Earth Day and Hummingbirds

hummingbird earth day

Welcome to earth day! What surprise to find that Google has featured the hummingbird in animation on its search page! See it while you can, but if you’ve missed today’s Google graphic then here’s a non-animated look.

Wow, what a honor that the hummingbird was chosen to represent Earth Day 2014. What could be . . . → Continue Reading: Earth Day and Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds and True Happiness

hummingbirds and true happiness

In a conversation this reader confirmed permission to share her hummingbird story. She also shared a feeling that the hummingbird appeared to tell her that it is okay to feel joy. . . . → Continue Reading: Hummingbirds and True Happiness

Hummingbird Tidbits for April 2014

hummingbird tidbits

I love to explore, and I love to watch the hummingbirds in my area, whether it is in my yard or on my walks. I know many of the typical perching places, and see those patterns change only when the weather becomes a challenge. Tossing together two things I appreciate, exploring and hummingbirds, I decided . . . → Continue Reading: Hummingbird Tidbits for April 2014

Great Thoughts Inspired By A Young Bald Eagle

young bald eagle

Life gets busy, and we go through our days wrapped up in what we need to accomplish, and the problems that are ours to solve. This way of life can give us a sense of accomplishment, but at the same time displaces us from really experiencing those things that make life worthwhile. Something caught my . . . → Continue Reading: Great Thoughts Inspired By A Young Bald Eagle

Hummingbirds and Sacred Space

hummingbirds and sacred space

Today’s reader’s story focuses on hummingbirds and sacred space. Most of us have people in our lives that form our circle, that invisible yet undeniable safe and sacred space that is called family. During your waking hours these people are a part of your day, and at night as you close your eyes you sleep . . . → Continue Reading: Hummingbirds and Sacred Space

Hummingbirds and Trust

hummingbirds and trust

Today’s story is about Hummingbirds and Trust. Have you ever given thought to the idea of trust, and the deep, intuitive meaning it holds? Most of our thoughts on trust focus on our interactions with others, whether or not you can believe what someone says, or depend on them. Unfortunately we now live in a . . . → Continue Reading: Hummingbirds and Trust

Hummingbird to Human – Reading the Signs

hummingbird sign

Hummingbird to human: this simple moment of connection, this oh-so-brief encounter can be a major shift within the consciousness of an individual. Is it a sign? Does it have some symbolic meaning, or is it a message from a loved one who no longer has the means to speak in their own words. How do . . . → Continue Reading: Hummingbird to Human – Reading the Signs

The Intuitive Meaning of Doves


What about the qualities of the doves? Now is a great time to appreciate your own ability to love and create a welcoming, warm community. While we’re on the topic.. . . . → Continue Reading: The Intuitive Meaning of Doves