the hummingbird’s presence! Usually when there is something pointed out in the back, it references the past. I don’t see anything negative about it, nothing that says “this needs to be fixed”. Looks like you feel pretty good about how you apply yourself in life. Looks like a “hello” and blessing for you. I had a similar one yesterday. My alpha hummingbird landed in a most unusual place, showing his bright red neck and chest, blazing bright, facing directly at me. I said hello, and he zipped away. It’s so wonderful to share those blessings and appreciation!

  1. Gary Green says:

    Theres so little out there about Shamans, but thankfully this site does cover it.

  2. Mandee says:

    This morning I saw a hummingbird stop three times on the same branch. I saw this 3 weeks before as well on the same branch. Is there any meaning to this?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      There are two things happening: first the hummingbird repeatedly shows itself to you, and second you turned your awareness to see it and bring meaning to the event. Hummingbirds are great at awakening us and helping us reset our mind from the chatter to greater presence. Nice!

  3. Gwendale Boyd-Willis says:

    Today at around 10am I was visited by a hummingbird on my balcony as I was throwing bread out for the birds. I was so amazed and in awe to see it! It just stared at me and flew up to me in hands reach and I just stared back at it. Then it flew away. It brought me geart joy & peace on the inside & I came back in to look up the significance of the hummingbird. The encounter truly BLESSED me! I will never forget it long as I live!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      What a wonderful story! He came to you to show you that you are seen and watched over. They are great guardians, and appreciate those who care for others (such as the birds). Do you have a hummingbird feeder? Might be a nice addition if its not in the sun (the sun makes the food go rancid quickly).

      Congratulations on your hummingbird visit! More to come!

    • Matana Banks says:

      My first encounter with my hummingbird was on my back porch. Just enjoying the sun outside then all of a sudden the hummingbird appeared right in front on me in hands reach, I was so scared but I could not get up to run back into the house lol. Once the hummingbird left I came into the house feeling very strange from that encounter but was suddenly at peace to what was going on at that time. Now just the other day I was sitting at my office desk where there is a window for view, there goes the hummingbird again and again at that time I was worrying about some things then and after that encounter was back at peace. I love this experience with this hummingbird, I have been researching trying to get answers!!!!

      • Hello Matana,
        Thank you for sharing your story! Yes it can be a bit unnerving to have a hummingbird hovering so close, especially when it’s clearly watching you! Hummingbirds are attracted to energy. I have seen them appear outside my window while on the phone with someone who is ready for a major release, and the hummingbird is there to support, leaving as soon as the energy clears. They appear as support, or a simple love-filled greeting. It looks like you have your answer, even if it doesn’t fit in the logical way of life. I see you moving your energy out in front of you, looking for recognition of yourself. The only problem is that it’s difficult to have much awareness “in the body” when you move outside of it to create the experience. Many of us do that. Looks like the hummingbird let’s you have that magical experience by setting a boundary for you, letting you have that peaceful experience in the body. I hadn’t seen it that way before, thanks for letting me get a glimpse!! Glad you are enjoying and benefitting from those hummingbird visits!


  4. Beth says:

    I have been getting Raiki and consciousness calibrations (Applied Kinesiology) from my chiropractor and guru. He is an enlightened being at 788 if you are familiar with Power Vs. Force level of consciousness calibrations. I have been going through a difficult grieving time after my true love broke up with me. She loves me but can’t come out of the closet to old friends and family. I have been devistated for 3 months now, crying, praying and meditating, doing visualizations filing my chakras with healing light and sending it to my fearful ex. When he calibrated us both at 333 each, and the relationship also calibrated at 333, it was an uncanny set of numbers. I have tried to share a bit by email with my love, but I know she is on her own journey and may not be a vibrational match to this info, since she’s in such denial.

    This last Friday, when my Raiki started, my guru looked up and saw a hummingbird through the window. He said that was a good sign. Just wondering if it is validation that we will be back together when she can come out? What do you make of this statement he made and seeing a hummingbird through the window? I must admit, I was on the edge of suicidal when I saw him, and he had to talk me “up” from it. Said we don’t come back if we end it oursleves. he said i wasn’t alone(I have no family) because of so many spirit guides as he looked around my head. What do you think? Much love, Beth

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hummingbirds are always a good sign, but they can mean many different things. Focus on setting parameters for yourself, not rigid but clear.

  5. rebecca says:

    I recently had a visit from an old boyfriend whom I have not seen in years. A very difficult personality; brilliant, resourceful, and creative; yet critical, disapproving, and emotionally abusive. I have always loved him, but feared being in his presence. I have moved some distance from him and he asked if he could visit en route to another destination. He arrived and lapsed back into his cold, disapproving manner within a day. While I have struggled to maintain compassion and dissolve judgment, at the same time I would shine the light of discernment of personality features (psychologist by occupation)to protect from the impending insult. I have not been able to integrate this and I just woke up this morning and realized that I can genuinely love this person just as he is without making a case against him or attempting to defend his flaws in order to feel kindness, while at the same time disallowing his destructive behavior access to my spirit. The generalization of this idea; loving someone just the way they are, looking at the reality of their behavior and realizing that with an easily set boundary, walls built from the illusion of fear can be opened and judgment is no longer even necessary. Within five minutes of this organization of thought, a hummingbird came to my window eye-level and hovered for some seconds before darting away. I am sure they are common to this area, but this is the first one that I have seen in the year that I have lived here. It seemed to mark a milestone for me.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thank you Rebecca, what an awesome realization for you! Yes, they show up in the most important times, in major shifts within our lives. Our ability to be strong is not related to size, the hummingbird shows us this truth.

  6. rebecca says:

    I have had consistent encounters with hummingbirds. For years now, after saving a baby that had fallen from its nest, not being able to take it to sanctuary, we nursed it to adulthood and eventually left. Yet it returned to our home for many years. I have since moved and live between two very different cities. I was out running in San Francisco and a hummingbird came to me while I was running along the embarcadero. Very unusual. I have a new home in Tennessee and have had a hummingbird come to my window the other day and tonight found one in my garage. My son found it and said “mom, you have another hummingbird, this must be the fifth one!”. What does this mean? I love these fragile, yet so strong creatures. I am only hoping this one will survive the night in the garage and will return home in the morning.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Great story, Rebecca!
      The hummingbird spirit realm longs for you to see yourself through those same eyes that you see them – as special and precious! Ready for the twist? You are already half way there, having created a special place that they are able to reach you.

      I used to rescue hummingbirds that would become trapped in a boathouse – how many times did I catch one and release them back into the wild – I cannot count that high! Is this a part of my current relationship with these wonderful creatures? The answer has to be yes. I did not ask to be in the role of hummingbird shaman, they came to me, and I listened. Though I have been a spiritual counselor for (yikes!) 30 years it is in the past 5 years that the hummingbird presence and message has come to light (or from the light). I had hummingbird feeders in the years prior, without visit or sighting. Once I returned to my own focus on my divine being the hummingbirds of my teen years returned. Great things are in our world, but we have to be open to receive them. The part we play is accepting ourselves, to be within, then it becomes safe for the sacred, special parts of our world to reveal themselves.

  7. Lisa-Marie says:

    I am curious about any insights you could offer me. Sometime last month, I was washing dishes and looked out the window in front of me to see a large, gorgeous hummingbird drinking from bright red flowers. I was astonished and delighted, having never seen a hummingbird in our yard before. It stayed there hovering and drinking from the flowers for quite a long time. This felt like a gift.

    Last night I was giving reiki in a reiki share with several other people. I saw a hummingbird in my minds’ eye as I was giving reiki to the first receiver. While I enjoyed this image, it didn’t capture my attention that much–until I kept seeing a hummingbird with each person I worked on. I was not expecting this. The specifics varied, but impressions I received from the hummingbird were variations on letting go of mind chatter, being present, and on joy, healing, and beauty. Overall was a feeling of peace and beauty. I would appreciate any comments you might have.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Great story!
      The marvelous thing about the hummingbird is that they are so often there, but stay hidden from the world. They present themselves as they choose. When people tell me of hummingbird visions I see what they are doing is shifting their consciousness in a way that brings recognition and honor to their soul or spirit level. Fabulous! Please update us again on your Reiki healing and hummingbird visits!

  8. Pam says:

    I seldom see hummingbirds. Four months ago my beloved dog passed and today I have been feeling disconnected. I asked him to give me a sign that we are still connected and okay. Minutes later, as I began my morning walk, a large, colorful hummingbird flew up to me and then off again. I know it is a gift from him, a beautiful, miraculous gift from my best friend.

    • Andrea says:

      I too saw a hummingbird after my dog passed away. Whenever I am feeling really down or have a trauma in my life, they suddenly appear. This happened for the first time about 4 years ago. It causes such a distraction by the buzzing noise and brings a magical feeling of peace I can’t explain.

      • Hummingbird Shaman says:

        Thank you for sharing your experience, Andrea. You would be surprised at how many have shared a similar experience. Hummingbirds appear for many reasons, and always bring such a healing magical feeling. Sorry to hear about your dog passing, I know you truly miss having that presence in your life. Have to share, they are talking so loudly to me: there are many who are there for you, ready to be seen by you.

  9. felicia` says:

    Like most on this site, I came to the internet looking for meaning to a hummingbird encounter. This morning I opened my garage and a beautiful dark blue hummingbird flew right in. He was singing and chirping. I assumed he was being terrritorial but he moved into the garage and closer to me. As he continued singing, I knew it was more. I talked to him and he kept on chirping. He finally flew away. Thinking he might be some type of messanger I called my family to check if everyone was OK. They were so I just told them I loved them. A few months ago a Burrowing Owl did the same thing, but he walked into my garage.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Really cool! I’d love to have seen the hummingbird, as well as the owl. There is a large knotty tree along my walk that I photograph sometimes. The last time I walked back toward the tree I noticed a large bird lift off from it, as quickly as it happened I could not tell what it was, but believe it was an owl.

      What a wonderful statement you made to your family, checking on them and telling them you love them. That is so much what I see the hummingbird encouraging, but also allowing the love to return to you and fill your soul.

      Thank you for sharing!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Most definitely a clear statement of love! I understand your feelings, I lost my long time friend and healing partner last summer, and while she appears to me in those times between sleep and wakefulness, barking at me, her love still lingers, as i believe it always will.

      God bless, your friend was lucky to have known you.

  10. Teresa says:

    I knew that hummingbirds had been divine messengers in my life, but untill researching it for the last hour I had no idea that they were for others as well. Until my last encounter I never even thought to investigate, because I just KNEW what they had meant to me. On a couple of occasions when I was crying and grieving beyond messure, they came and hovered about 4′ from my face just staring at me. They left no doubt in my heart or in my mind that they where messesngers from God over my grief. They felt like gifts to lift my spirit. I felt very touched and blessed and watched over. I will cherrish those moments forever. Those 2 instances were a few years apart, in 2 entirely different settings. The first time it happened I lived in a country home that I had gardened to my hearts content and had flowers everywhere. I fed them all the time and even named my favorite male Buzz. He came back to my Va. home every spring and had very distenctive traits. I always knew it was him. I so delighted in watching him guard his favorite feeder all season.
    The most oneness I ever felt to the universe was on a beautiful summer day sitting on my patio with hummingbirds doing their mating dives, chattering up a storm, while drangonflies, bees, and butterflies where all just whizzing around my head and in front of my eyes, and everywhere just seemed engulfed with their flight and movement. I was so caught up in the moment of flurry that I became as one with it all. What a beautiful moment it was.
    I also had opportunity to pick one up and hold it after it had exhaused itself from being stuck in my guest cottage when the doors were left open while it was drying from being painted. It sat in the palm of my hand for a few moments before flying off.
    Recently I have been more depressed than I’ve ever known, feeling finished with this life and so desperately wanting to go home to my Father in Heaven. Lonely beyond my wildiest imagination. This had been going on after a huge loss for me for about a year. I am 53, with no children, and have been single for the last 5 years. I ended a 13 year relationship with a man I loved because of his alcohol addiction. It seems as though all of my relationships have met their demise over the most trivial things. Now my heart is broken and I’ve convinced myself that no one likes me. I have had an extremely successful career as a jeweler-artist. I am well educated and have an out-going
    personality….though I live in almost solitude anymore. I think people are often intimidated or jealous of my success. This hurts as it often feels like I’m unliked because of my attributes….or for whatever reason, I don’t know. Seems like I spend all my time wandering why, grief stricken.
    I am a Christian and have over the last 4-6 months been extremely elevated and full of the Holy Spirit thru studies and prayer. God had picked me up in a most miraculous way. I hadn’t seen a hummingbird in at least 3 years as I’ve moved and don’t have the gardens any longer. I was on a walk in the woods the other day and wanting a sign of reassurance that I was on a right path with my studies…end time prophecy, and near death experience have been my study passions for the last 6 months, and what brought me out of my depression and into an elevated spiritual plane. I was asking God for a hummingbird. I did get a butterfly that day. I saw it up in a tree and got it to fly down to me and over my head, but no hummingbird.
    About 4-5 days later as I was deeply engrosed in my end time prophecy study, the phone rang. It was my doctor’s office saying I had to go in for another mammogam and an ultra sound as they found 2 suspicious spots on my recent test. Immediately after the phone call I went upstairs to let my cat in, and on my deck was a hummingbird. Remember I hadn’t seen one for at least 3 years. I stood there trembeling and watched it for a good 30-45 seconds. Was God telling me I had breast cancer, or that the world was coming to am end? In either case, I was excited thinking great, let’s get on with it. I’m just longing for that spiritual plane in all it’s glory with no more sadness, but not wanting to jebordize my eternity with suicide….Well, God had sent me my hummingbird. What a rush! When I went in for the 2nd mammogram, they let me go without having to do the ultrasound. All was fine, nothing there. Had I been healed in that moment?
    Well, after all my rambeling on, I actually do have a question. When I had my country home and always had the hummingbirds around, I had the opportunity to witness something I’ve never heard, seen, or read about anywhere. I saw the female hummingbird hanging upside down by her feet, (claws) as if she were in a trance. For about half an hour or more “Buzz” was doing his soaring up and down sex retual and coming down to her and giving her oral sex. I was trying to take pictues but not wanting to bother them anymore than I already was.(they aren’t very good as the distance was too great) I felt privledged to have observed something so rare. She was in such a trance I could have gone up and petted her. I finally left them to their privacy, so didn’t see what came next. So my question is….What do you think that it meant that I had the opportunity to witness such a rare sighting, and have you, being the specialist ever even heard of hummingbirds having oral sex?
    Thanks for listening. I look forward to your resonce, Teresa

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Teresa, thank you for sharing so many amazing insights! You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful support group!

      I’ve not heard of anything like your experience with the female in trance. Very different! I’ve been around during courtship, with a male joining in while I was socializing with my alpha female one day, he landed on a branch below her and began to sing to her. I did take pictures, they were only a couple feet from me and I had my camera in my hand.

      Thanks again for sharing!

  11. Elaine says:

    Thank you for your informative site. I have a hummingbird that comes to visit me every day and sits on a branch and we have a viewing of each other. I knew it was an important facet in my life but not sure what it all meant and you have clarified the spirituality of it all. I feel so blessed. I will go buy a feeder today.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Elaine!

      How wonderful you are getting a feeder! Please make your own food, 1 cup hot water, stir in 1/4 cup sugar till dissolved. The commercial feed has food coloring, not a good thing for people or birds!

  12. Elaine says:

    I did get my feeder and making my own water … AND now I have two hummingbirds that are comfortable hanging around me and fly up very close to me and there might be a nest somewhere in the tree I’m beginning to think. In addition, more butterflies are now fluttering around too!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Wonderful! You create a very gentle space for them, welcoming. Isn’t it amazing how by giving something of sacred blessings we get sacred blessings in return?

  13. Elaine says:

    Yes it is amazing … but they started it as their appearance is what made me get the feeder and so on. I have named the one that comes around the most ZEN because it is amazing how much he just sits there and relaxes and enjoys. I have had a large metal sign in my garden for a long time that says “relax and enjoy yourself” and I can’t say I do it that often. So now ZEN reminds me. I have a friend that says when an animal comes around it is your guide speaking to you and whatever behavior they are doing that is not traditional for them it is surely the message. Could there be a better one for me? I think not!

    Have a blessed day!

  14. Betty says:

    I have been going through a very hard time in myself this past while..and on my Birthday,i was given a hummingbird brooch,then not long after,a friend who just began painting,gave me her first painting,of a hummingbird!then,the other day i was given a pad of note paper with hummingbird pictures on it!:)

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      It’s a hummingbird conspiracy! LOL – thank you for that great story, and all kidding aside, it’s amazing that while we don’t have a conscious awareness of our cooperation and support, it is all around us. What a great sign for you, coming from so many directions! Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. Viviana G. Fernandez Juarez says:

    Hi right today I had my first encounter with a hummingbird. It came into a cristal place where I live in my courtyard I have this crystal room divided into two places. In one of them I study and compose and play music and have my pc and my instruments and in the other we all eat rest in a sofa and see tv. We keep the windows-doors wide open so we can go outsite and seat under my trees.
    As everyday we kept all the entrances of this crystal room opened and a hummingbird came in in the afternoon. Even with all open didn’t go away it flew near us inside this room. I feed it with a flower I know hummingbirds love I put it over a speaker I have here and he fed of it and threw it at my feet meny times. it flew over me and even rested looking me from the irons of the ceiling while I practiced my guitar lesson and I realized that I started playing that jazz song I was practicing faster and better than ever. But before this creature caem in I was here also playing in my flute beautiful sweet music. And I was happy because I allways wanted to sing and play music for a living and to use it to heal from a stage and improve people’s life.
    My country’s government is passing difficult times due to it’s enemies and I knew a group of musicians that thinks like me and support our president Christina Fernandez. So I went to see them perform some days ago because I felt “hey I wanna join those guys”.
    Well I looked for them in Facebook and I did joined their facebook group, and they invited me to our first encounter last monday. This was to support and send good energy to the president by using music, we did it to counterfeit a meeting that our president’s most powerful enemy made to launch his presidential campaing.
    And everybody there was invited to enjoy and perform whatever wanted to. So I went there with my guitar and my flute, but as I am still a guitar apprentice I didn’t dared to play it on the stage but I played the flute together with a piano man I knew there. I played a song that is very important for my nation “Don’t cry for me Argentina” with all my heart with the flute because I’m damned good playing it. Everybody grooved with that. then I played both instruments with a guy and enjoyed a lot. I even was given a free jar of beer. Then when all the performances finished one of them said well, I’m calling right now to all of you that want to go out there and serve with music to s`pread, love and hope and give joy to those in need. To do social work through music. Those who want write in this book and leave all the personal data so we’ll connect you to the humanitarian social orgs that need all of you. So I said well this is the call I was hoping to receive and I’ll do, so I wrote my data there. And I just came back today at 4pm after my guitar class and full of joy remembering about all this that happened then I started playing music and the hummingbird came. It stepped onto some bamboo canes I’ve here and let me cherish it then it was tired so it didn’t drink during the day so it almost fainted and fell to the ground so i took it in my bare hands and gave it sweet water to drink with a spoon. Now it is recovered and still flying near us inside this crystal room and it just doesn’t go away. It let us take some photos. And I wander what this hummingbird has to give to me. And why he came to visit me.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Viviana,
      Thank you for sharing your story! Hummingbirds are amazing at bringing our attention to our actions and thoughts, bringing us closer to recognizing our own value by recognizing the beauty around us. I appreciate your contribution, and invite others to share their insights!

  16. John says:

    A hummingbird just flew into my house!

    It’s Christmas Eve day — the first warm and sunny one after a week of cold and heavy rains. My second-story sliding glass door is wide open, and having just roused myself from a late morning nap on the sofa, I was standing in the kitchen when, there it was!

    In my heart, I knew instantaneously that it was good thing, but I have a dog and a cat, and both were on the hunt immediately. A large picture window in my living room only drew the bird further into my home, away from its only possible egress.

    The canine and feline I kept at bay, but the window was another story. Worried about its tiny neck as it crashed repeatedly into the transparent barrier — losing one its tiny tail feathers, even — I decided to stand very quietly. Extending my hand slowly and intentionally, I was surprised, nonetheless, when the bird alighted onto my finger and allowed me to gently walk it back to the balcony. Once there, it wasted not a moment and took off at once, returning unfettered into the world it knows best.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Great story!

      When I was a pre-teen I helped my sister at her fishing business, and the hummingbirds would often enter the boathouse and get “stuck” trying to get out a window. I never thought to extend a hand, but it makes so much sense! Perhaps we should try that with more people. 🙂

      Thank you for your xmas eve contribution!!

  17. harmonyandme says:

    I have a toddler that I am sure is a very special soul mate of mine. We have a tiny backyard that looks out over a mountain and we have some sweet peas in our backyard which the hummingbirds love. My daughter and I were sitting in the backyard, when a hummingbird just flew over and landed on my shoulder. and just sat there completely content. side by side with me, when it flew off, it flew directly to my daughter who was sitting on the chair swing and it landed right on her waistline and sat on her stomach and swung with her for a minute or two, all of us, so peaceful and content…. I felt it was a very special, spiritual moment as we had not encouraged them, tempted them or brought anything for them…

    a few months later, my daughter called me over to the screen door. A hummingbird had gotten stuck to our screen door, the beak was stuck through the mesh. I gently rescued it and it flew to a near by branch. sat their breathing heavy, like trying to gather it’s thoughts after that scare…I felt like the hummingbird nodded at us and then flew off into the blue, blue sky!

  18. Viki says:

    This morning I heard a tapping on my kitchen window. I went over and found a hummingbird sitting on the windowsill lightly tapping. She flew away when she saw me. She came back 3 more times and repeated the same behavior over the next 15 minutes. There was no sunlight reflecting on the window, there aren’t any plants around the window and nothing hanging inside that would create interest.

    Subsequently she came to the dining room window on the same side of the house, again tapping and flying away when she saw me (2 more times.)

    Is she hungry? Do hummingbirds tap on windows if they are hungry? I do not have a feeder on my property. My immediate thoughts were that she was a sign or a symbol for me. So I got on the computer to see what I could find. Hence, your website.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thank you Viki for your wonderful story! It’s hard to deny the event when it happens repeatedly, but so often we do just that. I appreciate that you didn’t dismiss the appearance of that hummingbird in your life.

      Yes there is a message for you, to accept that you are worthy of being chosen, that you are valued. You’ve been invited to spend more of your time living within the space of grace and honor. This is a consistant message offered by the hummingbird spirit, to reside within that space where both God and man exist, that place where we Walk with Wings.

      Yes, you were chosen.

      I always encourage hanging a feeder. Make sure it is in the shade, direct sun will make the sugar water go rancid. Please consider making your own nectar, 4 parts water to one part sugar. The commercial mixes contain food coloring which is not good for any living creature.

      God bless.

  19. Heidi says:

    Greetings~ I just had a hummingbird fly into my home. It went directly to my window but could not get out. I walked up to it, talked to it very sweetly, explained what I was doing, and it let me pick it right up! I walked the little creature out to the apple tree and set it on a branch. It sat for a quick moment and then flew off into the sun. What does this mean for me? I believe it was telling me something, I just don’t know what…
    Many Bright Blessings…

  20. Maria says:


    This morning, I was changing out of my pj’s to my clothes and and a hummingbird came to my bedroom window peeking inside and looked right at me. I stared into his eyes for a good 2 minutes and then he flew off to a branch of a pine tree and stayed there for another 5 minutes before taking off. Then about 20minutes later, I went out to the back yard and saw him hovering around my bedroom window and then flew by me. After that I felt so at peace with myself. Was wondering if he was relaying a message to me.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Great example of how hummingbirds will support us, whether it be so bold as staring us down to perching nearby, or in some cases by sending a gentle soul to remind how loved we are, even when we don’t see it.

      Thanks for taking part in our adventure, hummingbird and all. Thanks for sharing your story. And last but not least, thanks for being a messenger of that simple but precise hummingbird blessing.


  21. Maryssa says:

    Since December 2010 I have numerous Hummingbird encounters. It started with me seeing them as I was walking from work to my car, just one or two flying around. Then they began showing up at home, almost everyday outside my bedroom windown, when I was outside they buzz on by my head, or they would be by my car at a red light. I began to google what it meant seeing them so often. Shortly after a hummingbird began tapping on my car window and staring right at me. I had a strong feeling that it was trying to tell me something. but what? I continued googling and inquiring with friends about what they thought. The hummingbird visits became less frequent and the hummingbirds were more distant than before. Just recently the visits became closer and frequent. Now for the past month, I see atleast one or two hummingbirds once a day. Just nearby, not close enough to be in my face attention grabber but always nearby just flying around, once i look at the hummingbird and give it my attention it flies away.

    Help with a meaning? Words of Wisdome?!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      You’re very fortunate to have such great support in your life. We’ll just tap on the surface, but they are giving you a warning, but not in a ominous way. They want you to awaken, shift your energy. It’s time, you’ve known it. Life is too short to let it “buzz past” without tasting the nectar. A little poetic, but still a strong message.

  22. Amanda says:

    The other day, just a few days after I found out I was pregnant (after having two miscarriages, one healthy child) I was sitting at my dining room table, at the computer. I was somewhat anxious and nervous about my pregnancy (still am sometimes) and I saw something out of the corner of my eye.
    A hummingbird was flying, slowly, past the patio doors next to me. It went by, as if in slow motion and hovered for quite a bit, in front of the glass next to me. It’s belly was the brightest blue/green (my favorite color, the color of the nail polish I was wearing and the crysocolla bracelets I wear to aid fertility) and I took it as a blessing that everything would be okay with my baby. I watched it for what felt like minutes (but was probably only 30-40 seconds) and then it flew away.
    Today again, a hummingbird (this time brown) visited our garden and my husband, little boy, and I got to watch it out the patio door as we ate dinner. Again, I’m going to listen to my gut and take it as a gift and a reassurance that all will be will with my pregnancy. Thanks for this website- it’s great reading these stories.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thank you Amanda for sharing your story! I am right there with you, we can analyze and dismiss the beauty that comes into our life, or we can accept it as a gift and a blessing. Hummingbirds guide us through a great healing process, and it sounds like you were willing to accept the healing. God bless.


      • Hummingbird Shaman says:

        Hi Mary, thanks for sharing your story! I hope you followed up with pulling that feeder out of storage and putting it outside!

        I put feeders out for a couple of years (about 15 years ago) with no luck. The hummingbirds started showing up at twilight during (surprisingly enough) cub scout planning meetings we had at my house. It was years after that when I had my “calling” or “initiation” into these writings.

        Hummingbirds are very responsive to energy shifts, and I see that you are living more in the state of non-resistance, being more open without being vulnerable. Acceptance is another word, but in all honesty it would take a book to describe what I see. Thanks for sharing this with me and allowing me to see your beautiful self-expression. The hummingbirds see it, too.

        Please do come back again, and update us on your hummingbird visits! That hummingbird that visited shows a wonderful golden energy in its auric field.

        P.S. if you put the feeder in the shade the nectar will last longer, sunlight makes it turn rancid.


  23. Mary says:

    It has been about ten years ago that I bought a nectar hummingbird feeder to attract hummingbirds to my home. I tried it out for that whole spring/summer season with no luck at all so I put the feeder away and didn’t think of it again until yesterday when I was shocked speechless that a hummingbird appeared at our front window. I have been on the path of self mastery now for six years and was reading to my husband from a book on the Kabbala while he was staining the inside of this very window. He turned away from the window and that is when the hummingbird almost magically appeared, fluttering in the middle of the window just looking inside. I tried to say, “Look, there’s a hummingbird outside the window.” but like I said I was speechless and could only point. My husband turned to look but just as fast the hummingbird flew away and he missed it. This is the first time I have ever seen a hummingbird anywhere near our home and I will add that we have no bird feeders up of any kind or have any flowers or bushes around our home that would attract the birds. There are so many symbolic meanings associated with the hummingbird, all of them “good” so the experience leaves me with a blessed feeling. If you have any insight on this please share with us. : ) Thank-you,
    Love and Light, Mary

  24. Lorri Martin says:

    Within the last year I have had more than a few encounters with Hummingbirds. The last time I saw a hummingbird before my recent encounters was at my grandfathers house in Virginia 15 years ago. I was there for my grandfathers funeral. He had the most beautiful backyard with a bird bath and feeders. My grandfather loved hummingbirds. In fact I have a beautiful picture that he took of a hummingbird when he was alive.

    I live in the San Francisco Bay area. My first recent encounter happened about two weeks before I got married. I was outside at my apartment complex waiting for the elevator and I felt a presence behind me therefore I turned around to see who was there and a humming bird was hovering right in front of my face. It stopped for a few seconds and I said “hi” in disbelief. I’ve never had encounter like that, so it was very special to me. My heart was filled with so much love and joy. My stomach got the butterflies. I automatically thought of my grandfather. I was so giddy about it, I immediately called my dad and husband and shared my story.

    We moved into another complex and our balcony looks out to a park and we are surrounded by beautiful trees. My husband and I both have seen many hummingbirds flying around, but not close up. Then one Saturday about 2 months ago I was taking a shower. My shower has a window and I leave it open all the time. All of a sudden I turned towards the window and there were two humming birds right outside of the window on the other side of the screen just hovering. They looked at me, I said “hi” and then one flew away and the other one flew away. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t wait to tell my husband. I know that the hummingbird encounters mean something, but I’m not sure what it is. My husband thinks the encounters are just as special as I do.

    I just had another encounter yesterday afternoon. Wow! This one definitely blew me away. The weather was gorgeous with a nice breeze, so I figured I would go take it all in on my balcony. I was relaxing sitting in my comfortable chair and taking in some vitamin D from the sun. It was so peaceful. All of a sudden I hear this loud buzz in my ear and then I see a shadow of a hummingbird that is closely behind my head. I sat still because I didn’t want to scare the hummingbird away. Then it flew directly in front of my face hovered and stared at me. I was amazed at how close he was to my face. Then it went behind my head again, so I turned my head to look at him and he sat there and we stared at one another. I said “hi”! He was so close that he made my cross eyed, so I pulled my head back a little and his beak was so close to my eye he could have poked it out. I’m not exaggerating. I thought he would fly away immediately, but he didn’t. This was the longest a hummingbird has sat there and checked me out. It was beautiful. He had a light gray breast with dark gray markings. I felt so much love in my heart. It truly made my heart smile. I can’t really explain the feelings it gave me. I felt like a kid again. 🙂

    I’m not sure what all of this means, but I do know that it is special. I can’t wait for the next visit!

    I’m sorry for the long story, but I found this website and thought it would be neat to share.

    Thank you!


    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Wonderful story! I’m so happy you chose to share it with everyone!

      I had a simple encounter today with one of the newer young birds. He came to the feeder, then flew to me and hovered for several seconds just to soak in the vibration of my energy, get to know me. He then turned to check out another feeder, circling back to the first again before flying off to his territory. My visiting people friend smiled while witnessing this encounter.

      Thanks again for sharing!
      HummingbirdShaman/Walk With Wings

  25. della says:


    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Interesting Della! Hummingbirds don’t usually appear in harsh energies like “I blame you” but perhaps if you are seeking to heal and change something. Did you catch this sighting on video?

  26. Al says:

    I was sitting by the bonfire last week around 11pm. Suddenly I heard this loud buzzing sound coming towards me. Then I saw what I thought was a very large insect flying right over the fire pit then straight up into the sky to about tree height. It hovered up there for just a moment then followed it’s trajectory right back down the same way it went up, right back over the fire [emitting a screech type sound each time] and into the neighbor’s yard whee it stopped, hovered again for a moment and repeated this strange and amazing behavior two more times in the identical fashion before flying away… thoughts?


    PS: This happened during a short break when I was alone and my son had gone into the house.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Great catch, Al, that was a male doing his courting swoop. The sound was not a screech, it’s actually the sound made when he spreads his tail feathers out just in front of the female he’s courting. I’ve had one do this swooping flight in front of me as well, several time, but in my case I was the female being courted as his loop was directly toward me 😉 Okay, I’m sure there was a female hummingbird in the tree.

      Pretty darn cool, eh? The video by the Nature channel shows this flight in slow motion. Thanks for sharing.

  27. fireangel88 says:

    I have a story very similar to yours, 2 years ago my best friend passed away, he was a very positive person in my life, one of my few life soulmates.

    I have noticed a blackbird a black pheobe to be exact, and a hummingbird they have been here since he passed. The blackbird”Buddy” as I call him, is here to my answer every morning & afternoon, he chirps &flutters. 1 day the hummingbirds flew from above my car as I drove down my street it hovered above my windshield as I drove. He just looked back at me as he went the same speed incredibly, then shot off. Today is exactly 9 yrs since we met. A hummingbirdflew down out of nowhere in my backyard & for a second time, and looks straight at me, hovers at my face then darts away!

    Not to mention the buddy bird appears anywhere I go, literally appears out of nowhere, stopped on a hike, out a friends window…

    Any insight on their meaning? Before he passed he said he’d be my Guardian Angel…

    Peace & Love

  28. fireangel88 says:

    I have a story very similar to yours, 2 years ago my best friend passed away, he was a very positive person in my life, one of my few life soulmates.

    I have noticed a blackbird a black pheobe to be exact, and a hummingbird they have been here since he passed. The blackbird”Buddy” as I call him, is here to my answer every morning & afternoon, he chirps &flutters. 1 day the hummingbirds flew from above my car as I drove down my street it hovered above my windshield as I drove. He just looked back at me as he went the same speed incredibly, then shot off. Today is exactly 9 yrs since we met. A hummingbirdflew down out of nowhere in my backyard & for a second time, and looks straight at me, hovers at my face then darts away!

    Not to mention the buddy bird appears anywhere I go, literally appears out of nowhere, stopped on a hike, out a friends window…

    Any insight on their meaning? Before he
    Passed he said he’s will be my guardian angel…
    Peace tiff

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Tiff,
      Great story, and a very strong supporter of the idea that there is a oneness to the universe. It’s not as though your beloved friend is coming back in bird form, but even better. There is the alliance, the thought that turns to actions by those who can make the footprint in the sand or flutter in a way that signifies meaning.

      Thank you for sharing, and allowing me to connect to your friend on a spirit-to-spirit level. There are no regrets, but when we leave this world we sometimes realize how precious that life can be. There is nothing better than a strong connection between one spirit and another in the depth we can only experience in this physical world. Just in case you didn’t realize it, this is what your friend has shown me, but you know how loved you have been.

      Hummingbird Shaman

  29. firedancer says:

    My beloved grandma passed away a few weeks ago. Gram loved hummingbirds & kept feeders & plants on her back porch so she could watch them. We would sit at her kitchen counter & watch them play & fight. They didnt like if we moved too much inside & never came for a visit if we were on her porch. My Gram was one of my best friends I spoke to her daily & I was blessed & lucky to have her for 38 yrs. She lost a very quick battle with lung cancer…she did not suffer & her parting this world was very peaceful. I had spent the most went wonderful day with her & my 3 kids the day before she died. I did not make it to her house in time to see her 1 last time & I was feeling heartbroken, I went onto the porch to cry & then to thank her for loving me & to let her know how much I would miss her & instantly a beautiful hummingird buzzed into my face…we were nose to nose & I could feel the wind off her wings…she looked at me & flew away! I knew it was a sign that she was ok & loved me. A week later we were cleaning her house & my sister put food in the feeder & nothing until I came outside & she paid me another visit. And finally just today I was holding my baby & really missing Gram, I silently plead for her to give me a sign that she was still here & within seconds this hummingbird circled our heads and went away. I am filled with such peace today because she can still hear me & is sending me signs that she is ok & loves me. Thanks for this sight it has given me hope!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Clearly your grandmother’s spirit lives on, and she demonstrates it with her alliance with the hummingbirds. You hold her so dearly in your heart that the hummingbirds see her within your presence.

      Thank you again, and God bless.
      Hummingbird Shaman

      • firedancer says:

        Kavi – I really enjoy your site- it fills me with peace & hope. I am still missing my gram everyday but have had several more encounters with her hummingbirds. I put out a feeder of my own & my baby & I watched out the window. We were so excited & I told her that “mum-mum” sent the hummingbird to say “I love you” & wouldn’t you know that “hum-hum” flew to our window & looked at us & then landed on top of the feeder & sat there for minutes…I have never seen a still hummingbird. We sit everyday & watch her & it always puts a smile on our faces!

        • Thank you for your kind words and story! What a wonderful sight to have the hummingbird respond to your message of love and linger so close by! Blessings to you and your precious baby, and dearest Gram.

  30. Amy says:

    Hi Kavi,

    I went to view a rental cottage today around 6pm in the evening. The cottage was left unlocked for viewing and I ended up hanging out there taking pictures, talking to friends on my phone about the place, making a list of things that needed to be done, etc. I went out to the backyard around 6:45 or 7pm (PST) and was admiring the plum tree with mint growing around its base, the rosemary bush, and the abundant blackberry bush dangling over the fence. About that time I heard a clicking sound which I recognized to be a hummingbird.

    The rest of this story is found in the posting Amy’s Hummingbird Encounter

  31. Mary says:

    Thanks for your website. Early this morning, I was at a Transidential Meditation course for meditators in Ramona,CA and early in the morning, went outside on my balcony to take pictures of the view outside my room, orange groves and, in the distance, houses and mountains. The place was so quiet except for birdsong in the distance…
    I was focused on framing a distant view… wanting to capture the scene of the orange groves and mountains. All of the sudden …

    Read more of Mary’s story, and explore the depth of meaning found in our encounters in the post “Attraction to Being There – Hummingbird Encounters“. Join us on July 27, 2011 to share in this Hummingbird Moment!

  32. Stephanie says:

    “Yesterday, I decided to walk my labyrinth for guidance on how to resolve a financial matter. When I reached the center, I stood still and breathed deeply to take it all in. Suddenly, I noticed something ..”

    Read more of Stephanie’s hummingbird encounter in the posting Hummingbird Encounters – Signs from Spirit

  33. Barbara says:

    As I was praying sitting out in my swing. I started to sing an old church song,a hummingbird flew right in front of my face! I was so shocked and in awe–I watched it fly around me as if it was dancing? This hummingbird looked straight into in my face -as if it was tryin’ to communicate with me–I had a moment with my God. Im curious,,what do you think this all means? I looked up the meaning of hummingbirds,,can you give me some enlightment. Appreciate any comments.

    • Hi Barbara,
      Great comment, you bring a smile to my heart. What a wonderful thing, the hummingbird dance. Yes there was definitely communication happening, and this precious bird showed you how much you created a sacred space with your singing. Others have commented on singing to the hummingbirds. They will answer back. You did more than have a moment with God, you reflected God as well into the world around you.


  34. Vanessa says:

    I’ve seen 3 and possibly 4 humming birds in the past few weeks. The forth flew off so quickly it could have been a baby bird…

    Read more of Vanessa’s story about hummingbird encounters, and the quest to find their meaning in the post Hummingbird Moments – I’m Here For You

    Thank you for sharing, Vanessa!

  35. Ann says:

    I was looking up about hummingbirds because I recently had an experience with one 2 times in one week. I was sitting on my porch both times. The first time, I was looking down at my feet and heard something so I look up and a hummingbird is hovering right in front of me just staring at me. It startled me because I didn’t expect it and jumped which scared the hummingbird and it flew away. The second time about a week later, which was a couple days ago, I was sitting on the porch again and heard a noise behind me and I look and again it is a hummingbird again! I think it was the same one as the first time. This time it stayed hovering in front of me for almost a minute and it was just looking at me while I looked back at it. I told a friend about it and she thinks it was my Mom telling me that I will be okay. My Mom had just died last month.

  36. Eliana says:

    About five months ago I started seeing hummingbirds. They would either fly past me or just stay in a branch for minutes. I was always amazed and I still am. I believe they bring me a message of love and hope. Before my boyfriend of three months and I met I notice that I would see hummingbirds more frequently and very close. I always wondered what was going to happen because I knew they were trying to tell me something. Then I met him, Erik. I told him my experiences with these encounters and he said that he wanted to see them too because hes never encountered one in his life. A few weeks after we started dating we were talking in my backyard and all of a sudden a hummingbird flew right above our heads! He missed it. Then about a week later or so he said that he saw one! He was very excited and said that it brought happiness to him. And that has not been his only encounter. To this date he has seen them a lot, and very near. Strange thing is that ever since he started seeing them I stopped. I have not had an encounter ever since the first day he had saw one. Last night we were talking and he asked me for the third time if I’ve seen one, and I said no. I have not seen one at all, makes me very sad. He said that he believes that every time he sees one he knows that I’m okay. An also every morning when he is feeling down he sees one and he thinks that they are trying to tell him to be happy. I told him that I really wanted to see one and he said I guess I’ll just have to stop being so emotional in order for them to visit you instead of me. To my surprise, this morning I saw one!!! it was sitting beside me on a branch and it didn’t move at all when I moved closer to it. I don’t know, I just think there is a connection here, with my boyfriend and I. I love him and I know he loves me too and I would just like to know what this really means.

  37. Leo Kappus says:

    Yesterday evening I was watching the movie Ray. It was about bedtime when the scene of Ray & B were sitting in the restaurant and Ray says “do you hear the hummingbird B”. “What Humming- Bird” B replied. Ray says “just listen”…

    Read more on this comment in the posting Hummingbird Moments and How We Connect The Dots”

  38. Ken says:

    Last summer as I was walking up the back stairs of my house a hummingbird flew into my right hand, then hovered next to me for 2 seconds and flew away, is there a meaning?

    • I think you were probably both surprised at the event. Sounds like it was a very enjoyable experience. These encounters can be simple, and they can also be turning points within our lives. Hummingbird encounters can be a pivotal point in awakening to a part of your consciousness that you had yet to experience. My impression? Your life is changing.

  39. amber says:

    i have a couple of hummingbird stories..

    read Amber’s stories in the post Hummingbirds – why do we see them as anything special?

    Thanks for sharing, Amber!

  40. Ami says:

    Greetings and blessings, I have always felt an affinity for hummingbirds and have had visits from them many times throughout my life. For the first time I was visited in a dream…

    Read Ami’s story in the posting Dreams About Hummingbirds what do they mean?

  41. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I wanted to ask about my hummingbird meeting. I feel it means something although what I am not sure. This weekend I went to a yard sale and saw a little Anna’s Hummingbird flopping around in the groundcover. The people said they had seen it earlier and that it was old and dying. They asked if I anted to bring it home , make it comfortable until it passed away. At first I hesitated, but then I agreed. I took it home in a little basket along with a few flower clusters. I fed it from the flowers and tried to give it sugar water. The little bird was very still in my hand, and sat on my finger, a spoon and the edge of a bowl. I finally figured out where a wildlife rescue place was and took it there. I am very glad that I did so, because the volunteers said it had merely been in a territorial fight/mating season struggle and needed some care to be on its way.It never seemed to struggle in my hand and sat quite well on my finger and the spoon handle. Any thoughts about this? It was an amazing thing to see.

    • Hello Rebecca,
      Thank you for sharing your story! How kind of you to step up and give aid to that hummingbird in need. It seems strange doesn’t it that a creature that would normally not interact in such close proximity would be so still and comfortable with your touch, but this hummingbird clearly felt safe and was willing to accept the help.

      Thanks for sharing as well that you called Wildlife rescue. Every state has wildlife rescue, a phone number you can call to find a volunteer or vet clinic nearby.

      Thank you again for sharing and most certainly a heartfelt thank you for helping a hummingbird in need!


  42. mariel says:

    Greetings to all,

    Last night i had a very strange dream with a hummingbird.I saw myself walking and a blue hummingbird was after me and was attacking me in my back several times.Then the image change and saw myself that i where searching a doctor to heal from the wounds of the bird and as i where waiting for some doctor i found my psicologist who were also a doctor and went towards her to heal me.The next moment i saw that i was half naked and my psicologist took of the old leather of the wounds of my back and left it totally clean but open and then tried to examine a little bit of the rest of my body and i felt inconvenient because she put off a little my underwear and examine me.

    I do not know what it means.first time in my life i have seen a hummingbird in my dream and in real life i attend meetings with a psicologist because i had depression.

    Hope to hear soon from you an explanation about this dream.

    Thank you .

  43. Ken says:


    I walk on a path each day which has a hummingbird usually sitting in one of 2 trees. Sometimes it flies away, or does a quick mid air dance and goes back to the tree or then flies away but eventually quickly comes back. It has been a couple weeks now that I have seen ..

    Read the rest of Ken’s story: Do Hummingbirds Seen Again and Again Have Meaning?

    Thanks Ken, for sharing your story!!

  44. yasmin says:

    Utterly indited subject matter, appreciate it for information. “The earth was made round so we would not see too far down the road.” by Karen Blixen.

  45. Eden Bulosan says:

    One day I went to my back yard and re plant my money tree to a bigger pot. And a week after I saw a nest first I thought was a bee nest . But my husband said a bird nest. One morning I was brewing my coffee and the hummingbird hovering in front my window. The same day my 3 yrs old son playing outside and said bird mom bird and I respond back and said hummingbird . So the hummingbird went to the nest then flew away and I looked inside the nest and I saw a 2 eggs. A week after they hatch now it’s a week old so everyday I take a picture and a video . And one of my daughter’s friend mention that it’s a good luck. When she said that make me think twice so I look in the website and saw your web . I want to share my story. Eden

  46. AJ says:

    Several years ago my grandfather passed away after being terminally I’ll for several months. It was during his illness that my family began our ritual of Sunday family dinners with my grandpa and grandma. Aunts, cousins and the entire local family would come and several other would visit. It became such a blessing for everyone and I think especially for my grandpas as his family was his world.

    A few weeks after he passed we had our first regular Sunday family dinner where everyone was able to attend, even out of town family. We had a lovely dinner at my house and it went into the evening. When my cousin went to leave after 10pm he open our front door and a hummingbird rushed into the house and flew about for sometime. Our entire family was there as no one had yet left. We were all in awe as this beautiful and colorful hummingbird flew through the house and finally rested on the top of the door in my bedroom. My cousin finally caught him and let him fly free again outside (we didn’t want him getting hurt my the fans and such). My grandfather had loved being in his backyard with his garden and hummingbirds and of course it made us all think of him. It was all just so odd though as it was late at night, early in the year (February), and I hadn’t ever seen a hummingbird in our more desert scape side of town.

    I’d like to think that this little bird was a good omen. Thank you so much for this lovely site!

  47. John in Mission Viejo, CA says:

    There is a tall window next to my desk in my office in southern California. Two weeks ago (March, 2012) I began to hear a slight tapping at the window. I didn’t think very much about it until my friend in the adjacent office told me to look at the hummingbird outside. We observed her flitting from one leafy branch to another so she could position herself for more tapping. She has been a regular guest for me since the first day she arrived. Sometimes other people in the office come to watch and comment.
    She is always a welcome visitor but I feel sad that she may be hungry, sick, lost or just lonely. I am going to get her a bird feeder this week-end, but I would like to know if you have ever noticed this tapping on the window and what it might mean.

  48. Matthew says:

    What if I attract them? I’ve read all the posts, and there are great inspirational stories. But I’m in a good place mentally and spiritually. I’ve had rough times in life like everyone. But I have learned from them and moved on. I’m happy even though everything isn’t perfect. I love my family and savor every moment that life has to offer. I believe that we are all connected through a devine energy, light, God, or whatever anyone likes to call it. But with that being said, let me explain my circumstance. Whenever I go outside, I am visited by hummingbirds. Literally, everytime. And I don’t live in a flower garden – Phoenix, Az. I realize that hummingbirds are common here, but they come to see me – get really close – and often land and sing… that high pitch chatter. People I know have also noticed this and pointed it out. My parents live with us, and my father works out in the garden every day. He sees them as often as anyone else. But he says when I walk outside, several of them congregate. He callls it the hummingbird party. At work there is a patio area where we take our breaks. Co-workers will be sitting out there regularly. But when I come out and join them, hummingbirds show up and land in the surrounding trees and will sing. When I return inside, the birds leave. Several people have mentioned this to me on multiple occasions. Some are amazed by it – some come out on break with me just to see it. I go running on my lunch break and am usually visited by, or like today, joined by a hummingbird. He actually flew along side me at about waist level for about 200 yards. It is all the time. They are never afraid of me. They land within reach, and don’t flinch at my movements. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I just want to know why? If they have a message for me, I would love to know what it is, because they have been trying to tell me for years!

  49. Dana says:

    When my mother passed away suddenly due to a heart attack at the young age of 62.
    The next Valentine’s Day I was grieving and missing my mother that I asked God to show me a sign that my mother was ok. I have a stained glass cross that hangs on one of my french doors to the back deck. After my prayer a hummingbird was hovering next to the cross looking at me through the window.
    This put me at such great peace.


  50. Alicia says:

    Hi, today i was sitting out in the grass with my two parrots in the trees. I saw two humming birds playing tag, and one landed on the branch above my head. the other in another tree. I watched them go back and fourth. I got up to get my birds and stood there as one flew right up to my face going left to right. It was beautiful. This is not the first time this has happened. I have had multiple humming birds at different points of time fly right up to my face.

    I do have a feeder outside, this is the first occasion where there has been a feeder involved.
    I do make my own. 🙂

    Any meaning to this?
    Thank you

    • Hi Alicia,
      Great story, thank you for sharing. What an image, you with your two parrots, joined by a couple of hummingbirds who share their antics with you! You’ve inspired a posting called A Hummingbird flies right up to my face.

      What do you mean when you say you make your own? Are you talking about nectar, or your own hummingbird feeder? We’d love to see your creations!

      Thanks for sharing your story here at Hummingbird Shaman

      p.s. I ran out of room on the page, so to speak, and had to continue on a second posting to be published on May 20th, 2012 – the day of the solar eclipse. Do return, share your comments, and share with your friends on Facebook! Our facebook page is Walk With Wings. Your page like is appreciated!

  51. Julia says:

    I have been in a marriage where I have not been happy for many many years. I have four daughters in this marriage. My husband although not an evil person is verbally abusive and controlling. He does not see it this way, but I do. I have put up with many horrible fights, one involving him almost killing my dog in front of me while I had to cover the dog with my body because I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I have stayed through all of this, but for some reason the small things are getting to me. Every time I flinch when he enters the room or hide something I am eating that he will disapprove of or go jogging with him or sleep with him just so that he will stop verbally picking on me, I just want to leave. I visualize getting another place to live. This is hard because I don’t have a job, I am currently a student. Anyway, I have started to feel like I am getting strong enough to leave and then I was out in my garden and out of no where a hummingbird come within touching distance of me. I stood still and just made eye contact with it and it stayed there flighting for about 15-20 seconds. I had such feeling of being blessed by this experience, it made me feel happy, but I didn’t understanding the meaning.

    • It’s truly saddening to hear of abuse to people and animals. What goes through a persons mind that drives them to actions of abuse?

      Hummingbirds has an amazing affect on people, drawing them from a guarded, low energy into a place where their heart can open and heal. It looks like you did quite a lot of healing within the moments of your hummingbird encounter, but also since then. God bless, Julia.

  52. Amanda says:

    We have fig tree a few feet from our front door and see hummingbirds in the tree several times a day eating the fruit. Just now I was sitting on my porch waiting for the children to come home from school when I heard a strange noise coming from my left. I looked to see what was causing the noise and saw a hummingbird coming from that corner of my house. It flew in front of my porch then stopped suddenly right in front of me. It turned toward me and we sat looking at one another for about half a minute. Then it just flew back the way it came. My first thought was that it was a message. Thank you for the information on this page. It speaks to the events that are going on in my life right now.

  53. Ashley says:

    In April of this year I was hiking with a dear friend when a domestic parrot “swooped” my head twice and landed on a car near by. I was able to walk up to him and asked him to “step up” on my finger which the parrot did. My friends and family told me “not to get involved” with this bird, but I couldn’t leave him in the wild. I took him home and have been caring for him ever since. We are closely bonded. We often whistle together and make noises at eachother. But Howie (my parrot) never spoke. A couple of weekends ago I placed my parrot in his cage out on my porch so he could enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. I was laying on my couch watching him from inside when a Hummingbird flew up to my parrot. The hummingbird came twice, the first time hovering for a long time outside my parrots’ cage and the second time only staying for a moment. It was the most bizar thing. A week or so after my parrot had his hummingbird encounter he started saying “Hello.” I had never heard him speak before. At this point my parrot knows no other words and he only says “Hello” when he is out on my porch and he is alone. He will not say it to me, or to anyone else. I have no idea if the two incidents are related but I’d love to know if there is some symbolism behind this event.

  54. sheryl says:

    My good friend Sharol had a humming bird come into her apartment. she caught it and returned it outside then it came in another day and she could not find it; 4 days later she found it hiding in her bedroom nestled in a blanket on the floor. it was just fine and she was not sure if it had stayed those 4 days now a month later she has the humming bird coming in again sharol’s beloved dog passed away in the spring she wonder if it him although he makes his presents be known .Also to note is her new dog sits very passively and does not chase or startle in anywqay the bird BUT does on a regular basis chases other bird and animals She is very delighted about the bird but wants to know the meaning if it is more than just her beloved Skippy visiting. she is going out now to buy a feeder Sharol is 76 years old with health problems but is very open but afraid of this maybe being a bad omen i have told her hummingbirds are always possitive I hope this be true thank you

  55. Juana says:

    I was talking with my sister about a guy that i really like and how i hoped there would be a sign one day on what i should do about it and than all of sudden there was a hummingbird fluttering right beside us we rarely see hummingbirds and for it to be that close we thought it had to have a some sort of meaning. What do you think?

  56. Karen says:

    Hello, today I was sitting on my mothers deck, just at peace and beknowing a hummingbird appeared and stared me I my face…then flew away and came back did the same thing. I was amazed and felt blessed for a beautiful bird to come so close. The night before myself and my neice, and daughter was speaking about them. Never would I have imagined for a bird to appear for a third time…..With all that is going on in my life struggling with decision to move back home where I was feeling confused but yet at peace. Does this signafies my thought without questioning?

  57. Mr.Lee says:

    For some reason this morning,something told me to look for other peoples experiences with hummingbirds.It’s nice to hear them,and I’m sure most hummingbird lovers are female.Me being male,I’m glade I pay attention to this Beautiful part of the creation.I told myself along time ago that even though most of my day’s are good one’s,If I see a hummingbird early in the morning,that would be an extra special day.And they are.I get a special kind of feeling when I see them.Especially wet colder day’s in Oregon.And I don’t know what took me so long to put feeders out,close to the window,so I can get a charge from them,reminding me that I’m a part of a great creation!

  58. Melissa says:

    About 14 months ago my sister passed away after battling cancer for a year. A few weeks after she was diagnosed I found out I was pregnant….

    Read Melissa’s story in the post: A Hummingbird Lives In Memory Of

    Thank you again for sharing your story, Melissa!

  59. sharon76 says:

    Hello, I had my 1st known encounter with a hummingbird last summer (2012) called a friend and asked her about and did a little internet research on it….then forgot about it. Moved to Oregon in Sept. Now it’s May 2013, and I’m going through many difficult changes again in my life…

    Read Sharon’s story in the post When a Hummingbird Perches Beside Me

    Thank you Sharon for sharing your story!

  60. Stephen says:

    Ive recently had 2 incidents where a hummingbird came and hovered right near my head i turn to look at it and just stays there looking at me …. im looking at it thinking does he think my head is some type of feeder….. 2 times about 3 weeks apart the most recent was about an hour ago. If it just came near me and quickly flew away i wouldnt think much of it …but what suprises me is that its not spooked … it stays there for a good amount of time.

  61. Angela says:

    For the last few weeks I have been seeing this humming bird, at least I’m pretty sure it’s the same one each time. It always appears in the morning, three or four time a week, at about the same time, as I am walking to my office from the building across the street. There are some flowering bushes by the building and it always stops at the same bush and then flys away. I always see it out of the corner of my right eye at first and it only stays for a few seconds after I stop to look at it. I have always been facinated by humming birds, and I get the feeling that this one keeps showing up for a reason, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

  62. Charles says:

    What does it mean when a humming bird lands on a womans shoulder….

    • Great question, Charles!
      The meaning of a hummingbird landing on someone’s shoulder can vary, and usually that person will know with a little self reflection of that meaning. It could be an appreciation of that person’s energy, or it could be a sign that they need to make a change in their life/beliefs. I see in this case it’s more about growing and accepting changes.

  63. rebecca G says:

    Hello,I wanted to share that I recently moved to the country and have noticed a lot of butterflys,dragonflys,squirrels and now have a new baby raccoon…I went out side this morning and there was a beautiful red hummingbird that flew up and just stayed there long enough to see me and me see him,he was so beautiful…what could this mean? I have been trying to figure out a lot of things,like what there meaning is for me..Im kinda new to this new life style..i love the outside and I love the natural beauty nature has..please help me on what all this could mean..thank you

  64. Courtney M. says:

    When I was just a young girl, I rescued a hummingbird who was trapped in my garage, and when I rescued her I held her in my hands before letting the bird go. And then this year I’ve had 2 more encounters with them. I was outside on my porch drinking a glass of wine and she was hovering beside my head, my friend saw her, because she was sitting across from me, but i thought it was a bee because i couldn’t see him, I just heard his wings fluttering. And then about a month ago, I was sitting down at the table inside and for some reason I had the notion to look up and there through the glass doors there was a hummingbird hoovering in place staring right at me, we locked eyes and then the next minute she flew away. It was amazing. I just get the feeling the hummingbird is my spirit animal.

  65. Seabee Wife says:

    For the past 42 years I have begged fought cried for my mother to love me as much as she did her other two children then on September 1st of 2013 something woke up inside me. I realized that all the pain rape beatings being told I would never amount to anything was not something I wanted to live with anymore heartbroken I told my husband of 17 years it was time for me to move on from her and it was going to be so painful to tell her that I am giving up on her as she did me I sought out counseling to be sure this was the right thing to do. I got a (f…yes its about time)that was unexpected. So with my heart weighing heavy I called her and said please understand I am tired of being your dirty little secret the one you blame for the acts of your husband. The day you picked him over me when you found out about what he was doing to me should have been a wake up call for me but instead I kept fighting always thinking someday I would win you back that never happened but The day I called her and told her how I felt something happened ! I hung up the phone and said god please don’t hate me for this as I was standing on the front porch this little hummingbird flew right up to my face as if to say Hello.. all the sudden I felt my heart fill with more love than it had ever felt in a lifetime to me it was a sign saying what I did was ok and now the hummingbird has instantly healed my heart. every morning now for the past few weeks this same little blessing comes up to me in the morning as if to say Hello I love you =) It has really made me feel blessed like a demon had been released from me. Thank you hummingbird you are my spirit guide when I hurt I will think of you and refill my heart with those invisible words you said when you really said nothing at all. Sometimes that is all it takes to show love not say it

    • Hello gentle reader, Seabee Wife, thank you for sharing your story, and I am very happy for your self realizations. Your courage to share your story is admirable, as well.

      I’ve shared your story, posted as a comment, within it’s own space as a means of honor. This also gives me room to share my soul-level observations and offer food for thought. Thank you again for sharing – this story can be found at Courage To Be Loved

  66. rebecca g says:

    hello, I recently had a hummingbird come face to face with me and he was so beautiful, he just stoped and stared for a least a minute then flew away. this was the first time I actually got to see a hummingbird in real life. .I have been trying to find my way on my spiritual path and have been trying to become one with nature. I have a lot of beautiful butterflys everyday and dragonflys so when I seen this hummingbird I thought well im going to get some feeders, i got 3 of them and I have really waited patiently for 2 whole weeks and never seen another hummingbird until this morning… I woke up and went out to my swing to just admire the beauty of nature and I have been praying everday god would send me some beautiful hummingbirds and there they were, one flew right over top of my head letting me know hey im here and man did my face light up…I was so happy and filled with so much joy. I ran in the house and told my boys and they got excited to lol now there are five of them and they are so beautiful….I love mother nature she has so much to offer, there is so much beauty… can you tell me what this could mean? thank you

  67. Karla says:

    Strange thing happened today I was coming out of a coffee shop. A hummingbird flew to the flower in the tree as I walked by. It was me and the bird so I said we’ll hello there little bird how are you. It stopped flittering and then sat on the tiny limb like a parakeet would do in its cage. I said hi Birdie again them someone else came out of h coffee shop on her ph. I sad to the person looks ts a hummingbird but its just perched there staring at me I’ve never seen that before. She stopped a moment to watch then the humming bird started to fly and flutter towards the flower and she lst interest. So once again t was me and the bird and I kept talking to it asking what it was doing. It went back to the branch sat and watched me. I just looked at the bird so amazed. I then said ok well I’m leaving your free to fly away now if you want. The hummingbird looked at me then fluttered away and then I walked away. So cool. I’ve only seen hummingbird flutter, buzz, fly around never getting to close. I searched online looking for a meaning or seeing if anyone has experienced this before and found this site. Any inside to what this was would. Cool….thanks!

  68. Jenny says:

    Yesterday on my usual jog on the beach I had a hummingbird come fly in front in me.It fluttered so close to me that I held out my hand and it just flutterd about it.I have never had a hummingbird come up to me in such a way.This is where it gets crazy. My boyfriend was shopping for plants while I was on my run about 5 miles from me and he sent me a pic of a hummingbird on one of the plants he was looking at.It was an hr after my sighting.I freaked when he told me did you see that pic I took of the hummingbird. I had glanced at it and thought he was sending me a pic of the plant.I told him about how mine fluttered in front of me and he said did his.Well even crazier today while he and I were outside looking at where to place the plants a hummingbird came to us.It was like it was speaking to us. It kept chirping above our heads in the same spot over and over.It would fly from one tree limb to another and above us like in a triangle shape pattern.I told my boyfriend this has to mean something.It’s like it’s trying to tell us something but I don’t know what.What could this mean?

  69. cecilia says:

    This evening I was in my backyard an encountered a hummingbird flying directly into me, I screamed and it flew away but returned 3 other times flying close each time. I did smell an overwhelming aroma of roses prior to. I kept asking my husband if he could smell the flower smell and he said no.

    • Hello Celellia,

      I totally understand, having a small fast object coming toward you can be alarming. I see thoughts of wasps, which would not be good. The smell of roses is interesting, many say they have tastes, smells, and memories that arise. The hummingbird has been a symbol for you to awaken you to your own energy. One more thought: hummingbirds swoop as a part of their mating “dance” for the females, you could have been in the area when that ritual took place.

  70. Christina says:

    I was just wondering if there was any meaning behind this. I was standing in the kitchen with the window over the sink closed. I had my back to the window and heard a thump turned around to find nothing then right as I was about to turn away a hummingbird rose and flew into the window fell, rose and flew into it again. What does it mean to have a hummingbird fly into your closed window three times in a row.

    • Hello Christina,
      It’s very easy to say that maybe it was the light outside, and a reflection on the glass that caused the hummingbird to keep trying to fly into the window. As a soul I see you observing, and wanting to see more things in life that you can ponder. There is so much we can all get out of life, what we see, feel, know. I don’t see this so much about the meaning of “three times”, its more about your own personal experience and meaning.
      Wishing you the best,

  71. Scott says:

    The weirdest thing happened to me a couple of days ago. I’m a 47 year old man & i suffer from depression. It had gotten so bad that i had to apply for “SSDI Benefits 3 years ago. None of the medications i have tried work & i keep going downhill more each day. I was sitting at my computer next to the window with the window open but the screen still in place. I looked over to my left & there was this Hummingbird just sitting there & hovering & looking right at me. The Hummingbird just sat there for about 10 seconds hovering & looking at me & i put my face right up to the screen & he or she still just sat there & then one of my cats came & the Hummingbird left. I didn’t think to much about it until i thought about living on the 2nd floor of an apt. building & why the Hummingbird would be up that high in the first place..I could see maybe living on the 1st floor. Maybe i’m just thinking to much into this & the Hummingbird smelt something sweet coming out of my apt. window..

    • Hello Scott,
      It’s sad that you have been having issues, medications are not always effective, and they still give them despite the warnings and dangers. Can I offer that you might consider looking into dietary choices, as well? Magnesium deficiencies, and other trace minerals, can certainly effect mood, emotions, and thoughts.
      So nice that you had such a wonderful hummingbird experience, I don’t think it will necessarily be the last, either. Hummingbirds can show up in places you would not expect it, I had one visit at my 5th floor office. I thought about putting a feeder out on the balcony but chose not to as we are relocating the office soon. I settled for the one visit at that space.
      It’s funny how we can mentally down play things that happen in our lives. No, don’t give credit to a sweet smell. I see it as a way to be seen, and have a simple “hello”, something we all need from time to time. Accept it as a gift, something given to you. You can always give yourself the idea of seeing those hello’s coming from other directions, too, not just from the hummingbird.

      • Scott says:

        Thank you for replying back to me Hummingbird Shaman!! With depression you want to believe in other possibilities why strange things sometimes happen. You hold out that hope that there is some meaning to it & you want to believe that it’s a sign but the negative effects of depression make you lose that hope of believing in something more. I am an animal lover & am very sensitive to all animals & if i’m outside & a bird, squirrel is close by i talk to it & try to make it comfortable & not scared of me. I feel i have a bond with animals whether they are wild or tame, but then again that’s just how i feel & i could be wrong but i think animals are way smarter then some people give them credit for. I hope that they can feel my love..:)

        Thank you so much for replying back to me. That really means a lot…:)


        • Allow me to return the thanks, Scott! Today I experienced some damage to my own heart space, and what came back to me to restore the balance? I stepped out to check the hummingbird feeders (did I even step outside?) and was greeted by a hummingbird in the lilacs singing a sweet song, over and over. This does not happen all the time, only in times when my heart and giving self needs rejuvenation. We are arrogant, as humans, to thing that we are better than or bigger than anything in nature. In a different perspective, nature/earth/god or whatever perspective we need is here to feed us on many levels. To answer your questions, yes they feel your love, and yes, we all agree (you, me, the hummingbirds, and an uncountable number of souls that are speaking out right now (alright everyone! I hear you!!) that they feel your love, an echo it back to you. Doing the math, that’s a whole lotta love coming your way, Scott!!

          I can say “God Bless” but I think you’ve been blessed on many levels.

          Thank you so much for sharing your story, Scott, and please do comment on stories shared. The more we connect, the more we create a space for others to find what will support them as they regain their balance.

          I will say again, thank you Scott, you have been a blessing to me.

  72. heidi jo says:

    When i was pregnant with my first daughter, i was driving along a rd and a hummingbird flew out in front of my car. I slammed the breaks, hoping to not hit it. It just hovered by my front windsheld for about two minutes, then a week later as i was out on my deck a humming bird hovered above me for a while, it kept on like thiss for weeks. I hady child and three months later in nov- another humming bird visited me..i thought about took a pregnancy tesy and found i was pregnant again. Now everytime a humming bird visits me i take a prego test, its happened four times now, and it seems to be a sign of pregnancy too me…strange right..?

    • Wow, great story, Heidi! When I read the first few words that impression came to me,too, that your hummingbird encounters were related to your pregnancy. Eventually you might want to make a deal with the hummingbirds, something about checking in on how your children are doing instead of announcement of new one on the way? Hmmm… some day you could branch out to grandchildren, too!! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your story, made my day!!

      God bless.

  73. Mira Jones says:

    My son, who is 16 years old, has been having difficult times lately. We had to place him in a wilderness therapy program. It was the hardest thing I had to do. He has been there about 6 weeks now and doing much better. He is able to find his true-self. When I talked to his therapist, he said, my son is doing really well, being open this week and he described him as a blossoming flower.

    I just received his letter about an amazing thing happen to him. They take daily hiking trips from one campsite to an another. He said a hummingbird followed them for about 2 miles during their hike. All the kids thought it was the coolest thing. And then, something he described as magical and amazing has happened. The hummingbird landed on his head and stayed there for about 30 seconds. One of the staff members who is a spiritual person almost cried and he added that my son was blessed by the world.

    Then I started reading about hummingbirds. I didn’t know they were such spiritual animals. I am pleased how much joy that little bird were able to give to my son. Maybe the most joy and happiness he felt lately. And then I thought of his therapist’s comment him being like a blossoming flower. The hummingbird was drawn to his spirit.

    I am a strong believer that hummingbirds can reach out and touch our lives… It definitely did for my son.

  74. tara says:

    In less than two weeks i have had a hummingbird fly up to arms length from my face, i have sat on my front porch for over 3 years, this has never happened, thoughts ?

  75. Loretta says:

    A humming bird in our home…
    This morning after another sleepless night, I had just drifted off into a deep sleep and then I heard the sound of fluttering wings. A humming was flying against our bedroom window inside our home, we had our window opened but with a screen, It was trying to get out at first I didn’t know it was a hummingbird it seemed to have a red color to it, I got a scarf and it set still as I carefully picked it up, took it outside and as I unfolded the scarf the color of the humming bird was green again, it lay for just a moment then flew off chirping.
    I haven’t been sleeping much because our family has had allot of negative issues involving family in the past years and has left me broken and hurt. Could this have some meaning?

    Thank you,

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Loretta. Yes, let’s start by acknowledging the events that have left you feeling broken and hurt. In this one simple hummingbird encounter you were able to see and respond, with compassion, and without expectations. Our complex human lives do not always clearly offer a chance to give and exchange in such a clean, helpful way. I sensed your question hours before you posted, and spent some healing time for myself by focusing on the giver side, rather than the intense conflicts and misunderstandings. Once I gave focus only to the angel self, I returned to a restful sleep.

  76. Sarah Barnes says:

    Yesterday morning (New Years Day 2015) I was standing in the kitchen by the sliding glass door to let my 2 Doxies out to the back yard and a humming bird flew into the house! The loud noise scared me at first but then all I could think about was how I could get the bird out safely without it getting hurt. It flew around my kitchen for a few seconds and I opened the door as wide as it could go. It then came to a test on the top of the bow on my Christmas tree! I was able to leave the room to get my phone to take a picture and it must have sat there perched for a minute. I felt like it was looking at me, watching me … I turned my head for a second and it was gone.. I’m hoping this might mean that 2015 will be a good year for me 🙂 what are your thoughts?

    • Hello Sarah,
      I’d say you’re spot on with your assessment for the year. Looks like the hummingbird was surprised, too! Did you get your picture? I’ve not had one in my house but used to rescue them in my teen years when they’d get into the boat house and couldn’t find their way out.

      I’m curious when your visitor will return, but see that it will be when you need it, a serendipitous moment. Nice!


  77. Monica Woodmansee says:

    I live in Tucson, AZ. I am in a fairly new, though very great relationship, and we are in the process of me moving in with him. The last week almost daily, there is a hummingbird that comes and hovers around the eaves of the front door area for a minute then flies off. We got a hummingbird feeder set up today, along with a regular birdfeeder. This evening he (I imagine its a male because of the beautiful green on the back) flew around for longer than usual, then landed on a branch in the mesquite tree for about three to five minutes, just looking around and chilling before flitting off. Any ideas as to the meaning behind this?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Monica,
      Thank you for sharing your story! Looks like your new home is getting an energy clearing, and a blessing. Have you ever thought of pursuing any kind of healing modality? White sage smoke is good, the birds will stay clear of the smoke though! Let me know if you are interested in pursuing your souls awareness and healing, through a session with me, or with an associate of mine. Your boyfriend is very lucky to have such a giving soul in his life!

      • Monica Woodmansee says:

        I’m not entirely sure what a healing modality is, to be honest. And as far as a session, that would be awesome, especially as I know I could use it. It would depend on the cost, if there is any, because I am low on funds at this time. I will be straightforward and say I do suffer from a variety of mental health issues, and noticed last couple days I’m feeling very emotional and teary. But not sure if its in s good or bad way, if you know what I mean.

        • Hummingbird Shaman says:

          A healing modality is using a technique for energy healing, like reiki, pranic healing. Prayer is a form of energy healing, too, and is very effective! Take care of yourself, Monica.

  78. Audrey Ellam says:

    Yesterday evening whilst outside, I felt that someone was looking at me so I looked up and there he was. An exquisite dark blue/grey humming bird with big black eyes staring straight into my own eyes. It felt like an honour, an acknowledgement, something fine. He hovered for a few seconds and then was gone, but it isn’t something I will forget. It was the first time I have seen a humming bird on our property (we have been here 3 and half years) Of course, today I bought a hummingbird feeder. Incidentally, I had a heart attack two weeks ago, so I will take his visit as a blessing! 🙂

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Audrey! Yes, the wonderful healing blessing energy that flows from hummingbirds is wonderful, and undeniable. So kind of you to purchase a feeder, please make your own hummingbird food, no food coloring, it’s unhealthy and harmful. 🙂


  79. VERBell says:

    Two hummingbird visits – hovering, inches away from my face. Two years – same place – and I can not be sure, but I think I was discussing the same topic each time this occurred. The first time I was with my mother and the second time I was on the phone with my mother.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, VERBell. Great confirmation of love and sharing with your mother!


  80. Heather says:

    Hi Kavi,

    Thank you for your wonderful website! I shall be reading much more of it after this mail. 🙂

    I have always found hummingbirds to be magickal in some undefinable way – and just had another of 3 (a mystical number – I am a numerologist) encounters.

    A week ago, I was standing on my patio just taking in the beauty of the forest that surrounds my house when a hummingbird suddenly appeared directly in front of my face and hovered there, staring at me. I was stunned and hypnotized: the sheer beauty of this tiny being held me frozen. It stayed for endless moments, then flew off.

    Then two days ago, I was sitting at my open back window and again, a hummingbird flew directly into my line of vision and stared through the glass, seemingly directly into my eyes…and again, I was frozen; my breath stopped and I stared right back. After a few moments, it flew off.

    This morning, I was sitting in the same spot and heard a loud thrumming…when I looked up, the identical thing happened once more: my hummingbird (I feel it was the same one) stopped in the exact spot and stared at me through the glass. One side of the window was open (like the other day) and I thought ‘honey, don’t fly through the open window’ (I always save little critters who come to visit the inside of my house – including a couple of bats, mondo poisonous spiders, and even a friendly blue jay) for I worried about how I would help him back outside. At that precise moment, he had moved toward the open pane but stopped – as though he heard my thought. He moved back to his original spot and continued to look at me for a bit longer before darting away.

    To fill you in – the last two years have been very hard: my partner passed quite suddenly and I was left to deal with an ugly court case he had been in the middle of. I also had a major operation which took 6 months to recover from, and my home was brutally deforested.
    On a more positive note: just a week ago, I reunited with a boyfriend from 30 years ago and the spark is still there, no doubt.

    I view life as a long ride on a roller coaster (my favorite ride) – the downs have been many and the ups, few.

    These hummingbird visits have left me feeling blessed…any thoughts? Thank you in advance and blessings to you.


    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Heather, thank you for your kind comments! This website is an act of love on my part. Hummingbirds are very special creatures, and radiant so much positive energy, uplifting our spirits.

      Yes, it sounds like you have been through a lot lately, I’m so glad things are coming back together for you. As far as the message, I see the hummingbirds helping to reset your energy. You know how easy it is for any of us to get stuck in our perception of our own reality? The hummingbirds were there to help you stop long enough to shift your energy, kind of a gentle jolt. Looks like your healing process is continuing, it’s not complete quite yet.

      Thanks again, I’m glad you’re enjoying the website! Let me know if you need support in your healing work, we can schedule a session.


  81. Jessica says:

    Hi Kavi,

    I am hoping you can give me some insight on a recent encounter with hummingbirds. In the past few months I have seen a hummingbird while sitting outside on my front porch. It hovers near an everyday evergreen bush. Its odd because there are no flowers. no feeders, nothing for them to feed from. I have seen the hummingbird 4 or 5 times this summer, before this I have only ever seen a hummingbird once in my life (I’m 27). In December 2014 I got much closer to my goddess after a failed brain surgery, contracting bacterial meningitis, getting encephalitis, having a second brain surgery where more dead brain tissue was cleared away and a shunt was placed. I later got sepsis from the rehab center I was in. I have become more active in my Craft since then, the past few months dealing with energies around the grounds of my apartment building. The part that I’m wondering about is if a hummingbird spirit will visit 2 family members states away? I was speaking to my mom on the phone yesturday, she was trying to figure out how to get a hummingbird out of their garage that had been trapped their for several hours. My mom has been having my health issues that she won’t tell me about. Do you think there is a connection between her hummingbird and the one that visits me?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Jessica,
      Thank you for visiting and sharing your story. There is something of interest for that hummingbird to stay in your area. I, too, have wondered where the hummingbirds in my area are feeding aside from the few feeders in the area, but they are survivors! As I wrote these words, I paused as the word “survivors” appeared on the page. I thought I was talking only on the hummingbirds feeding and their habitat. What I realized is that my choice of words happened by design, not choice or random.

      It’s about being a survivor, in the sense of the strength that can only come from your soul. You are certainly experiencing much in your life, things that cause many to pull away from their soul, but I don’t see you doing that. On the other hand, I don’t see you fully recognizing how much you are expressing your soul because it feels so natural to you. That said, receiving recognition from others about your soul experience can certainly be a stepping stone into a deeper relationship with your soul self. That is why I created HummingbirdShaman, as a vessel for our souls to speak, share, and be seen.

      Your mom recognizes what a gift you have, and she does set her own needs aside because she believes in you. She has the same strength coming from her soul, but she’s a little more reserved about it.

      Yes, a hummingbird spirit can appear in different states, but they also have a very strong soul network 🙂

      I wish for you all the healing support on all levels: hummingbirds, hawks, wolf, bear, angelic, and of course, God. Blessings to you.


  82. Melanie says:

    I was having a conversation with missionaries that came to my house – I was about to go into a story that had been bothering me, but I was not sure if it was something that I should share with them. . . I started talking and before I got the first sentence out – a hummingbird came and sat about three feet from us and sat there for about 30 seconds just looking at us and hovering in the air. . . It flew towards me and quickly flew back to its same spot as before – sat there for about ten seconds – and then flew away. . . I took this as a sign that this may not be a story I should share with them. . . and I just turned it into – let’s just say I had a really bad day – but wow that was such an awesome experience and I am so thankful to have had it.

  83. Kimberly says:

    Hi I have recently lost my job. I’m in search of a new job and have already had several callbacks. I’m hoping the one I have in mind will call me and tell me I’m hired. At first I was skeptical about it all until yesterday I saw a hummingbird staring at me through the window. I’m hoping it is a sign that myfamily’s tough times are over and I will be getting a job soon.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      I wish you the best in securing not just a job, but one that will be rewarding. Love that you had a hummingbird moment, let that hummingbird energy and support flow into your job search! You are loved.

  84. Sami says:

    I was about 10 and I thought it was a garden decoration, I bent down to pick it up because it was so beautiful and life life and it never even flinched. I touched it both sides on the wings and felt the feathers. then watched it. it stayed put and I reached again and it flew away. Can you tellme what this means?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Sami, thanks for sharing your story!
      You know how sometimes messages come into your thoughts only to be dismissed? That happens to me as well. As I focused on your question the answer came to me “all life is precious”. I paused, and dismissed the message. Then I turned to God and asked for the answer: “all life is precious, that’s what it means”. I know this sounds like a generic answer, but I feel there is something in your life to which this applies, and it is up to you to step past ego or any other challenges and resume your appreciation and love.

      This message also applies to each and every one of us. Just because something is quiet, still, or unseen does not mean that it does not exist. All life is precious. It is time that we repair the damage done, stop using herbicides and pesticides, and support life around us. What comes around goes around, we all benefit when all life is supported.

      Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Sami,
      Was this a dream? You paint a very vivid picture with your words. So often there are signs offered that stand out from our every day thoughts and actions. Those moments can be a stepping stone toward greater infusion of your own soul or spirit into your life. That may sound strange, you would think that your soul would always be a part of your physical world, but that is not always the case. Think of it as raising the bar, not through expectations but the resources and honor within your life.


  85. Anne says:

    Last week, our work place was rocked to its core with the tragic death of one of our staff. While dealing with the shock and grief from coworkers, I stepped outside for a breath of air and a chance to get centered and was visited by the only hummingbird to winter in this area, the Anna’s hummingbird.

    This little one has come to sit on a branch close to me every time I’ve taken a break for this entire week. I’ve left offerings and thanks every time.

    Even during grief and the trauma that comes from losing someone close to you unexpectedly, it is a reminder that the departed’s spirit has found peace and we who are left with grief can again find joy in our own lives.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Thank you Anne, for sharing your story. Yes, it can have a big impact on your heart, head, and soul when there is an unexpected loss. I too recently said goodbye to the body of a family member. It is wonderful that the hummingbird comforted you during that time. They are such giving conduits of love and the life of spirit. I wish you well in your healing journey, in finding peace after the shattering effects of grief. If you need additional support you are welcomed to schedule a session for guidance and release.


  86. Kim Richards says:

    I had a hummingbird fly into my house. The door was literally open for enough time to retrieve a ball that got blown into the pool. I didn’t even know it had come in until I saw something speeding by my head. I love hummingbirds and have a feeder outside. They regularly buzz me and sometimes just stop right in front of me and hover. I flipped out when I saw her inside. I thought Oh I don’t want it to die. I opened the front door and back door and even hung the feeder on the door. It would not go out I hung a red blanket on a chair right outside the door it wa getting dusk to dark. I called the wild bird rescue and they said that they dont fly at night so I should put a feeder inside and turn off the lights and go to bed. I could hardly sleep worrying about the bird. I really really didn’t want it to die. I got up at dawn and hung the feeder and literally made a runway of red by the door and again I opened both doors it wouldn’t go out. It would perch on the fan and the chandelier and on my indoor plants. I called the number the bird rescue gave me the night before to call in the morning. I called and he said he would come over. The little girl flew out before he got here. I am starting a new life after a really rough divorce just in the last year or so I have started feeling happy… was hit s a message to me?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Kim,
      Finding a hummingbird trapped inside can be alarming. Hummingbirds must feed often to survive. In my teens I rescued many hummingbirds trapped in the boathouse, trying to free themselves through a window that would not open. Perhaps those early experiences were a part of my bond to hummingbirds in my later years, paving the way to HummingbirdShaman and my intuitive integration services. Your kindness and concern for this hummingbird is touching.

      While we cannot delve into the details of your healing and growth process within the comment section, there is much to be said about your giving heart, love for others, and how much you will do to support those you care about. There is quite a connection between your hummingbird encounter and both the healing and growth that can be integrated into your life from your personal life changes. Awareness is important, but perspective can take you either way. Please do take this time in your life into your heart and soul, both for you and for those who are in your life today and tomorrow. God bless. Please contact me if you would like to expand your spiritual support and gain knowledge of how changes in your life support you.

      Thank you again for sharing your story.

  87. Carl says:


    I’ve been going through some hard times with a woman I’ve been in love with for a long time. She still has another partner in which she has kids by but she was undecided on who to be with. My heartbreak has been going on for sometime. The second time in my life, I found a humming bird that was trapped inside our work. I plucked him off the pallet gently took him outside and he/she struggled to fly away but eventually did. The first time when i was younger i was cleaning windows a mall and found what i thought was a dead humming bird. i picked it up took it outside and laid on a trash can lid, before you knew it, it picked up and flew away…

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Carl,
      Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues within your life. Your hummingbird story is touching. Hummingbirds are incredible, but fragile – they need to feed so often to maintain their energy. I have heard many stories of finding a hummingbird that is weak, even appearing dead, but they recover and fly away. You are very kind to rescue these hummingbirds. Your kind heart deserves to have that kindness returned. I hope your situation resolves, and you are able to have love within reach.
      God bless,

  88. Sheri says:

    Me and my husband live in the townhome of my deceased parents. They were my touchstones, and I’ve been grieving their losses. They passed away within two years of each other. My husband and I were sitting in dining area near the patio door. It’s late July in Colorado, and NEVER see hummingbirds around this area. I was just relating some memories to him about my Mom when I was a child; remembering the time she baked a blackberry pie with blackberries me and my Dad had gone & picked when we lived in Southern Illinois, or the time she made a Swedish Tea Ring for one of my Dad’s friends when he was a student at Southern Illinois Univery, or when she made her chocolate chip cookies, etc. All of a sudden my husband siad, “Oh, look”!! Right outside was a hummingbird flying around. Maybe it was attracted to the roses he has planted in containers outside, not sure.. It never went to the flowers. Just came up to the window & hovered there for maybe 30 seconds, just looking at me. I had a feeing it was my Mom. I’ve wanted to feel her presence as I sometimes feel like for personal reasons she didn’t want to be close, a feeling of bitterness and abandonment.. I’ve been so depressed out of a job, and feeling so lonely for her and Dad.. I just got a job yesterday (Friday), so I feel like it was Mom, or both her and Dad, showing me their presence, support , and love. Thinking of it is bringing tears to my eyes. It was very special!! A couple other signs from them recently as well, makes me more sure now it’s them. ???

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Sheri,
      What a beautiful story! Isn’t it amazing, you can see something out of the norm, and know that it is a sign. Yes, I think you are right about your mom, as far as the hummingbird staying at the window so long.

      Maybe give your mom and your relationship a re-think. I understand the issues part, I had my own with my mom (deceased 20+ years ago). We all play roles in life, for many reasons. Sometimes it can be heartbreaking to agree to be distanced or challenged, but so much can be gained: strength, understanding our ability to overcome obstacles, self love, and more. In many of the sessions I perform, there is discussion and healing around relationships, its amazing what a shift can take place between two souls.

      Congratulations on the job! Yup, you have a good support team, on many levels!


  89. Monica says:

    Hello! This is the second day I’ve noticed a humming bird hovering outside my window. Although it may be just seeing it’s reflection I couldn’t help but think it was another sign for me. I have been getting signs a lot lately as I feel I’m heading into another period of change in my life. I’m getting the triple numbers 555, 333 etc as well as other signs that I’m aware of and now the presence of the hummingbird. It made me feel as if I’m being watched over. I wasn’t sure if it was just a sign or actually a spirit with a message or what. We are going to purchase a feeder today. I look forward to seeing it again!!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Monica,
      That’s great that you are seeing hummingbirds, and feeling the energy of change! I’m curious about your triple numbers, how do you feel it fits in the picture? Yes, hummingbirds are great conveyors of that invisible support. You’re right: sometimes the presence of a hummingbird or other signs are just attention getters to “wake you up”. Sometimes the message is from your guidance and support, sometimes it is from your own higher self. Hope you have your feeder now, it’s easy to mix 4 parts water to 1 part sugar.

  90. LaShante says:

    I was reading everything and something keeps bothering me about what I did. A hummingbird flew into my house today, something that hasn’t happened before, back at my other home I use to see one every year drinking from a certain flower and I wouldn’t see it anymore. At first I thought nothing of it but the older I got, i started to realize it was always around the time when I thought I was at my worst or lost hope and when I would see it, it would bring me so much joy and hope and good things will follow afterwards. Anyway back to the story at hand, I had lost a woman that raised me for 20 years, not my real Moms but to me she was. After her death I went into a depression, lost my job at the time, found another but walked away from it because I felt my work wasn’t appreciated, lack of teamwork, plus I wasn’t happy there. So at the time of the hummingbird flying into my house, I had been unemployed for a almost a year still feeling depress, but was trying to have some hope. I had interview for a job tomorrow, a part of me was feeling scared and nervous thinking I might not get it and a part of me was determined. I was talking to my Boyfriend about the interview when the hummingbird flew in. At first I didn’t know what it was, it was too big to be a bug but I thought maybe a dragon fly, but I didn’t see two sets of wings. As I inched closer i realize what it might could be because it was still kinda small, I assume a baby hummingbird which would explain why it was so frantic. So the thing that bothers me most is as it tried to fly to me I screamed and ran because I didn’t know what it would do. Did I reacted to the hummingbird wrong? Any other time I would sit and watch it drinking from a flower off my porch, but by it this time trying to fly towards me, I panicked. When I came back to the room, I didn’t see it anymore. I looked around thinking it might found its way out since I left the door open for it to get back out. When I looked up, poor thing was in my lamp hanging from the ceiling. I could see through it through the glass. We confirmed it was indeed a hummingbird. But I couldn’t stop looking at it for some reason, my Boyfriend assumed it was dead because of the heat from the light and he tried tapping the glass to see it would move, but it didn’t. I couldn’t stop looking at and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a minute while it was trapped there, he assumed it was dead, but something inside me kept telling me it wasn’t. So I asked him to take down the lamp, I was too scared to do it, I didn’t want it flying out at me or if it was dead, I couldn’t bare to see that. So he took it down, but it still didn’t fly out. It didn’t fly out until he brought the glass part of the lamp outside. So my next question is because I seen a similar story of the woman letting the hummingbird go, by him being the one setting it free because I was too scared, does that mean that he’s the letting go of anything bad or whatever or would it still be on me, because he never saw one before, it’s always been me to see them and also did I respond wrong to the hummingbird message?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello LaShante,
      Quite a story! I’d say your perception of when the hummingbirds appear is correct. I would definitely take advantage of the offer for support, and use it as a reminder to let go of things that do not support you. Letting go of grief is not letting go of those you love, the love will remain.

      I think you had a normal reaction to something unknown flying around your house. What was great is that you persisted in helping that hummingbird, and seeing it fly away. Thank you for saving that lovely creature! As for your last question, you’re very intuitive, and I say go with what you perceived (and let go of those energies that don’t help you or others!)

      Thanks to your boyfriend for helping you save the hummingbird!

      Sending you lots of support for your interview! Good luck!


  91. Mercedes says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful article! I had a very interesting situation today. My husband and I had just had a rather, unpleasant moment. For the last 6 years years, we’ve been attending counseling for our spirituality and for the last 2+ years for our marriage. Our beginnings weren’t all that pleasant as we went through some hard growing pains in our relationship. Lots of baggage. Last couple years, we’ve had some big break throughs and we were able to resolve our issues without him yelling at me. As of recently, maybe last two months, the yelling has reared it’s ugly head once again. ? Today was one of those moments. I don’t yell, I just communicate that we can talk in a more calm manner and work through these issues that come up. The yelling continued but I told him I would not participate in such disrespectful behaviour. I laid down but shortly thereafter, I decided to just take a break outside, watch the sunset and read a book. We’re in another state looking for property to buy, so my alone time was on a set of stairs at our hotel. As I sat there, book in hand and sunset taking place, I felt truly melancholy and hopeless and regretting decisions of leaving my x-husband of almost 20 years but also knowing deep in my soul, it was a necessary decision. Then of course I started to think of the last 8+ years and began to feel a sense of hopelessness believing this will never change. I stared into the sunset admiring it’s beauty and began to read my book. As I sat there reading the same paragraph over and over again, trying to make sense of what I was reading, I just simply couldn’t focus. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a hummingbird appeared literally no more than 12-18 inches away from my face. I was startled to say the least and slightly jumped which unfortunately startled us both and caused her/him to fly away towards a grassy field below me. I began to cry and felt so lost, yet so grateful for the opportunity to be blessed with its short presence. I know this means something but not sure exactly what that may be. I would be grateful for an explanation of this little ones presence in my moment of sadness.

    Kindest regards,
    Mercedes ?

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Mercedes, quite a story! I see the hummingbird creating a safe space and shift in your consciousness so that you could release the energy attached to your life experiences. It really takes very little time for the hummingbird encounter to happen, as spirit is not confined to time and space. I’m so glad you and the hummingbird could meet, and that you were ready and able to receive the support. You still have more shifts planned in the future. One question to ponder is “what is in your energy field (believe, experience, or karma) that needs the catalyst of someone yelling at you?”

  92. Sam says:

    I’m at work and I walk outside to check the flowers and the most incredible thing happen I step down and I hear something fly around my head and it’s a hummingbird and it stops inches from my face just sitting there staring at me like I could just look into the hummingbirds eyes and then it fly’s up into a low branch a couple feet from my head and sits there then to the next branch then finally fly’s away there is no feeder where I am it was incrediably? a moment that o had with this bird that I have never experienced before could it mean anything

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Sam,
      Looks like a delightful moment. When’s the last time you had attention offered to you that you responded to so openly? I think we all could use more of these moments, to fill our hearts with joy. What’re your thoughts?

  93. Sharon says:

    I have been looking at what the Hummingbirds mean, for the last couple of years my son who has a love of birds has been visited by Magpies, Kookaburras, Pigeons, and Crows and they follow him about. But recently I have had different birds start to visit me, they will walk outside my window on the shopping precinct and sometimes come into the shop, hop around for a good look and happily hop back out. The new one is a Hummingbird that has attached itself to me, it calls in the mornings and when I come out the back will chatter and dance for me sometimes on the ground or in the air. I have tried to feed it but it just flies away and comes back a few days later. The shop next door out the back has been taken by a clairvoyant who gave me a free reading and told me that I was psychic and that I should be developing this ( yes I know I have it and it works most in my dreams). What does this little guy want or telling me? any thoughts would be most appreciated – at this same time I had a Sister I never knew contact me for the first time in 55 years and found that my Father had passed ( I had no contact with him since 3)?

    Regards Sharon

  94. Philana says:

    Greetings! I recently had a eye opening life changing event, and it’s still a very raw emotional feeling. I’ve always loved hummingbirds, loved seeing them, painting them, they are always dear to me. I would get excited seeing them around, as we believe they were messengers from up above. Five days prior to my husbands death, I encountered three straight workdays of hummingbird sightings at the same time, same place, just different days. I work early in the morning at 6:00 am, I arrived at work on a Friday and as I parked and got out of my car a hummingbird comes up and hovers above my car for a good minute. I took it as a positive sign and accepted the blessing, talked to it in my language, wished it well and off it went. Come Monday, same thing happened hummingbird came and I got out of the car, and I thought what a strange coincidence, so I captured it on camera, but as I videoed it, it hovered a little bit and took off as I tried to focus on the bird. On Tuesday, once again the hummingbird came for a visit, by then I took the sign as a positive sign, not knowing what was forthcoming. I prayed to it that it would give my husband strange, healing and a little bit more time with us here on earth, I truly believed that he would be with us a little while longer after seeing the hummingbird. After the last sighting, two days later he passes away. We were all devastated. I realized that the hummingbirds were a way of telling me he was leaving. He knew how I loved hummingbirds, and he came to me in that form to tell me he was leaving. Hummingbirds now hold a lot more significance to me. My background is Native American, and this encounter has opened my eyes on a whole new level. Although I miss him so much, he is always showing me signs that he is still with me. Even yesterday, I was feeling very emotional, driving and I looked up at the clouds and saw in cloud form a hummingbird. I took a picture of it, I would share, but its just something that I want to keep to myself for the time being. I came upon your site and I researched the significance of hummingbird and death. I like the sharing of stories, and thought I would share mine. :,)

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Philana,
      So sorry to hear of your husband passing. I recently lost a sibling, and understand how it changes your life. The hummingbirds were a good sign! So many individuals have shared their stories about hummingbirds and the passing of a loved one. I totally understand your desire to keep the photo personal, as it is a key to your heart. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know many will be healed through your words.

  95. Allen Henry says:

    Hey, I’m Allen and this is the second time I’ve been visited by a hummingbird. Don’t know if it’s the same one or not, but it came up to me both times and stayed about 7or 8 seconds before flying off. The first time I was a little scared thinking it would attack as if it had a nest on my porch. I was just outside smoking a cigarette. I would love to know why was that. A second time. Was it trying to tell me something. I’m married and were both not happy. We both have expressed this to each other yet no one will end it. I don’t want to live the rest of my life miserable like this. I looked for some kind of meaning by found nothing for my encounter. If you can tell me what the second time meant that would be great.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Sara, yes mom’s are special and reach out in very personal ways. I see you seeking out answers, not facing up to the way you feel right now. I’m not saying that the answer is to walk away. Shift the energy and a new perspective can thrive. In your situation, there can be many influences, body mind emotion, and spirit. You might consider a session to clear the chaff and set new ground for your relationship and life path.

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hi Allen,
      It’s interesting that so many comments I have read today include “smoking a cigarette”. That changes your energy, as does food and other environmental factors. No preachy tone, “just sayin'”. Hummingbirds don’t really attack, well.. then again they do and can in nature. Strong little critters, smart, too. If a little bird can have an impact on its environment, think of what you can do. Wallace Wattles wrote nearly 100 years ago: “If you are not happy with your job, give it your best before you move on”. Google “The science of getting rich” you can read it free online. We’re all holding sacred space for you, hummingbirds and spiritual support.

  96. Toni says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I truly enjoyed it! Many years ago my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. During the short time she had left on earth I had many strange encounters with hawks. They seemed to be everywhere. One of the last encounters was while out at a park with my kids a hawk was hanging upside down in a tree seemingly ill. At the time I was struggling with what her doctors were telling her and the reality of what I was reading on line. I believe the hawks were telling me what I already knew. She passed away a week and a half later. I am grateful and blessed for having the opportunity to be able to have the time to say good-bye. And of course when I see a hawk I think of her. Recently, I have had many encounters with hummingbirds. Countless times I have been approached, a foot from my face, while being chirped at, by these little guys and have had 2 encounters of them on my neck. All females by the way. I guess I’m concerned it could be another warning. What do you think? Thanks!

    • Hummingbird Shaman says:

      Hello Toni, thank you for sharing your story. While I totally understand the depth of your experience with your mother, not all encounters and signs have to be about the transition of someone so near and dear. There can be signs that relate to someone who has passed but also signs coming from nature just to say “hello, we are here, we see you”. I did not see or sense any warning, just a message of inclusion. It’s nice to be included, isn’t it?

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